Mutual Destruction ch2

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“Elodie?” My breath choked in my throat. I sat up in time to see her walking away.

Yun-Jin was still naked in my arms. The Asian goddess glanced in my friend’s direction, as she flirtatiously placed her hand on my now flaccid cock. “You see, Felix is just fine.”

My body felt hot, flush with adrenaline. I wanted to stand up, to go after my best friend. but I felt so good where I was. my body felt strong. I felt human.

Yun-Jin cupped my face. she looked at me with a smile. “You know, it’s funny…”

“What is?”

She traced her finger along my jaw, to my lips. “I thought I died and went to hell.”

“But?” I asked, assuming she had more to say.

“Nothing,” she chuckled. “As much as I adore spending quality time with you, my pretty-boy blonde angel, I’m a little uncomfortable with the audience we’ve acquired.

Yun-Jin crept off my lap, slinking off into the darkness of the tree line. Her nude body glowed like an angel in the moonlight. I was left alone to dress myself. My clothes had magically appeared by my side in a neat pile. It was almost laughable; this was just another trial, a means of feeding off my emotional turmoil. To believe otherwise would imply a degree of hope in this God-forsaken realm.

With cheeks flushed with embarrassment, I faced away from the other captives as I got dressed. All I knew for certain was I needed to find Elodie before the next trial that would potentially separate us. With my jacket and pants on I turned to the small group huddled around the fire.

“Looking for Elodie?” asked Dwight, comically avoiding eye contact. “I think I saw her head up a tree.”

“She climbed a tree?” I repeated, assuming he was screwing with me.

“Believe me or don’t, she headed that way.” He pointed a finger towards a section of massive trees. They were tall enough to resemble a wall, but I could make out the bright orange highlights of her sweatshirt. I would have to climb a tree in slacks and loafers.

With moderate difficulty (and a lot of swearing) I managed to climb to where Elodie was seated. She was cross-legged, looking like the most elegant yoga princess. In front of her were her shoes, tied together and thrown over a branch like something a child would do.

“The climb is easier without shoes,” she said with a sweet smile.

I playfully poked at the swinging black ballet flats. “Are you not afraid of losing them?”

“They’d likely just appear on my feet during the next monster encounter.” Her voice was peaceful, calm with a noticeable sense of longing. “Everything here is part of a game; the entity’s game. Her dark eyes sparkled with tears. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” I reached for her hand. Under the light of the strangely purple moon, her skin looked like velvet.

“I’m sorry you’re trapped here.” She pursed her lips, blinking back emotion, but it was no use. Soon the teardrops were flowing freely. “I’m just happy you found Yun-Jin. You deserve to be loved, and cherished like the prince that you are.”

“What?” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her choice of words.“Back on earth, when you were with Lauren, the pretty blonde with the Ph.D.,” she laughed looking up at the sky. “I followed you like the British press followed Prince Harry and Megan Markle. I was so happy for you. Not only were you succeeding as an artist a visionary, but you had a partner who could love as deeply as you did. Someone to laugh with, to look up at the stars, to hold you when you cried. I was so proud of you because you were going to have the most perfect life with a woman who was truly worthy of your heart.”

“You just described yourself.” There was an awkward silence. Would I have gone with Elodie on her journey for answers? Could I have convinced her to stay with me; go to school, live as my wife. “Why didn’t you ever try to contact me?”

“I guess I was busy with life,” she replied in a whisper.

“I would have loved to see you.” I would have given anything to see her; literally, I would have gotten on a plane to meet her for just a cup of coffee.

“Everyone who’s watched a movie knows that the crazy girl; the dark-skinned daughter of immigrants, she gets to be the sidekick, the best friend. She does not get the handsome prince.”

Elodie’s words cut through to my soul. With trembling hands, I reached for her. Stroking her cheek, I turned her face to look into her beautiful eyes. I wanted so badly to tell her she was wrong. As a boy, I dreamed about her. I could picture her kind, angelic smile whenever I closed my eyes. I turned my head, aligning our lips. We were moments away from a kiss when the world went black.

I cursed silently as we landed in the cold decrypt garden of Crotus Prenn asylum. It was a place I knew all too well. Haunted by madness and emotion, I had an idea of what I was about to face. Dusting the dirt and ash from my clothing, I forced myself to my feet. ‘Here we go again.’

In the distance, I could hear footsteps. One set was fast, another slow, followed by a visible shock wave. I dove out of the way, rushing towards the safety of the main building. The monster of the day was ‘the doctor’, a mad scientist stereotype with a passion for electricity. Inside there were plenty of places to hide, offering us human players the chance to strategize. I was just hoping to find a friendly face.

Behind a curtain was a filthy bed, and a supply closet. I could hear breathing. I knew better than to callout to whoever was there, instead I walked to the door and tapped. The door unlocked opening slightly.

“Felix?” the voice was clearly Yun-Jin. She gripped my hand motioning for me to come inside. The first thing I noticed was the blood on her hands. “I finally got a chance at my personal monster.”

“You were able to attack him?”

“No, I couldn’t get a hit in,” Yun-Jin said as she twirled a metallic object between two fingers. “I did manage to grab one of these.” With an elegant twist, she allowed the light to hit the colorfully decorated knife revealing it’s majesty. This was clearly the tool of a professional performer.

“You found your muse, turned trickster.”

“That’s what he loved to be called,” Yun-Jin said in a sing-song voice. “My dream will be to use this beauty to end him once and for all.”

“How did you get it? Did you pull it out of someone?” I assumed that was the case given the amount of blood.

“I think it was the little Chinese girl, the one who looks like a gymnast but dresses like an idol. Feng, right? She was pretty grateful to have this out of her back.” Yun-Jin giggled like a schoolgirl as she pressed her chest to mine.

I could feel her breath, her heart. She took my hand guiding me to her naked breasts. I had been so distracted by the knife I somehow didn’t notice her cutting off her purple blouse. Her nipples were firm, just begging to be touched. In awe of her beauty, I caressed her curves, pulling her close in a deep, tender kiss.

Her lips met mine over and over until it felt like our breath had become one. The intensity and passion served to distract me from what she was doing with the knife. She proceeded to cut my clothes off until there was nothing more than a pile of fabric at my feet. Then she lowered herself to her knees, taking my cock in her luscious mouth.

I suddenly saw and felt a bolt of electricity ripple through the room. The Doctor was close. Strangely I didn’t want to scream or cry out in pain. I wanted more.

The footsteps were louder, followed by a violent shaking of the door. This was the part of the chase when the monster easily opens the door and drags us out to be impaled at the nearest or most convenient map location. I was mentally preparing to run, but that didn’t happen. The doctor was at the door, roaring in frustration. He shook the locked door a few more times even hitting it with a random weapon, before stomping away to locate an easier target. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Yun-Jin had used the knife to wedge the door closed and for whatever reason, one monster could not break another’s tools.

Yun-Jin stood up, wrapping her legs around my hips. “Are you ready for me?”

“Always, my love.”Our bodies fit together as one, with our cravings stoking the fires of passion and lust. I could feel her sink her nails in to my back.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” she whispered in my ear, her tongue teasing my lobe. “I’m so glad you’re mine.”

For some strange reason, her choice of words caused me to lose momentum. “Perhaps we should try the bed.”

My lover laughed. “You’re kidding, right? The filthy asylum bed, out in the open?”

“I’ll be on top. Worst case scenario the monster will have his fun with me while you make it to the exit.” I smirked, already aware that was, in fact, not the ‘worst’ possible scenario. At that moment a painful death or banishment to the void would be preferable to standing naked with a stunning woman and a flaccid cock.

“Fine, but I’m going to be on top, there is no way in hell I’m touching that mattress. And I’m keeping hold of my knife.” Holding my hand, she pulled me close for a long deep kiss as she led the way to the bed.

I allowed her to throw me down, causing a cloud of dust. Since I was no longer hard, she went to work between my legs. Her hands gripped my shaft while her mouth tenderly kissed my ball sack. “That’s nice.”

I could hear someone enter the room, another human survivor. Yun-Jin must have heard as well, she started to deepthroat me in a way that truly felt like I was fucking her airway.

Elodie entered the room. She paused in her steps. “Do you want me to leave?”

“No,” I said in a gasp. “Please no.” I sat up placing my weight on one hand while holding Yun-Jin’s head with the other.

Elodie seemed embarrassed, she laughed shaking her head. And then she took a step towards me. She placed her elegant fingers to my jawline, stroking my facial hair, to my lips. “I can remember the first time we kissed; you were so shy.” My friend giggled as she leaned in for a kiss, this was all in good fun. She placed her hand over my chest, my heart.

“Take your clothes off,” I said in a whisper. “I think I found a way to defeat the doctor.” Yes, that was it. Orgasms made us immortal: that was all I wanted to prove. Right?

Elodie took off her brightly colored sweater, revealing her beautiful body; her smooth skin, perfect breasts. My mouth was drawn to her, yearning to taste her warmth. I pulled her close, letting her dark nipples caress my lips. Elodie leaned her head back, moaning. She held my face to her chest, massaging my scalp. “Oh yes, my prince, just like that.”

Sucking on her sweaty skin, I moved my lips down her ribs to her stomach. I could practically taste her white cotton panties, soaked with her feminine juices. I had never craved anything more. I surrendered my cock to Yun-Jin to do with as she pleased. All I wanted was my African goddess to sit on my face. “Spread your legs.”After some coaxing, I got her low-rise jeans to come down, revealing even more of her sensual hips.

She kicked off her shoes, stripping down to her underwear. “Bite off my panties, like the good dog that you are.”

I could feel my body tense. Yun-Jin was done sucking me off and now she wanted to ride. From what I could see from my position, this prompted Elodie to remove her own panties as she turned to Yun-Jin. I assumed the two kissed, but my vision was blocked by a face full of thick ass. Gripping her hips, I tongue fucked Elodie’s pussy while she fingered her clit. (I only knew that because I could feel her hand hitting my chin.)

I felt my throbbing cock inside Yun-Jin. Her body was clenching, we were both about to climax hard. My energy shifted to my mouth, locking on to Elodie’s pussy with a passionate kiss. She tasted so good; like coffee, cream, and everything beautiful in the world.

“Oh, Felix,” she said in a breath. “Oh God, I’m so close.”

I could remember the time we kissed. I was just a nerd, but she was already a sexually experienced young woman. She had wanted me to touch her, to play. But even while drunk I could not muster the courage. I’d been weak, however now I was a king. I could taste her climax, just as a bolt of energy rippled through the room.

Elodie nearly fell off me. I gripped her legs, holding her in place as her muscles; her ass, and thighs threatened to suffocate me.

It was clear the monster was in the room, and he was watching. Elodie and Yun-Jinn were laughing. I surmised that the doctor was unable to come any closer, causing him to become even more frustrated. I could hear him using his weapon to strike a nearby wall, over and over until a light radiated into the room. He then stomped off without a care in the world.

Yun-Jin moved off my lap, and proceeded to help Elodie off the bed. The women were still laughing, playfully hugging. Yun-Jin kissed Elodie’s cheek when suddenly our attention was drawn to the newly formed portal in the wall. From where I sat it looked like a painting in a museum: a visionary image of a new world surrounded by light. I stood up, taking a step towards the strange scene. My body felt a rush of cold, but for once it wasn’t painful. It felt like the ocean, saltwater waves, under a moonlit sky. It felt like peace.

“What is it?” Elodie asked, putting her hand on my upper arm.

Yun-Jin rested her head on my opposite shoulder. “Wow.”

I reached my hand forward, stroking my fingers down the glass-like surface of the image. I felt a tingling. It seemed like I should be able to step through with minimal electrical shock. I took another step forward, causing Elodie and Yun-Jin to release their grasp. That was when I felt a shock akin to a punch in the stomach.

Elodie rushed to my side. “Felix!” I knew I had to get back up, if only because I was still naked and I knew I just fell on something painful and/or disgusting.

Yun-Jin was frozen staring at the beach scene. “Guys, you need to see this.”The beach scene appeared to be animated. The sand was dancing in the wind, pulled upward into the sky to form constellations. First there was a glowing image of a mermaid swimming through the bluish-purple night sky. Her hair flowed free like sunlight and her eyes sparkled with an exquisiteness akin to the aura of the moon. This was clearly Elodie; a strong confident free spirit filled with passion and dreams.

The mermaid approached an island where she met what appeared to be a human male. The man was thin, weak. His feet were melting into the ground, cementing his fate. The pathetic excuse for a human was part of the island and always would be. And yet, the mermaid was the first to reach out her hand. The cowardly man appeared hesitant, leaning back as if trying to take a step away from the strange creature. Of course, he was stuck. Terrified, he turned towards the mermaid. He was afraid, but the mermaid offered hope, guidance and friendship. Although he could not take a step back, he was able to move forward. She guided him through a maze of lights, to a brand-new place. Through it all, despite their closeness, the two figures were separated by an unseen barrier.

Suddenly a third character appeared. She was a tall, slender figure who stood with a sense of inner strength. The poised, modern female, was pulling the man away from the mermaid. leading him towards a new land of letters, numbers shapes and colors. This was a secret place, special to only them; it was a realm of lights, cities, a world of modern art. Overwhelmed by the beauty, I’d almost forgotten about the mermaid. Where was she? In the corner of the frame, the mermaid began to disintegrate, the pieces falling back into the ocean. There were tears in my eyes. ‘Turn around, you fool!’ I screamed in my head. ‘Please just turn around.’ I don’t know why I thought I could change the story.

When the man turned back to the mermaid, the land woman started to fly away. The message was clear; the prince can only have one princess. ‘Or what? Will he die alone?’ I was about to turn to Elodie and Yun-Jin to ask if they wanted to attempt to rush the painting. Oddly, both were already gone.

With nothing else to do I laid myself back down on the bed. I couldn’t go through on my own, nor did I want to. I only had to hope this was not my only chance at escape.

“You honestly think the entity would just let you sleep?” There were voices coming from all around me. Dark tentacles creeped up around the bed. As they came closer to my body they started to look like hands, then mouths all preparing to feed upon my soul.

“Do your worst,” I muttered. I was ready for them to rip me limb from limb, to devour my flesh, make me bleed.

A single black tentacle erupted through my mouth, breaking my skull. “You will never be happy, because you don’t deserve to be.” Laughter surrounded me, forcing the sound into my head. “You will make a wrong decision, because that’s all you ever learned how to do.”

Pain shot through my body. My vision started to blur as blood filled my eyes. A new voice, a screechy young female breathed in my ear. “That’s assuming either woman would want to be with you.”The laughter became louder. A different female voice spoke from my opposite side, “Do you know how many women aborted your unwanted fuck babies? Lauren was just one of many.”

“No one loves you! They only pity you!”

In time, I mercifully fell into the darkness. The void granted me temporary freedom from the agony of my existence. ‘God, I wish it could last forever.’

I awoke in a cold sweat. I was completely dressed, but my shoes were on the wrong feet. Did the ghosts dress me? I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating. And then I saw Yun-Jin.

From where I stood, I could see she was talking to a group of people, regaling them with the story of our miraculous escape. “I’m serious,” Yun-Jin said with an excited shriek. “The doctor just gave up and walked away.”

“And you just left?” Meg asked in disbelief. The young cross-country runner had been in the realm longer than most. “I refuse to believe it’s that easy.”

I did not intend to interrupt, but the moment I took a step in her direction the ground crunched loudly. It was as if I was walking through a forest of God damn bran flakes.

Yun-Jin turned my way with a comically wide smile. “Felix!” She rushed over with open arms. “Tell them I’m not lying!”

I chuckled awkwardly. “Um, where did you go?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked with a business-professional smile.

I forced a smile in return, not wanting to accuse her of anything before weighing all the facts. “We were looking at the beach, I turned around and you were gone.”

“I went for the exit,” Yun-Jin replied through gritted teeth. “The same as Elodie.”

I had clearly offended her. “You were with Elodie?”

“Yes, my love. We both left as soon as we could. I just assumed you were following behind us.”

“So, you claim you were following Elodie?” The answer was important to me; which one of them chose to leave first? And who was just following the leader?

Yun-Jin chuckled awkwardly, smiling wide as she cupped my face. “Well, you’re here now, looking perfect as ever.”Her lips were soft, and moist, as she kissed my cheek, running her tongue along my jawline. As she pulled me closer, I felt like an extra in a perfume commercial. Her hands caressed my hips moving under my shirt. She was daring me to flash my cock in front of everyone. “Come on, tell them I’m not a liar.”

“No one thinks you’re a liar,” I said nervously. Did she really want to fuck right that moment, in front of at least twenty people?

“Then let’s show them how love is the antidote to the evil of this place.” Yun-Jin licked her lips and bit her tongue. She was putting on a show. “Love makes us strong. Because love is a force more powerful than fear.”

I had to admit, I agreed with her logic. If love was the answer, then it might be the key to saving all of the human captives. However, looking around I could see a crowd full of awkward groans, laughter and eyerolls. As expected, Dwight spoke up for everyone, “As someone who’s been here for what feels like a hundred years, I won’t be attempting a three-way in the middle of a trial anytime soon. No offense to any of you ladies.”

Various women laughed. Meg stood up, stretching her back. “Truth time; Yun-Jin, Felix. It’s clear that whatever the entity is doing is meant to screw with your mind. Why else would this be happening to just the three newest people?” She spoke like a child affirming the fictional status of Santa and the tooth fairy. Elodie, Yun-Jin and I; we were the stupid ones, the puppets in this particular show.

“Whatever, bitch, “Yun-Jin scoffed as she turned to walk away. She stretched her arm, gripping her elbow. The pose was to show off the fact that she still held the knife that once belonged to her monster. This was proof that we could fight back; this was hope. In the direction Yun-Jin was headed, I could see a small entourage forming. Jake; Feng, and Yui. The best of the best in terms of athletics, aggression, and strategy.

“Hey!” I grabbed her arm before she could get too far. “I need to talk to you.”

“I have a meeting with my other team.”

“Your other team?” I asked, unsure of whether or not to be offended.

“You want to ask if I’m willing to leave with you.” She looked at me with kind, compassionate eyes.

“Would you leave with me?”

“Of course, I mean after I’m finished with my own project.”

“Of course,” I nodded knowing full well what she meant. Yun-Jin wouldn’t leave without achieving her vengeance. Yun-Jin leaned in and softly kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, my love.” And then she left.

Why was I not a part of her combat team; the team who would make all her violent, vengeful dream come true? ‘I guess I’ll go find Elodie.’

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