Ring of Fire ch3

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I awoke in a large white room, wearing only a blue hospital gown. It was the kind that felt like it was made of paper, with a layer of plastic for added stability. Either way, I was freezing. The air felt cold, with an old stale smell. Looking around I could see the walls were painted to look like a padded room (to mimic the appearance of a typical asylum.) In reality, they were simply molded concrete. I could tell that even before touching the stained surface.

In the far corner there was a door shaped carving that clearly only opened from the opposite side. A series of letters were written in rusty water (or more likely blood.) “Testing station?” That meant there had to be a camera somewhere. “Hello?”

“Hello Anna,” said a male voice. There were noticeable black circles in the four corners acting as speakers but I still couldn’t find the cameras. “Dr. Reyes has told me all about you. upon review of your file, we here at the institute believe your time has come.”

“To be tested?”

“Either you survive the trial and join our ranks or your remains will be disposed of at an appropriately discreet location.”

What did that even mean? “Bring it on, bitches!” I shouted at the speakers. maybe the cameras were hidden in the same spots? As if on cue, the ceiling split open, dumping four bodies into the room.

The figures looked similar to me. They were wearing tattered blue hospital gowns, but with bandages covering their faces. And they were all armed with kitchen knives.

They were fast, but I was stronger. I immediately conjured my personal sword from the depths of hell. Energy surged through my arm, forming a layer of diamond. the growth acted like a cross between a blade and a shield, allowing me to take down multiple attackers with minimal injury.

When I had them on the ground, I felt the need to cut off the face coverings. Thankfully the three men and one woman were no one I knew. As such, I felt no need to mourn their loss. I executed them each in turn, quickly cutting their throats to release them from their miserable lives.

The lights went out, leaving me to sit in the darkness, with my fleshy, non-diamond hands sticky with blood.

“Anna!” said a female whisper. the sound was coming from the ceiling. “Is that you?”

I stood up, looking at the ceiling. There was a series of cracks where the bodies had fell through, but one spot was being forced open. I could see a pair of glowing yellow eyes. “Raynee?”

“It’s me. I tried to follow the guards via the vents, but everything seems to dump into this open area. It’s like a giant drain or a garbage disposal.”

“Are you stuck?” I asked, assuming she was prying open the ceiling with her hand or a tool of some kind.

“No,” she said with a genuine concern. “But I’m afraid, I’m at a loss on how to go about rescuing you.”

“I surprised you actually want to.” I pursed my lips, trying not to cry. “I mean, that’s really nice of you.”

“You’re stronger than me, I know that. if there’s anyone who can fight her way out of here it’s you. I just hope to be by your side.”

Of course. “Because you want to go home?”

“No, I have no home. Even you know that,” her voice was a mixture of anger and sadness. “But anywhere is better than here.”

“If you can make it back to the dorms, I think I can find a way out. Can you bring me something from my room?”

“Sure, what?”

“Anything that can fit through the space; paper, a card a book, anything will work as long as it’s been in contact with my dolls.”

“Ok, I’ll try my best. I’m going to head back, before Dr. Reyes empties your room.”

“Oh fuck.” I suddenly realized she was correct; every missing or ‘discharged’ patient had a pristinely clean room the morning after their disappearance. “You’ve got to hurry!”

The yellow eyes moved away, Raynee was leaving. “Try to stay alive.”

“Easier said than done,” I muttered. Alone in the darkness, I knew I needed to find answers. “Remy!” I shouted at nothing. “Where are you? I know you can hear me!”

The room echoed with deep, maniacal laughter. Turning towards the pile of bodies I could see a flicker, followed by a full-on flame. The corpses started to twitch, falling into place, as if being pulled by a puppet master. Their bodies were forming a circle: a portal. This was all kinds of bad.

“My Dear Anna,” Remy’s voice was coming from the floor. “You think you are so smart, with that pretty little human brain.” Remy’s slender muscular figure emerged, hunched over like a demon. As he stood up, I could see he was completely nude. Licking his lips, his tan skin shimmered in the light, making him look even more like an apex predator. Remy’s long dark hair appeared wet as it hung over his shoulders, as his eyes glowed red, glaring at me unblinking.

“Hi,” I said with a fake smile.

With the use of his ‘Darth Vader’-like power, I was forced to my knees. “Do you know why I let you get away with so much? It’s not because we’re friends.” Remy was masturbating, jerking his shaft using his own glowing precum as lube. with his free hand he gripped my hair, forcing my head back. “You were always such a special girl. But you knew that, right? It’s why your parents sold you for drug money.”

I took Remy in my mouth. I closed my eyes, staying focused on keeping my jaw relaxed. I wanted to bite him, I wanted to hurt him. But he knew that already.

Men like Remy offered so much, at just the cost of one’s soul. all while men like Nate work their lives away making an honest living, only to die of cancer.

Suddenly I heard a scratching sound; movement in the ceiling vents. If Raynee had made it back, I could not allow Remy to notice. I gripped his ass, spreading his muscular thighs as if I intended to slipped my finger inside him.

Remy chuckled. “You wouldn’t dare.” He yanked my hair, forcing me to look him in the eyes. I replied with a silent nod, followed by two fingers lubed only with sweat. He liked it; the pain, the humiliation; he liked the moment of being subservient.

Remy leaned in, begging me to fuck him with my whole hand. I was about to oblige, when he suddenly froze.

This was bad. I could hear the sound of a thin paper floating through the air and falling lightly to the ground. It wasn’t paper, it was a foil wrapper (which more than likely sparkled in the light of the fire.)

“It appears someone has sent you a gift.”

‘Oh shit.’ So much for the element of surprise.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to try to invite someone over?”

I wasn’t in a position to tell him much of anything. I closed my eyes, focusing on my spell. ‘I summon my most loyal soul. My warrior, my dragon.’ I had never done this before; summon an actual former living soul. Within moments I could feel the warmth of fire. Remy was laughing, as he gripped my head, fucking my face. I had summoned something. Hopefully it was Nate.

From my current position on my knees, I stretched my legs back, raising my hips. It was one of those times when I was grateful to not be wearing underwear.

I felt a pair of large hands grip my thighs. It didn’t feel like Nate; the skin felt rough, cold. The creature spread my legs. I could feel lips; a human mouth, human breath, and a long, thick lizard tongue.

The creature came closer, pressing his muscular thighs against mine. One thing was clear; he had a human cock. He rubbed himself against my spread lips, lubing his shaft on my juices.

His cock was growing. With every motion I could feel him gaining length, texture (like an expensive fantasy dildo.) Was he teasing me, or waiting for his final form? In my current state I was in no position to argue.

I felt a rush of warm breath on my exposed ass. Was he going to kiss me? Bite me?

‘Fuck, just do something!’

When he finally put himself inside of me, he went slow, dipping in and out like a small child checking the temperature of a swimming pool. Each movement went in deeper and deeper until, finally he took the plunge.

I found myself gasping for air. He was fucking me so deep I could feel him touching me, filling me. He made my pussy feel tight for the first time in years. Yet he was fucking me slow and gentle. He placed one massive hand on my stomach.

At first, I had no idea why, as he was clearly in no danger of slipping out. No, he was monitoring me. He would thrust faster, just until my body tensed. Then right on the edge of climax he would slow down.

If I didn’t have Remy’s cock rammed down my throat I would have cried out. Did he want me to beg? ‘Please let me climax, Nate. Please, I need it so bad.’ My muscles were trembling uncontrollably, from my tight abs, down my quivering thighs.

Every thrust was hitting all the right notes, playing my body like an instrument of pure pleasure. I could feel an orgasm building in my core.

I closed my eyes and for a moment I wanted so badly to bite down on Remy. He was balls deep, in my throat, holding my head in place. He was close, he was going to mark his territory by forcing me to choke on his demonic seed.

While my upper body was in pain, struggling for air, I was experiencing the best orgasm of my life.

Nate moved his hand from my stomach, nearly causing me to fall. And then he touched my clit. His fingers vibrated with warmth, rubbing my throbbing rosebud with just the right amount of pressure.

Remy came in my mouth, as expected, causing me to cough and gag. I wanted revenge, but my efforts were too little too late. I sank down my teeth as hard as I could. I didn’t even know if I was biting anything, as all I could taste was soft, delicate sweetness. This was followed by my throat finally becoming free of my master’s wretched cock.

I leaned back, falling into Nate’s arms. He was still inside me, with his hand still rubbing between my legs. I leaned my head back, fully intending to turn and gaze upon my savior. Before I could, two massive red wings wrapped around me like a blanket. I was his, and Remy was no more (wishful thinking, I know.)

“Nate?” I wanted a kiss, or at least look in his direction, but the situation felt off. It was like one of those fairy tales when looking back would end badly.

I placed my hand upon his, getting my first look at his skin. The back of his hand was covered in metallic armor the color of fire. It was actually kind of pretty. Mesmerized, I laced my fingers, stabilizing my grip. The palm of his hands were bare muscle. No wonder he felt cold. I lifted his hand to my mouth kissing his fingertips. The creature moaned.

It felt so nice just to lay in his arms. And then the alarms started to go off. ‘Crap.’ This was immediately followed by flashing lights; red orange, yellow, red, orange, yellow. This was a combination I had only heard about.

“Romantic moment over, I guess,” I muttered with a giggle. While holding his hand, I forced myself to turn my head; I needed to see his face, I needed to stay in control.

His face was human, that much was certain. He had Nate’s sky-blue eyes, surrounded by delicate wrinkles.  His rough skin was the color of peaches, sun-kissed by the fires of Hell. This was Nate.

Cupping his face, I took a moment to look him in the eyes. “You can understand me, right?”

The mute creature nodded.

I softly kissed his nose, down to his lips. That was the first time I noticed his mouth had been sewn shut. I could have freed him, using my power blade, but (with my luck) this was a trap.

In his current state he was alive, strong, even if he was in pain. I needed to avoid being an overly emotional human female. Looking down at his chest, I could see how his skin formed a pattern that transitioned from human to… What was he a creature, a hell spawn? As I moved my hands to his broad shoulders, my answer was obvious. The muscles of his back flared out, forming the base of two massive wings. He was a dragon: my dragon.

“Well, um, thanks for everything. I’m truly blessed to have a friend like you.” This caused a slight smile across his bound lips. It was kind of sweet. “Now I really need you to get me out of this room.

The Nate-dragon nodded. He pulled me close, as his attention was drawn to the ceiling.

“Do you hear something?” Was it about to dump more zombie soldiers?

Nate placed a finger to my lips. He raised his hand holding up three fingers.

‘There were only three?’ That wouldn’t be too bad.

He lowered a finger; 3, 2, 1-

I’d misunderstood. The ceiling opened, raining down well over a dozen guards who were all wearing riot gear. But before they could even ready their weapons (much less open fire) Nate flew straight up. As we crashed through the ceiling, his shoulder took the brunt of the hit.

He was protecting me, the least I could do was guide him. “What floor is this?” I looked around; the room numbers all started with a four, but that could mean anything.

Nate motioned towards a nearby wall.

There was no way he could break through a wall, especially not in this facility.

He pointed at his mouth. Miming for me to use my sword power to free his bound lips.

“I’m not sure about that.”

The creature took several deep breaths through his nose. With each snarl, smoke started to form.

“Oh! Can you breathe fire?” I truly wanted to find out. I was exhausted, but with the last of my power I summoned my blade. My arm was trembling; the energy was so uncontrollable, I managed to slash him across his cheek, opening only half the stitches on his mouth.

It was enough. He tore open his mouth the rest of the way. This was followed by a deep, terrifying scream. His jaw unhinged opened to an unnatural degree, before releasing a massive fireball. This succeeded in creating a crater. I could see the reenforced wall was made of metal and should not have been able to melt to such a degree.

“Come,” Nate said in a cough. He held out his hand while still struggling to form words.

‘Sure, why not?’ With nothing to lose, I put my arms around him, holding on for dear life. Since he was about to take another breath, I buried my face in his shoulder to avoid molten metal shrapnel.

I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again until I felt the cold refreshing air of the outside world. We’re we flying away from the institute? If so, to where?

We landed in the middle of a forest, falling through a thick grove of trees. I was completely naked, cold, and covered in cuts and scrapes.

In the distance I could hear footsteps, followed by a female voice. “Are you okay?”

I didn’t recognize her, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t from the institute. She came closer, holding a flashlight. That was when I saw her face; it was Paige. I looked around for Nate, but of course he was gone; his job was done, I was safe. “Where am I?”

“New York,” the blonde girl replied, moving closer. She spoke with a distinct southern accent, and her eyes; she had her father’s kind blue eyes. “Where are you from?”

I could have answered that in any number of ways. I was from Russia, trafficked in to the United states via a port in California. I was arrested in Colorado and detained in a maximum-security prison in Arkansas. However, I went with the real answer. “I escaped from a youth prison, which may or may not have been a recruitment center.”

Paige reached for her pack, grabbing a bottle of water. “Here have something to drink.”

“Thank you.” I took a small sip, not wanting to come off as greedy. My throat hurt, as if I had drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol. “How did you find me?”

“I’m part of a group that patrols this area.”


“It’s a common dumping ground for victims, runaways. People like us; the modern-day freaks of society.” Paige took off her own jacket, a fluffy dark green camo windbreaker, wrapping it around my shoulders. “What’s your name?”

“Anna,” I said with some confidence.

Her smile faded and her face fell. “Illyana Rasputin?”

Thankfully, she didn’t take back the survival gifts, but the way she stood up in such anger was perplexing. “Yeah, um. Do I know you?”

Paige pulled her long hair into a ponytail. “I thought you were a figment of my imagination, a character I made up in my dreams.” Unable to face me, she crossed her arms over her chest. “But holy fuck you’re real.”

“And what does that mean?” What did she know about me?

“My daddy was sick when I left home. He gave me something.” She took off a long silver chain, holding several small pendants; a cross, a single dog tag. She flipped the piece of metal to reveal a series of words carved into the back.

“What language is that?” I asked, reaching my hand for the item. I knew Latin when I saw it. Was this a spell?

Paige paused rubbing her fingers over the dark red lettering. “Latin, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Any idea what it says?”

“You don’t know what it says?” I asked with a chuckle.

“I know what it says,” she said with her father’s stoic seriousness. “I want to know if you know what it says.”

I ran my fingers over the words. The phrase was small but direct. “He made a deal with the devil.” That explained why Nate was so powerful; he had always been destined for Hell.

Paige nodded. Apparently, that was what she read as well. “My daddy was a good man. He worked hard all his life; as a husband, father, soldier. What did it get him? A cheating wife, a delinquent son and a job that cost him his life.”

Was she talking about the mine? “Nate told me that he did what he did, to keep his family safe. Is that what you meant by ‘soldier’?”

My words caused a rush of tears. Paige blinked her eyes in an attempt to get it under control, but without success. She was soon sobbing, with her hand over her face. “I knew he was sick. I never wanted to leave him.”

I scooted closer, placing my hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure he knew.”

“I did all the cooking and cleaning, making sure he got out of bed every morning. And I made sure that my good for nothing brother didn’t overdose on meth.” Paige slammed her eyes closed in one last attempt to rid herself of the tears. Her use of force caused the skin around her eyes to crack like porcelain. “Sorry,” Paige said as she wiped away the fragments to reveal a clean, dry face. The pieces fell from her cheeks like leaves or dead bugs. “Daddy told me I had to leave; it wasn’t safe for me in Kentucky, I was likely to get raped, lynched or worse.”

“What would be worse?” I honestly wanted to hear her thoughts on the subject.

Paige shot me a glare. “I don’t know; getting burned alive as a witch.” She shook her head, as if to reset her train of thought. “Anyway, I trusted Sam to step up.”

“Well, what if your dad went out of his way to pretend everything was fine, so Sam wouldn’t have to worry?” My suggestion was met with silence. “I’m right aren’t I?”

Paige nodded, even laughing a little. “Yeah, I can see that. Daddy was always so concerned about not being a burden to Sam.”

I could see the gears turning; she no longer had a reason to hate her brother. Sam wasn’t a lazy drug addict. He was just a kid who put his trust in his father. “That definitely sounds like something Nate would do. Anyway, you said you’d seen me in your dreams? What did you mean by that?”

Paige chuckled awkwardly. “you really want to know?”

“Let’s keep it family-friendly; what do you know about the cave in at the mine?”

“You mean the act of domestic terrorism,” she said with a frustrated sigh. “I know a little about that. I would be lying if I didn’t say I prayed that this horrible act was just part of his deal; all those souls in exchange for protection.”

“And not even for himself.”

“I know he suffered, both in life and in Hell. I was worried, plagued with nightmares, until I saw you. I know you were meant to hurt him; to siphon whatever spirit and hope he had left. But you didn’t. You saved his soul. For that I will be forever grateful.” She brushed a lock of hair from her face. “But right now, you need to go back for my brother.”

“You’re right. I guess it’s just a matter of how.” I was naked in the middle of a forest; I couldn’t walk back there even if I tried.

Paige looked up at the dark sky. There was motion, an invisible, unseen force traveling through the trees. “I think you’ll find a way. Keep the coat.”

I watched as Paige put the necklace back on. She would be watching from afar. “Nate,” I said in a whisper. “You can come back now.”

The rustling became louder, revealing two red eyes staring me down.

“Are you able to speak now?”

The figure shook his head. Again, that made sense; since he could breathe fire, there was a likelihood he had severely damaged vocal cords. He landed at my feet, bowing before me as if he was my servant.

I placed my hand to his chin, lifting his face, so that he might look me in the eyes. We were not a master and slave (like my relationship to Remy), we were equals, friends. I brushed my lips to his, tasting his blood. He smiled.

Nate looked at me with warm, kind eyes, like the father I always wanted. I leaned closer, to kiss him, holding my lips just shy of his. His breath tasted like sweet almonds, ashes and cherry cough syrup. I cupped his face, running my fingers through his hair. “Share my powers.” I lifted the water bottle to his lips, but before I allowed him to sip, I pierced my fingertip (with my nail) adding a single drop of my own blood. The water shimmered with a golden glow.

He took a small, sip, followed by a longer drink.

I put my arms around him, gliding my nails down his back. “Let’s go save your son.” (And maybe Roberto and Raynee if they were still alive.)

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