Ring of Fire ch4

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With Nate’s dragon form as my main transportation, the return trip took less than an hour (or at least it felt that way.) I still had no idea where the youth prison facility actually was (Indiana, Wisconsin, maybe Ohio.) The sky was still dark, so I had to assume not much time had passed. Either that or we were in Pennsylvania (the home of paranormal fog.) The facility was eerily quiet, without a single light, except for one place; the chapel.

Nate put his arms around me, as we landed. He was holding me close with his dark wings. “Thissss,” the fire crackled in his throat as he spoke.

“This looks like a trap,” I replied in a whisper. “I know.” I placed my hands to his chest, matching my breathing to his, in a calming manner. “I need you to trust me. You believe in me, right?”

Nate slowly released me from his grasp. Looking me in the eyes, he stroked his hands along my back, up my shoulders until he cupped my face. My loyal dragon warrior, then lowered his head in a respectful bow. ‘Of course, my queen.’

“Thank you.” I kissed his forehead, casting an incantation to transfer his power back to the candy wrapper that I’d used to summon him originally. Even if the room had been cleaned up, I had to assume the trash would have been taken someplace on the campus. And even if that wasn’t the case the trash would still be on earth (as opposed to in Hell where I would have no means of connection.)

When he vanished, I started to walk in the direction of the church, making sure to stay in the shadows. The multistory church was a relic of the facility’s past, used primarily as a storge shed. Inmate patients were allowed to use the space to meditate, worship or pray, making it the perfect place to hide.

I easily snuck in via a loose window. This particular path was not an uncommon way to enter (it was even well lit by an unseen electrical source.) I could hear the sound of breathing coming from the attic floor. It could have been a stray animal; but with no other leads, that was where I needed to go. The attic had a large window, the perfect view of the entire isolated forested area. I always assumed the reason my fellow inmates and I were allowed up there was to further ingrain the idea that escape was hopeless. I climbed the steep staircase, only to be greeted by a familiar long-haired surfer demon. “Hey, Remy,” I said through clenched teeth.

My master leaned down, letting his dark raven locks fall over his face. “Is that all you have to say?” He smiled a wide, cartoonish smile, like something out of a comic book (or a horror movie.)

“Pretty much,” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

Remy ran his fingers through his hair, with his usual sense of confidence. “Dear Anna. Have you come to join my coven of angels?”

I couldn’t see past him. Knowing Remy’s power, he could have disemboweled my friends, displaying them on the wall with their bones ripped out to form angel wings. I needed to play it cool. I simply sighed, stretched my back as if bored. “What have you done to my friends? I know you’re just eager to tell me.”

Remy chuckled. “I did what you should have done when you first witnessed their powers.” The demon licked his lips like the absolute sexual freak that he was. “I harvested.”

“You harvested?” There was no way.

“The little wolf girl was delicious.”

Now I knew he was screwing with me. I placed my hand to Remy’s chest, and casually pushed past my mentor. If Remy was after their souls, I needed to develop a plan.

In the middle of the room, Roberto lay on the floor, naked with a towel over his eyes. He was having a non-stop seizure, his body flickering with raw, glowing energy.

Raynee sat at his feet, her knees pulled to her chest. Her touch seemed to draw out bits of energy. “He has a bad fever.”

“How do you know?” The answer was obvious; he was both sweaty and shivering.

“His feet are cold.” She kissed his feet, stroking her long sharp fingernails. “He can’t control it,” her voice dropped to a whisper, looking in Remy’s direction. Remy’s power was holding them in that room.

“I understand.” I scooted towards Roberto’s head, leaning in to kiss his lips. I was met with the familiar taste of blood. I needed to remain calm. I turned my sexuality to max voltage, placing my lips to his ear. “Hey, Bobby.”

If done correctly, my voice would send a soothing shiver down his spine, calming his seizure. Roberto was taking deep, sensual breaths. “Hey, Anna.” His mouth formed a sexy smile, his lips parting just enough to allow his tongue to poke through.

“I’m going to remove the towel,” I said in a sultry breath. I had a feeling I knew what I would see. Roberto’s eyes were pure white, with specks of gold. If he was in pain, he didn’t allow it to show. I walked my fingers down his slender muscular stomach, teasing the tip of his massive cock. His member was erect, pressed against his stomach. I could already feel the pre-cum.

I almost didn’t notice Sam. He was close enough to be illuminated by Bobby’s light, but not actually touching him. “Are you waiting for permission?”

Sam shook his head nervously. “I’m going to hurt him.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I know my power doesn’t work like yours or even Raynee,” he said in a whisper. “That night when you let me into his room. I felt something; something evil inside of me.”

“You can’t cause him any more pain than he’s already in.” I wasn’t kidding. Roberto’s body was going to go supernova. “What if we try something together?”

I was still naked, except for the camo jacket. “We can start with a kiss.” I took Sam’s hand, placing it on my bare shoulder. “Take your clothes off.”

I kissed Sam, each time feeling a tingle of energy. His mouth felt so familiar; rough, chapped lips gliding along my jaw down my neck to my collarbone. He seemed drawn to my breasts. “Do you want to be my baby?” Since I do love fucking your daddy. I held him to my chest, rocking back and forth like a soothing mother.

I could feel his mouth licking, kissing, teasing. All of my previous assumptions of Sam being exclusively into men went out the window. Soon, my clit was throbbing, begging for some personal attention. I maneuvered to Roberto, reaching for his hand. When his energized fingers met my wet labia, I was treated to an intense never-ending orgasm. Every muscle was clenching; from the tears running down my face, to my tight curling toes.

I reached for Raynee’s hand, kissing her knuckles and sucking her fingers. “I need you to kiss me.” I knew that when our lips met, I would be able to speak directly into her mind. ‘Can you see Remy?’

‘Yeah, he hasn’t moved.’

‘Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?’

‘No, of course not.’ Raynee shook her head, blinking her eyes in a distinct pattern.

I didn’t know whether to believe her or not, but in our current situation it didn’t really matter. ‘Is he watching?”

Raynee nodded, she moved her lips to my ear. “What does he want?”

“He wants our fear.” That was the truth. ‘But he’s not going to get it.’

I watched as Sam leaned over Roberto, their lips just close enough to exchange breath.

The energy shock was visible from across the room. If we were normal humans that would have been enough to blow up the entire building. Thankfully we were a bunch of living breathing heat sinks. As a result, what happened between Sam and Roberto; it was just a tickle, a tremble.

Roberto’s glow faded just enough to allow color back in to his eyes. locking eyes with Sam he smiled awkwardly, but before he could speak, I slipped my soft pink nipple to his lips. With Sam sucking on one and Roberto on the other, I invited Raynee to a place I knew she always wanted to go.

I could feel her kissing my stomach, down my hips. I spread my legs, letting her tongue explore my folds. With my head pinned down I was unable to see her face, but I could feel a thick animalistic tongue. I had to admit, there was a darkness in the pit of my mind, that wanted her to devoured me whole.

“Bobby?” I moaned, running my fingers through his hair. “Will you do something for me?”

Roberto moved his mouth to my neck, whispering in my ear. “I’ll do anything.

“Will you let Sam cum in your hot, tight, soccer goalie ass?” I made sure to end with a sexy hiss.

“Soccer goalie?” he laughed so hard it started a chain reaction.

“I was thinking of what to call a sexy Colombian that doesn’t have to do with cocaine.”

Roberto kissed me on the lips. “I want to see you suck his cock. make it worth my time.”

With all eyes on me I couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline. “Challenge excepted.”

With Sam on his knees, I took his sweet southern cock in my mouth.

Roberto was gripping my hair. He was mumbling something in Spanish (I assumed it was either a compliment on my technique or calling me a cum-slut.) I wanted Roberto and Sam to hold hands, even if that meant they were both gripping my hair (limiting my ability to escape.)

I could feel Sam’s cock halfway down my throat. His dick was long, slender, with a mind of its own. I could feel him tense, increasing his power. He was about to cum in my mouth and I would have been unable to stop him. I didn’t even notice where Raynee slinked off to, until I heard a blood curdling roar, accompanied by a draft of warm air (as if someone just opened an unseen furnace.)

The distraction was enough to free my head and neck. Turning towards the entrance, I could see Raynee on the floor bowing before Remy like some kind of cult deity. Remy was glowing with the fires of eternal damnation, but why? There was someone standing behind my former master.

Two massive claws made of shadow tore through Remy’s body. The first ripped through his chest, while the next tore off his head, letting it fall to the ground like a stone skipping across a calm lake. I needed a closer look; was this fire demon an ally or a worse opponent?

With Sam sufficiently hard, Roberto’s body was shimmering with raw, sensual energy. I was satisfied in leaving the two to their playtime.

I made my way to where Raynee was, kneeling by her side. “What is it?”

“A creature not of this world.”

What stood before us was Nate in his dragon form but much like a Pokemon he had significantly ‘evolved’ in the short time we’d been apart. He was taller, muscular, with odd markings all over his body. His hands were massive dragon-like claws. And his cock. It was large, too large, like a dildo crafted for only the most extreme cam-girl sluts.

Raynee seemed to be in a trance as she reached for him, stroking her delicate human fingers from his stomach down his glistening shaft. She placed her lips to his massive tip giving it a gentle kiss.

With the power behind Nate’s claw, he could have easily forced himself upon the innocent girl, but that wasn’t in his spirit. I knew he just wanted to be touched, worshiped. I kissed the opposite side, and now Raynee and I were sharing him like a popsicle. His human thighs trembled, but his thick dragon legs kept him standing. I reached for his balls, cupping his throbbing testicles. I gave them a lick just to see if he would taste the same. ‘Sugar, spice and everything nice; that’s what dragon balls are made of.’

Nate leaned back, moaning. The sound was a deep inhuman roar. It was the same sound Remy used to make before he blew his load. I could feel his hand on my head, stroking gently. I could feel his passion, but more importantly I could feel his appreciation and love. He came all over my tits, my mouth, and then moved to Raynee to do the same. His metallic gold semen came out in waves, tasting of sweet wine and honey. Now that I had experienced both father and son, I wanted to see what Sam was up to. With a heart filled with pure joy, I returned my attention to my boy toys.

Sam had pinned down Roberto’s muscular arms, as he penetrated his friend’s ass. Roberto’s leg was over Sam’s shoulder, locking him to his fate. His body was awash in shimmer, fire: it was pure sunlight. The world went silent. Sam’s body tensed, eyes closed, his face was overwhelmed with desire. I couldn’t see the state of Roberto’s body, perhaps he had been reduced to ash.

Sam stood up, his legs trembling. The energy was pulsating through him coming to rest in his chest; his lungs, heart. After taking a breath he turned to the entrance. “Dad?”

There was no words for such a situation, for a moment, Nate actually seemed human. “It was never meant to be like this. I couldn’t protect you or your sister. So, I asked for help.”

Sam looked genuinely confused. “Help from who? Why couldn’t you ask mom?”

“I don’t want to speak ill of your mother. I know she loved me once,” the tall humanoid dragon blinked tears from his eyes. “After I finished out my contract with the military, she was ready to move on.” The way he spoke cut through to my very core. How could any woman walk away from such a gentle soul?

Sam nodded. “So, instead you sold your soul to the devil?”

“Do you have the chain I gave you?”

“No, I’m sorry, Pa.” Sam clearly knew what chain he was talking about. “All of my stuff was taken when I was arrested in Kentucky. When I was transferred up here, to wherever the heck we are, all of my belongings grew legs and went missing.”

Nate smiled sightly at the southern humor. “As my grandpa always said, ‘What was lost can always be found.’” He raised his hand, opening his palm and in a display of pure power he conjured a portal the size of a baseball. The orb shimmered with various colors, swirling around until it seemed to settle on a dark silver hue. The metallic specks pulled together to form a necklace similar to the one I’d seen on Paige, including the metal dog tag engraved with demonic foreign script. “I made a deal with some very bad people. I knew what I was signing up for.” He placed the necklace into Sam’s hand, closing his son’s fingers over the cursed item. “For the longest time I wasn’t sure if I had it in me to hold up my end of the bargain. But Anna gave me the courage to find my true potential, I pray she will do the same for you.”

Sam glanced at the necklace. He closed his eyes for a moment, taking into account the contract he was signing by putting it on. “This is the same one Paige has. Does this mean I’ll see her again?” He put the necklace on before getting an answer. His body rippled with blue energy; his true power. He zoomed around the room in a flash. When he came to a stop, he gripped his chest seemingly in pain, but unable to hold back a smile. “So, what now?”

I stood up, knowing that question fell primarily to myself as the leader of our group. “I think we need to go to New York.”

Raynee rubbed her eyes, glancing down at her shimmery nude body. “Um, ok.” She looked around at the calm scene before her. “What’s in New York?”

“Safety, freedom; I think that there’s a team of people like us. But hell, if I’m wrong, we can head to the Canadian border.”

Raynee nodded, the idea made sense. “But what about Sam’s father?” she motioned to Nate, with love and compassion. “Can he come with us, or does he need to go back to where he came from?”

That was a good question. I could try to stay with him, try to keep him in the world of the living, but his existence would be nothing more than a body guard. I turned to him, cupping his face to look into his eyes. In his eyes I could still see a man; a husband and father, a soldier who’d given up everything including his soul to protect the ones he loved. “Do you want to stay with us?”

Nate was frozen in place like a statue. Suddenly, his back muscles started to spasm. I assumed it was something having to do with his wings, but what came out surprised me.

A long purple dragon with large doll-like eyes emerged from over his shoulder. Overjoyed, I reached out my hand. “Hello? Are you my dragon plushie?”

The creature tilted its head and squeaked happily. It sprouted golden wings that reminded me of a dragonfly.

“Will you protect him?”

The purple dragon nodded. I trusted him, but the issue remained; with Remy gone, would I be able to find my way back to my collection of souls? Was I powerful enough on my own?

Nate leaned forward and kissed me. When his rough chapped lips touched mine, I could hear his sweet southern voice speaking directly into my mind. ‘You must go.’

‘But I’ll miss you.’

‘Your love is true; your power will guide you back to me, of that I have no doubt.’ The dragon coiled around his neck like a playful cat. They had to leave, as did I.

Left alone, I knew Sam and Raynee were looking to me for guidance. We needed to find weapons, food, water, but first clothing. No, actually there was one thing I needed to know before going on a scavenger hunt. “Is Roberto alive?”

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