The Thunder Rolls ch2

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The male officer (who still did not tell me his name) wrote down a few notes on a folder attached to a clipboard. This seemed odd since I assumed the entire room was rigged for recording. “Take me to the night of the attack.”

“You want to know about the night of the attack.” I pursed my lips, biting the inside of my mouth. “Where do I start?”

Thankfully, Olivia, the female detective returned to the room, offering her partner a cup of coffee. “Let’s start with, why you went back to Warden Hartley.” From her purse, she removed a bottle of water. “Are you thirsty?”

“I guess,” I reached for the water. I’d need it for what was to come. Memories were flooding back, some good and some not. “I guess it was fate.”

“Fate?” she asked with a tone of compassion (as opposed to mockery). “How so?”

“I was feeling shitty about what happened between me and Joy.”

Olivia nodded. “And the warden offered you a safe space?”

“Yeah, well, turns out he wasn’t even staying in his office.”

The next day was Sunday and as usual, everyone went to church services. The chapel was a nice, air-conditioned space where everyone was welcome. I sat alone in the back while Joy took a seat in the front row with a few of our friends.

Pastor James Rylan was a physically fit former guard who’d also served as a medic in the army for well over a decade. He was always kind, offering extra food and water to anyone who wanted to stay and help him clean up. After handing out the free bottles of water, he pulled me aside. That was when I learned Danny had taken a turn for the worse. “Warden Hartley has been asking about you.”

“It’s only been a day,” I said with a giggle.

“He can’t miss me that badly.

”The pastor lowered his head, then pursed his lips as he looked towards the cross hanging from the back of the stage. It was clear he was contemplating if he wanted to tell me the full story.

“What’s up?”

The pastor looked honestly upset, nearly in tears. “Christi, I’ve known you for a while now. I think you’re a good kid.” He leaned forward, taking my hand. “I need you to answer me honestly. You won’t be in trouble or anything like that. You’ll just head back to your cellblock and go on with your day, I promise.”

I had a feeling I knew his next question. “You know I’d never lie to you. I’ve done a lot of bad shit in my life, but you’ve always been good to me.”

The pastor nodded, accepting my answer. “Do you really care about Warden Hartley? Or was it all just a game to get his pills?”

My heart froze. At that moment I felt genuinely sick. “What happened to Danny?”

“After your visit, he closed off his open-door policy. Instead, he opted to just stay in his office smoking cigarettes. I only know this because I found him passed out on the floor, nearly setting his desk on fire.”

After taking a bad fall, Danny had been staying with the pastor in the onsite barracks. This was so he could still collect a paycheck, while also not being alone when he passed. “At this time Danny is struggling with bone pain, and unable to hold down food.”

I nodded, blinking tears from my eyes. This was the end. “Can I see him?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Later that night, with the pastor acting as my escort, I met with Danny in a private room. He was sitting watching the moon through an open window. As expected, he was chain-smoking.

“Hi, Danny.”

The warden clutched his chest, turning to me with a pain-stricken smile. “Christi?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” I sat by his side, resting my head on his shoulder.

His words broke my heart. “I need a reason not to throw in the towel.”

I could see down his shirt, to his bruised chest. If he still had a means of ending his life, that would probably be a wise decision. “I can’t give you a reason, but I can stay by your side.”

Danny placed his hand over mine. “Thank you.”

After that, I started coming home later and later.

“Home?” the male interviewer asked with a snicker.

“Back to my cellblock,” I clarified. “Joy was always asleep when I got back: it was like she was daring me to go see him.”

“Um, what??” The male raised his hand in clear disbelief. “I’m sorry, are you saying you were granted the ability to leave your cellblock at will?”

“Yeah,” I said with a shrug. “Not like I tried to escape or anything.”

“So, how did this work. Did you have a direct line to the guard’s shift supervisor?”

“Sort of,” I was unable to hold back my giggles. The process agreed upon by Pastor Rylan was comical, to say the least. “I was to make eye contact with the left-most security camera, and give a peace sign, and well, you know.” I gave the universal hand sign for eating pussy. “Then a guard would come over, make sure I was wearing my full uniform so I could easily be identified. They’d cuff me and escort me to the emergency exit outside of the kitchen. (It was the only one hidden from direct cameras.) And once the door shut behind me, well, I just started walking.”

When it started to rain, I really thought about turning back. It was like God himself was telling me this was a bad idea. By the time I made it to the pastor’s building the sky was erupting with lightning and thunder. I was never afraid of thunder as a kid, but there was something about that night. I knew I needed to get indoors. I just wanted to be someplace safe and warm.

As I approached the front door of Pastor Rylan’s living quarters, my heart fluttered in ways I’d never felt. With Joy, it was a sisterhood; we were two best friends who liked to fuck. With Danny, I felt different. I felt desired, wanted, even loved.

Danny answered the door in an old wheelchair that belonged to the prison infirmary. He laughed at my appearance, comparing me to a wet cat.

To see him smile filled me with happiness. “Can I come in?”

“Of course, help yourself to any dry clothing,” he said motioning to a stack of boxes.

“Is that your wife’s stuff?” the box contained average Walmart-like pieces intermixed with designer knock-offs from around the world.

“Yes, it was the last of what she left me with.”

“Oh, cool, so where’s Pastor Rylan?”

“Probably asleep.” Danny started to roll away, towards the backdoor. “Go take a shower I’ll tell him you got here safe.”

I showered and put on a towel before taking the chance to play dress-up with his wife’s old things. She had some nice pieces of jewelry (I assumed it was all fake since she would have taken real stuff with her.) I settled on a silky red nightgown, paired with a chunky turquoise necklace and long dangly gold earrings. I exited the room, running straight into Pastor Rylan. “Hi,” I squeaked.

At the sight of my outfit, the older man muttered a disappointed sigh. “Danny is very sick, I tried giving him morphine for the pain, but he says he’ll just stick to cigarettes.”

“Okay,” I replied crossing my arms over my chest. He didn’t seem like he was kicking me out, but all it would take would be a single phone call.

“He’s been bleeding very badly as of late so I only ask that you stay by his side.”

“As opposed to what?” I asked with a smirk.

“As opposed to something that could cost me my job.”

“That’s fair.”

The man shook his head, in awkward acceptance of the situation. “If he has another seizure, you’ll need to come to get me, my room is just around the corner.”

“Another seizure?”

The pastor simply nodded as he turned away heading back to his room.

Danny was in the backyard, asleep in his wheelchair. He was holding the remains of a still-lit cigarette. I made sure to remove it from his weak grasp before softly kissing his lips. “Hey, Danny.”

He looked at me with a smile. “You look good, babe.” Danny put his arms around my waist pulling me onto his lap.

With a cheeky grin, I subtly guided his hands to my ass. “Talk to me about your wife. Anna, Alexa, something like that.”

“Alexandra,” he said with a smile. “Can you imagine if her name had been Alexa? I would have bought one of those robots and just get shitfaced all hours of the day.”

We both laughed, as I took a drink from his nearby bottle of gin. And then we kissed.

“God, I wish I met you when I was twenty years younger.” His hands began to explore my thighs, slipping between my legs. I was wearing no panties. “She was my first. I lost my virginity to that white-trash slut when I was twenty-two, married her when I was twenty-five.”

“Were you her first love?”

“Not by a long shot,” he replied with a drunken laugh. “But she was good to me, and to our daughter.” His voice drifted off.

I heard a soft bang as if someone slammed a door from someplace far away. At the time, it was not that noticeable or even terrifying, but it was enough to get me to remove myself from his lap. “Let’s go to the sofa.”

“You think someone’s out there?”

“I’d just be more comfortable in your arms.”

“The pastor said you had a seizure?“

“My chest hurts, every part of me hurts. I just want to get it over with, maybe see my little girl again.“

“How did she die?“

“Leukemia,” he started to count on his fingers, “Many years ago, I can’t even remember.”

“That’s okay.” I pushed his chair back inside the house. To a spot on the sofa.

“Can I be honest? I think you and her would have been friends.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “How young do you think I am?” I sat on his lap, straddling his hips.

“Young enough to have a future beyond these walls.” Danny closed his eyes, stroking his hand to my face.

I kissed his fingertips, tasting the ashes of his chain-smoking habit. “Why do you have scars on your legs?”

His voice trembled, unable to answer.

“You can trust me.” I placed a finger under his chin. I made sure to look at him with my big innocent blowjob eyes.

“I started about a month into my first hospital stay. Every part of me was in pain. “He swallowed hard as he spoke, “I wanted my body to look as ugly as it felt. So, one day I just broke open the cheap plastic shaving razor that came with the toiletries bag and went to town.”

“But why your legs?” I asked with a pout. While maintaining eye contact, I kissed his cheek, down his jaw. The rough stubble tickling my lips. “Come on, tell me why?” I unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chest. I licked his collarbone, down his sternum, as I slipped off of his lap on to my knees. With my mouth in place, I looked up at him, awaiting an answer.

“Please don’t,” Danny muttered, his voice quivering. The sickly older man looked genuinely uncomfortable, but even still, he didn’t move my head. Instead, he ran his fingers through my hair, coaxing me to kiss his stomach.

I opened his belt, revealing his hips. His cock was only about halfway to its full potential. Thankfully, I was able to fix that with a slow, tender kiss (with plentiful use of tongue). I worked slow, taking my time. I could feel where he had scar tissue and where he was so sensitive his whole body tensed.

When I started to taste his precum, I took him in my mouth, holding his shaft in the side of my cheek, while I caressed his sweaty testicles. If they were medical implants I couldn’t tell. His balls were thick and engorged, lifting his cock at a ninety-degree angle.

That was when we heard another shot. This one was closer, right outside of the building. Regardless, I kept on course. If there was an actual emergency Pastor Rylan would have woken up.

I gripped my hands down his thighs, tracing my fingers over the cuts. All the marks had healed over a long time ago, but some were darker than others, showing signs of being reopened.

“You’re really not going to tell me why you chose to cut up your legs?” I kissed him between his scars, allowing my lips to tenderly worship his skin. Soon I had his pants pulled down to his ankles: he was at my mercy.

Danny was leaning back. Legs spread, he placed his hand to the back of my neck, inviting my lips to swallow him, savor him.

I could feel his body tighten; his stomach, his legs, while he whimpered like a dog in heat. I took a break from his cock, to suck on my fingers. “Do you want me?”

I was ready to finger his ass, to make him climax all over himself. Then another shot rang out, blasting a hole through the front door.

This was followed by a familiar size six-foot kicking through the hole. “What a cheap piece of shit.” Joy appeared soaking wet with a gun in her hand. “Hey Christi,” she said with a psychotic, supervillain smile. “Come back inside, I’ve been looking all over for you!”

Joy lowered her hand to her side, as if she was about to drop the gun. This was a trick. Everyone knew that there was no prison guard, no matter how hardened willing to shoot a pretty little blonde girl.

I did as she asked and started to make my way back inside the room.

“Bring the cripple with you,” Joy added for clarification. Even holding a gun, covered in the blood of several guards (or at least the guard she stole it from) Joy looked like someone’s daughter. She walked like a zombie; slow, with a look of anger and sadness as she approached. “Can I have a kiss?”

“Sure,” I said with a smile, desperate to hide my inherit nervousness. “Just put the gun down, ok?”

“Maybe later,” she replied cheerfully as she pushed Danny’s chair back inside before locking the door. “If you’re a good girl.”

“Ok, sure.” I wanted to believe her.

Joy lowered the gun, but shook her head. “What does he have that I don’t?” she walked towards Danny, pressing the gun to his exposed stomach. “I know it’s not his cock.” Joy sat on his lap, slipping the gun inside her sweatpants.

I assumed she was going to shoot herself or Danny. Thankfully I was incorrect (for the time being). Instead, she started to take off her clothes, slipping her pants down to her knees, kicking them to the floor. “Joy, it’s not like that. I don’t love him the way I love you.”

“But you do love him,” my girlfriend said with a raised eyebrow. She looked like something out of a comic book.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then show me,” Joy giggled.

For a moment I was unsure of what she wanted. I was frozen in place.

“Oh, come on, really?” In response, Joy pistol-whipped Danny in the face, over and over until she broke his nose. She then cupped his face, kissing his blood-covered lips. “That tastes so good. The tears of a strong man.”

I knew I had to do something. In the corner, I could see Pastor Rylan was awake. We locked eyes and I gave a hand sweeping motion. ‘Get out of here, and come back with help.’

He nodded discreetly before disappearing into the shadows.

I approached Joy, taking off my borrowed clothing.

She seemed pleased with my naked body. “That’s my good girl.” Gripping me by the neck she guided me to Danny’s lap. “I want to watch you fuck him.”

“Joy don’t,” I said in a whimper.

“You’re right, that’s bullshit,” Joy said as she pulled my hair. “I want you to eat me out, while Warden Hartley goes down on your nasty cunt.”

I was never a fan of that word: and she knew it. “Or I could just take the gun away.”

Joy laughed, twirling the gun like a fidget toy. “Don’t act like you don’t want to.”

“He’s too sick,” I said. Part of me was hoping to appeal to her humanity.

“Too sick to fuck you? I don’t believe that.” Joy threw her head back in a fit of laughter. “I don’t believe that at all.” She gripped Danny by the arms, yanking him forward, out of his wheelchair.

He fell hard on his knees, wincing in pain, as he coughed up blood.

I immediately rushed to his side. “Danny?” I cupped his face, fearing the worst. “Please look at me.” If I was about to lose him, I wanted Danny to at least know what he meant to me. “I need you to recognize something.” The words were all jumbled in my mind, so I instead spoke from the heart. “No matter what’s happened in your life, this is just one body, flesh, and bone. The man you are; the husband and father, the good kind person who worked hard all his life, that’s still who you are. Nothing can take that away; not cancer, not a cheating wife or the loss of your daughter.” I could see tears in my lover’s eyes. “I truly love you and I wish I could have had you as my own.” I took a breath and kissed his lips as if offering him my air, my energy, my spirit.

With a sudden surge of physical strength, he forced me over the sofa, onto my face. Danny gripped my tits, holding me down as he spread my legs. He was going to fuck me doggy style, and there was nothing I could do about it.

The moment was surreal. This did not feel like a man dying of blood and bone cancer. He rubbed his thick cock on my pussy teasing my lips. Danny was lubing himself with my juices.

Then, without warning, he rammed himself inside me, forcing me to take every inch without mercy. I buried my face, biting the fabric of the sofa.

I could feel him so deep inside me. There was no way it was his cock. The way he fucked me was beautiful, powerful. My stomach tightened, as my muscles clenched. I was having orgasm after orgasm, my juices running down my trembling thighs.

Danny gripped my hair, as he pounded me over and over. I could hear him breathing but no one dared to speak. I felt so much more than I’d ever thought I could handle. And then he ejaculated (something I did not think was physically possible given his state.)

With a sickening smack, Joy struck him with the gun again.

I rolled over in time to see her giggling with glee. “Damn it, Joy, you’re a psychopath!”

“Yeah, pretty much.” She lifted Danny’s chin, looking into his eyes. “I think I’ve changed my mind. I want you to eat her pussy.” She turned to me, waving the gun like a magic wand. “Christi, baby, if you please.”

“Sure, whatever you want.” I reclined on the sofa, with my throbbing pussy spread open for all to see. I arched my back and closed my eyes awaiting what was to come. I would quickly learn that this was a mistake.

“What the hell?” Joy was somehow even angrier than before. I felt her put the gun inside me. She pumped a few times before pulling out, groaning with disgust. “I thought the warden’s fake testicles couldn’t make baby batter?”

I could hear her strike Danny again and again. “Please stop hurting him.”

“No!” she turned, pressing the wet barrel of the gun to my neck. “Who gave this fuckboy permission to cum inside my woman?”

“I did,” I muttered in a whisper.

“What did you just say to me?” Joy stood to the side, pressing the gun to my head.

“I love him.”

Suddenly I felt Danny’s mouth; his lips, his tongue. He was still working with the same level of intensity, burying his face in my juicy wet cunt.

I ran my fingers through his hair, moaning, gasping. “Oh, Danny.” I was already climaxing off what he was doing to my clit. “Yes, Danny.” I could feel his sweaty scalp. “Yes, Daddy.” I felt my stomach tighten, just as I felt Joy’s knee on my chest. My girlfriend was not pleased, and she was going to make me pay. Joy spread her legs like a gymnast, lowering her ass and pussy over my mouth.

I could barely breathe, but I figured that was the idea. She was blocking my vision, my breathing, and even my hearing. All I had was a mouthful of pussy and the scent of her wet labia. I reached my hands up, gripping her thighs. Even with her rage, she was still light enough for me to move while still tongue fucking her. When I could finally breathe through my nose, I was able to turn my head enough to catch sight of the weapon.
Joy was facing Danny, with the gun resting against his head. She was rubbing the tip against the side of his face, down his jawline, to his neck.

I could taste her climax, while at the same time my legs were quivering so hard, I could barely hold on. What came next was a blur. I had a deep, intense orgasm. My hand slipped from Joy’s leg, to grip Danny’s hair.
That was when the gun went off. My hand hovered over Joy’s hand as she fired a single bullet into Danny’s head. I heard the bullet, but I didn’t actually see anything. I knew Danny had a weak heart, there was no saving him.

He swallowed once and took his final breath, as blood trickled from his lips. He wasn’t able to speak, he just rested there on the floor, looking up at the ceiling with an expression of nothingness. It was only then when I finally heard the sound of sirens.

Joy looked at me. “We need to get out of here.”

I shook my head. We needed to be out a long time ago.

“Really?” She lowered the gun forcing it into my hand.

I jerked back my hand. I assumed she was trying to get my fingerprints on the weapon, as a means of forcing me to go with her.

She gripped me harder, forcing my hand over the gun as she held it to her own chest. “Might as well, right?”
I remember shaking my head, but no words escaped my lips.

Then she fired the gun.

And that’s my full statement.

“Am I free to go now?” I asked the detectives. “Back to my cell, or protective custody or whatever?”

The male stood up, closing the folder in his hands. “You’ll be put in protective custody until the investigation is completed.”

The police came back in and put me in cuffs. I imagined I would have to serve out the rest of my time in solitary.

For the next few days, I was alone with just a bible and cup for sink water. I tore notches in the front cover to track the days while reading myself to sleep. On the tenth day, I was visited by Father Rylan. He had petitioned for my early release. I would be headed to a halfway house. That’s all could really ask for.

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