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Possibility Days Kindle Edition

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Dakota Son Extended Universe content: (short stories inspired by characters from the novel):

Save a horse, ride a Cowboy (Short Story)

When Sean is in an accident his sister, Sara, becomes friends with a sexy young paramedic, who shares her dream of leaving North Dakota.


During a sleepover, while Sean spends quality time with Jen, Sara gets to know Jen’s father, Diego. The man is a brilliant war veteran who shares her taste for gory horror movies. Throughout the evening they discover how Diego needs a friend just as much as Sara needs a father figure.


Jen left North Dakota for a very specific reason, named Shauna. Afraid Sean wasn’t ready to be a father she is now living halfway across the country, dreaming of the boy she left behind.

Rain Down Temple

A four-part story of Jen’s father Diego finding love with Remy, a holistic healer.

Diary of two Ghosts

a multi-part story, as told from the point of view of Cam, who died of cancer 4 years earlier.

Angel’s Journal (prequel to Rain Down temple)

The 3 part story of Angelina ‘Angel’ Cruz, a young nurse at Rain Down Temple.

Dakota Son Articles/Excepts:


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Fatherhood (excerpt)
Machismo (excerpt)

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