Mutual Destruction ch3

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I walked further into the hub world’s forest terrain, until the sky seemed to disappear into the canopy of terrifying trees. I had never ventured this deep into the forest before, something about it reminded me of the majesty of Germany’s many woodlands. “Elodie?” I called out to the darkness. “Are you here?” I assumed she was probably up a tree again since that was one of the few places to achieve a level of privacy in this God forsaken place. ‘Elle, please, where are you? I need you.’

I took a few more steps until I heard the sound of sobbing. “Elle?” Looking around, I was unable to locate the source of the crying, until I was tempted to glance right above me. An abnormally strong gust of wind blew by, knocking Elodie’s shoes off the branch where she had tied them. The light weight shoes grazed my face as they floated to the ground like elegant flower petals.

Elodie hopped down, cupping her face. “Oh my God, Felix, I’m so sorry.” She retrieved her shoes, leaning against the tree to untie them.

“It’s fine, really,” I said with a laugh.

“No,” Elodie shook her head, as she blotted tears from her eyes. “It’s not fine.” She reached out her other hand. “Can we talk?” She was already heading back up the tree. “There’s a nice wide branch not far from here, the perfect place for a chat,” she paused, smiling in my direction. “Or a treehouse.”

I noticed she had given up on putting her shoes back on and instead hurled them straight upward. I waited for a moment, fully expecting to be struck for a second time. I was pleasantly surprised to see the shoes fluttering on the wind before landing across a branch, marking the location of the aforementioned space. “Sure, I’d like that.”

“Well then, follow me.” Elodie climbed a few feet, to the left. It was then I realized she was still reaching out her hand to allow me to keep up.

“Sorry,” I said, finally grabbing her hand.

Elodie was a much better climber, guiding me to the most useable handholds. Soon we were sitting side by side like a pair of kids on a camping trip. “This is nice, right?” Her smile was as contagious as her strength.

“It’s beautiful,” I replied, grateful for the rare moment of peace. The air at this height felt cool and calm, even a little relaxing.

“I told you,” Elodie replied softly. Her voice was noticeably trembling. She curled a lock of her hair around her finger, before placing the tip to her succulent lips.

I reached for her hand, but that only made her more emotional. “Elle, what’s wrong? I mean, other than the fact we’re in Hell.”

That granted me another glance at her angelic smile. “I am really sorry,” she muttered, wiping tears from her eyes.

“For what?” I asked with an intentional air of sarcasm. At that moment, there was nothing she could ever do to upset or offend me.

“Back at the asylum…” Elodie turned her head, unable to look me in the eye. “I left the room first.”

“Oh?” The words stung, but she seemed truly remorseful. It was the least I could do to hear her out.

“I guess whoever the other player was managed to get the generators done because after the doctor left, I heard the sound of the exit opening.” Elodie rolled her eyes as she nervously played with her hair. “I guess in hindsight it could have been the doctor himself laying a trap.” She shook her head, in a display of acceptance for her mistake. “In truth, I thought you were following. I ran out the front door, as swiftly as I could. I’d made it all the way back to the garden, before turning around.”

“So, you’re saying you were running naked?” I pursed my lips, choking back a giggle. 

Elodie playfully slugged my arm. “Anyway,” she started to laugh. A sweet, heartfelt sound that reminded me of all the best moments of our friendship. “I looked back and it was just Yun-Jinn, who’d managed to cover up with a really gross looking hospital sheet.”

“I went back to the room, just in time to see at least a dozen monsters using your body as an all-you-can-eat buffet.” She forced a laugh, but clearly, she’d been disturbed on a deep emotional level. “They were cutting into you, devouring you. And when that black tentacle shot through your head, I… this is so stupid. I feel like such a fool.”

I took the opportunity to move closer, holding her hand to my chest. “Only in this place would someone confuse compassion for foolishness.”

She nodded in agreement. “I’ve seen so much death and torture here, I know none of it’s real. But all I could do was scream. I’m sorry.”

“Did you leave because of the puppet show?” I don’t even know why I called it that. The animation shown in the portal was clearly an elaborate ruse to cause a rift between us.

“You mean the light show?”

“Yes, that’s a more appropriate description.” I looked out at the vacant sky. “Just know that particular fairytale does not reflect my heart.”

“Maybe you’re not the prince of the story, then.” Elodie turned her head, looking at me with big innocent eyes. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, I always have.” And I always would.

“We need to find the void.”

“The void,” I calmly repeated. She could not be serious “Isn’t that like voluntarily jumping into the deepest ring of hell?”

“And it might just be our salvation.”

I forced a nod. “How would we go about that?” From what I knew of the void, it was the place for people who lost all motivation; monsters who no longer wanted to kill, humans who no longer wanted to exist. “If there was a way to get there, I feel like someone would have done it already.”

“Someone has done it,” she said calmly, her voice drifting off as she stared straight ahead, unblinking. “You’ve seen the orange flowers. They are the physical embodiment of the power of free will.”

I sort of knew what she meant. There were stories of creatures who escaped the void by sacrificing something more valuable than their humanity. “Free will, in this place?”

“There is much to consider. In order to be invited to the void, you must first be empty, numb; no hate anger or pain.” Elodie seemed less confident, and more defeated. This was one last, creative attempt at escape: an attempt via suicide.

“No anger or pain?” I nodded as if that made any kind of sense.

“All we need is to give the impression that there is nothing we want.”

The idea was genius but also terrifying. At its core, I needed to not be afraid of losing everything. “I’ll bite; how exactly do we do that?”

“With courage.” She turned to me, lacing her fingers through my own. Even with her dark, sensual skin, I could tell she was blushing like a schoolgirl.

“Ok.” I smiled, but apparently my confidence could not obscure my nerves.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, you won’t believe me if I told you.” My choice of words seemed logical in my mind. We were no longer children, I was supposed to have developed some level of maturity, masculinity.

“You’re still afraid, that’s only natural.” Her voice; the unique sound of her French accent layered over the thick creamy softness of her tone, was so angelic, mesmerizing. “If we climb to the top of the trees, we will be able to see the edge of this land.”

I somehow managed to muster a nod for her to continue. “I have to admit I’ve never done that.” I swallowed hard, forcing back any lack of sincerity.

“Well, I have,” Elodie said proudly. “I know for a fact, this place is an island, suspended in the vastness of…”

“Of what?”

“Only one way to find out.” She climbed higher and higher as if leading me to a very specific place.

I was focused on my hands and feet, making sure to have a good hold each step of the way. So, it came as a surprise when Elodie cupped my face, kissing me like a pornstar. “I always wanted to do that.”

‘Me too.’ I could feel her arms around me, her tongue in my mouth. I almost didn’t realize we were falling into the darkness. I could feel her skin, her hand, her wrist, all covered in (what felt like) blood. Out of the corner of my vision, I could see her body was wrapped in orange silk cloth that shimmered with a holo-shifting hue. It felt like we existed in a space all our own. Until we landed upon a field of massive black spikes.

I suddenly had a new appreciation for the suffering of Jesus Christ (and anyone else who had been crucified throughout times past.) In history class, I learned it took several days for a prisoner to bleed out, this always shook me with fear. It was scary enough to die, but to suffer alone was the true horror. Through the uncanny pain, I knew I needed to focus.

I needed to clear my mind; not want for anything, to accept my fate with open arms. ‘I don’t need to live, to love, the suffer, to think or dream.’ But there was one thing I needed. “Elle?”

“I’m here, Felix. I’m ok. Everything’s ok.” Elodie was in pain, that much was certain.

With what little courage I had left, I reached for her hand. “Elle…” I wanted to speak further, but my body felt so unbearably cold. ‘Breathe in, breathe out, I need to release the fear. I needed to not want for anything.’ Nope, this was not working. The pain was like a fire being set inside my chest, sucking the air from my lungs while searing my flesh. The never-ending agony was a fate worse than death. I was about to close my eyes to pray, then I saw the flowers.

The very familiar orange flowers glowed like stars in the darkness. All around me I could hear voices, an array of digital sounds reminiscent of a computer. “You have to be the brave one,” said a young female voice.

“Not for me or your parents,” added a male voice reminiscent of my father. “You have to do this for yourself.”

I had a feeling that this was an attempt at mental-emotional manipulation, but it was like a computer was screaming in my ear. I stroked my hand over my bare leg. I could feel where I was pinned to the ground; bloody skin, broken bones. And just to the left was the warmth of my exposed cock.

For whatever reason, it was a comfort to know that my manhood was still intact. Lubed with precum, I started to jerk my shaft. At first, I was afraid to go too vigorously, but when I touched myself, the flowers began to glow with a brighter light. I could feel pleasure, along with the pain. (And like any animal I craved more.) Soon I felt strong enough to sit up. ‘Elodie where are you?’

Elodie was naked, leaning against (what looked like) a tree made of shadows. Her hair covered her eyes and her lips parted as she moaned. “Felix…My love…my prince…” Legs spread, she appeared to be masturbating; rubbing her clit with a seductive intensity. Her skin was bathed in the golden light, putting her body on display as she began to finger herself deeper. She was leaning her head back, truly enjoying the self-pleasure. With her eyes closed, she appeared to be lost in her own mind. Her limbs seemed to slip free of the spikes and thorns, with any wounds healing on their own. Was that all it took; to be strong and just not give a shit?

I started to laugh. My body was cut up worse than any horror encounter but the more I touched myself (while watching my best friend bring herself to climax over and over) the stronger I became. With every orgasm, Elodie’s skin seemed to shimmer with a golden glow.

A familiar glow; the flowers, they wanted us to succeed.

I stood up on weak legs. Elodie was only a few feet away but it felt like an eternity. The ground was a constantly moving ocean of plant life, but there seemed to be no risk of falling into the abyss. The plants were gripping my legs, guiding me to her. This seemed too easy, too fair until I stood face to face with my best friend. In the place of her eyes were glowing pools of metallic gold.

“Felix?” she said in a soft breath. She raised her blood-covered hand to my face, tracing a single finger along my jawline, down my neck. The sensation was like nothing I’d ever experienced. “Are you smiling?”

“Am I smiling?” The question felt odd, to say the least.

“Oui, mon amour.” Elodie smiled wide, her lovely mouth, parting with a seductive breath.

“I don’t know if I can.”

“You can’t smile?” Elodie kissed my cheek, her pouty lips offering a moment of relief from the pain. She placed her hand in mine, guiding me to hold her by the waist as if we were about to slow dance.

That was all I ever wanted. I leaned down and kissed her lips. Her mouth tasted sweet, like fruit and honey, mixed with the cool salty sweetness of the open ocean. Elodie held the kiss, looking into my eyes. For the briefest moment, I could see her dark eyes. Now I knew I was smiling.

I moved my hand down her thigh to her ass. Her skin felt warm, comforting, welcoming. I knew what I wanted to do. Since I was not standing on any kind of ground, any attempt at movement felt like I was swimming through a sea of foliage. I gripped her ass with both hands and firmly planted my lips to her stomach, sucking on her skin like a teenage boy trying to leave a love bite.

Her unshaved pussy had just the right amount of pubic hair, enough for her to look like a woman but not enough to get in the way of my thirsty lips and starving tongue. I could feel her fingers gripping my hair, massaging my scalp as her legs wrapped around my back and neck. I kissed her already throbbing clit, letting my mouth tease her to a brief orgasm. I could feel her stomach muscles tighten, as her thighs quivered. She was moaning, whispering my name. I wanted to taste more, but the vines wrapped around my arms, pinning me back.

Suddenly I caught sight of my hands. That moisture that I had assumed was sweat, and other bodily fluids were actually the glowing sap. The flowers were melding with us, feeding on us, but to what end?

Was this what it felt like to die? I was going to vanish in to the void, mind body and soul. The idea was terrifying but I was not without free will. I held on to Elodie. if I was going to go, I wanted my last experience to be making love to the woman of my dreams; my best friend, my strong beautiful savior.

I knew she felt it too. she had to. her naked chest was pressed against mine; the softness of her breasts, her stiff nipples caressing my skin like a foreign appendage. My gaze traveled to her hands; she was holding my cock, rubbing the tip with her thumb. When she coaxed out enough precum, she hooked her leg around me, maneuvering her pussy on to my aching manhood.

I held her close as she rode me. Our lips met over and over, in the act of passionate love. “Say my name,” the words slipped from my mouth as my body tensed; my hips, my abs. I felt strong, powerful.

Elodie’s breath was warm and soft on my neck. “Felix…” I could feel what i assumed were her tears. Her face was buried against my shoulder, with her hair obscuring her eyes. “I don’t ever want to lose you again.” She sank her nails into my back as she climaxed; the sensation of her wet pussy clenching my cock, made my body explode with the most intense orgasm of my life. I felt myself cum inside her; a warm powerful electric feeling that rippled through my soul. I closed my eyes, as the world went dark. And then there was light: the most beautiful light.

I awoke on a beach, resting under a tent made of large green leaves. The sand felt warm, soothing and smooth. The air- ‘Oh God, the air!’ It felt so clean, so real; like the island resorts of my childhood.

And it was terrifying.

I was too afraid to move. This was too good to be true, something had to be horrifically wrong. I moved my fingers, then my hands. the sand seemed real enough. my wrist, arms, and shoulders seemed to function normally. I sat up, looking around. Elodie was next to me, turned away.

That probably wasn’t her; she would turn her head and there would be no eyes or perhaps her head would fall off and roll down the small hill, into the ocean.

I was about to reach out and see for myself when she turned to me. “Hello, my love.” Her eyes blinked revealing normal human retinas. Elodie yawned, letting her natural curls toss over her face as she rolled over.

“Hello.” Since my friend appeared comfortable laying under a blanket made from an old tarp, I decided to leave her be. “I’m going to look around.”

I stood up. the island was small, like the size of a large house. i could see from one end to the other, but in the middle was a wall of trees, creating a secret room. I could see a clear entrance and exit, but in the middle was a single tree made up of darkness. 

As I took a step forward, I heard a shriek. My first instinct was to turn away from the tree, with the intention of returning to Elodie’s side.

“Really, now?” said a soft female laugh.

Looking back, I could see the ghosts from before, the group of women who had mocked me as I laid naked in the asylum. “Looking good, Felix,” cackled another voice.

This caused me to look down. I was still naked, but somehow, I’d failed to notice. The words of the catty ghosts caused me to reach for a nearby tree limb, and cover my sexual shame in a manner akin to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. This resulted in further hilarity.

The laughing figures stayed standing as a group, until one stepped forward (or rather she floated.) The lavender-haired girl tilted her head to the side. At first it looked like “the spirit” a young Asian ghost that I had faced more than once. But no, it was simply Yun-Jin in her new form.

Her white hair seemed to shimmer with unholy glow as her eyes sparkled with a sense of sadness but also pride.

“I see you made your choice.” she didn’t seem angry, just cold, like a ghost. Yun-Jin was dead to me as I was to her.

I wanted to tell her that our time together was not meaningless. She allowed me to discover a sense of hope that I’d thought was lost to me. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She bit her lower lip, betraying a hint of sexual longing. “I have to get back to my team.” She looked towards my barely covered cock, with a snicker. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss you. Parts of you anyway.” Yun-Jin took a step back, closing the portal. “Enjoy your new eternity.”

Where the dark tree once stood was now a single golden flower, surrounded by a base of spikey roots. I took a knee, touching my fingers to the large sunflower like face of the plant. It dispensed a coin-sized drop of liquid in the palm of my hand.

I wanted to shake it off, let the cursed fluid fall to the floor. but with nothing else to do i took a sip. the taste was like warm, thick orange soda, burning my throat as it went down. in my chest it felt warm, like chicken soup. When it hit my stomach, I could see a glowing light just under my core muscles.

I felt two arms hold me from behind. I could tell by the texture of her hair, it was Elodie. She placed her sand covered hands on my abs, just above my hips, as she rested her head on my back. “Where are we, Felix?”

I had no answer, so I just held her hand. That was when I felt the shape of her body: her large breasts, and her firm protruding stomach. I turned to see Elodie was very pregnant; either late stage or perhaps multiple children. One thing was certain; she was glowing.

“I think we’re finally home.”

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