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The next day I awoke in my bed to the blue flickering floodlight accompanying the morning alarm. The color blue meant no morning meeting; as opposed to green or (God forbid) red. We had free run of the facility, to do whatever. I turned to my pile of stuffed animals, selecting my purple dragon. “Come on. Let’s see who else is awake.”

From outside my window, I could see Roberto was in the garden, sitting in his wheelchair looking up at the sky. Still dressed in my prison-issue pajamas, I approached from behind, cupping my hands over his eyes. “Guess who?”

“Hey Anna,” he said calmly, stretching his muscular arms. Clearly, he had been asleep.

“You good?” I rested my head on my friend’s shoulder, placing my dragon on his opposite side.

This awarded me a chuckle. “Don’t tell Dr. Reyes I’m feeling better or she’ll have me back on kitchen duty.”

“So, who’s cooking breakfast?” I asked, using my dragon as a puppet.

Roberto waved his hand motioning at the other, silent slate-grey buildings. “Maybe someone over there can cook. If not, I know for a fact Sam can make some killer biscuits and gravy from flour, water, and coffee powder.”

“With a hand full of the little butter packets from the communal fridge?” I added. Any of us were welcome to use the cafeteria, since it (like all indoor areas) had a plentiful amount of security cameras.

A single white flower floated down, coming to rest on Roberto’s leg. That was when I noticed he was wearing a hospital gown, and nothing else. The level of temptation was undeniable. I could practically taste his throbbing cock. “Do you think the other buildings are run by clones of Dr. Reyes?”

“Physical clones, no. A bunch of black ops military with inflated egos and God complexes: absolutely.”

Before I could reply, Raynee appeared. She was walking in our direction holding a paper lunch bag. “There are bag lunches in the cafeteria. It must have come from one of the other buildings.”

I knew what that meant: bottled water, soup crackers, and protein bars. I muttered profanity as I buried my face in Roberto’s shoulder. “Please get your talented culinary ass back in the kitchen,” I said in a baby voice.

Raynee took a seat on a large decorative rock. Sitting cross-legged, she opened her bag and started to enjoy her meal.

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked, looking in her direction.

“You don’t own the garden,” she muttered with a mouthful of crackers. “I can sit wherever I want.”

I tilted my head in the direction of the bright sun as if trying to burn my retinas. “Rayne, Rayne, go away, come again some other day.”

Roberto snickered at my attempt at singing. “Little Anna wants to play.”

“No one gives a fuck.” Raynee swallowed the mouthful of food, taking a moment to realize the severity of my intentions. “If Dr. Reyes catches you two…”

Roberto turned his head, to kiss my cheek. “Maybe she’ll film us so she can go fuck herself.”

“And dislodge the stick up her ass.” I giggled like a flirty schoolgirl.

It was enough to get Raynee to put her food back into her bag. “You’re both pathetic.” She powerwalked back to the dorms, shoving past Sam. 

Sam looked meek but when he saw my current position it became obvious. “Damn you two, you can’t even go a day without…”

“Chocolate?” I asked, grabbing for his lunch bag.

“Yeah, that’s totally what I was going to say,” Sam chuckled. “I got Cliff bars and bottled water for breakfast. With a chocolate one just for you, Miss Anna.”

With my dragon stuffed under my shirt, between my breasts, I took a seat on Roberto’s lap. He was hard, practically fucking me through the fabric of my sleep clothes. “I’ll trade you.”

“Trade me what?” Roberto asked, as he put his arms around me.

“I’ll give you my chocolate bar to see you and Sam kiss.”

Roberto laughed. “Babe, you know I’m straight.” He shifted his hand between my legs, as if to prove his point.

“Straight as an arrow.” My mind went to naughty places. If we fucked in the garden would I still activate his power? I knew for a fact that Roberto would be up for experimenting, if it meant seeing my tits.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I could see a figure. Dr. Reyes (or someone who looked like her) was passing through one of the other buildings. She turned her head to glance in our direction but made no effort to change her path. Needless to say, my libido plummeted. It was time to get serious and focus on my actual mission. “Hey, Sam, I think I met your dad on one of my trips.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Don’t even joke about that.”

“Why, was your father a Christian?” I asked with a smirk.

Sam shook his head and turned to walk back towards the cafeteria. “Raynee was right, you’re a psycho bitch!”

I felt the need to prove I was telling the truth, although what I said next was a little cruel. “I know your old man was dying of bowel cancer.”

Sam froze in his tracks. “What did you say?”

I caught up to him before replying. “I spoke to your father. I know the truth.”

Sam took one last look back at Roberto who rolled off in the opposite direction. Seeing we were alone; he was ready to talk, and accept my truth. “So, you’re telling me my old man is in Hell?”

“You have to admit; it was his plan, his crime,” I answered through pursed lips.

“Yeah, his plan,” Sam replied with a reluctant nod. “He just wanted what was best for me.”

“And he still does.” I reached for my friend’s hand as we walked side by side.

Sam seemed angry but also relieved. “Let’s say I believe you, what does this change?”

“Nothing, our goal is the same as always; to get the fuck out of here.” I placed my hand upon his shoulder. “And I’m not leaving you behind, I swear on my pet dragon.”

That got a smile. “Do you think I could ask him something?”

“Sure,” I said pulling my dragon plushie out from my cleavage. “You can ask my best friend anything.”

Sam gripped my upper arm, turning my body to face him. “I’m serious, Anna.”

“Ok.” I locked eyes with him. “What do you want me to ask your father?”

Sam looked around nervously making sure we were completely alone. “Does he know where my sister went?”

“Your sister?” The way he asked sent chills down my spine. “Paige never attempted contact for all those years?”

“Nope,” he said with a sense of pain-stricken emotion. “Dad told me not to try to find her. I did anyway. From what I know she went north with some of her school friends, but they separated around Washington DC. After my arrest, I’m sure she’s likely gone into hiding, if only to keep her name out of the headlines.” Sam paused, and shook his head. “Unless she changed her name. That would explain a lot.” He leaned against a tree looking up at the sky, chuckling at his own stupidity. “All I know is, there was something wrong with Paige, and Dad knew it.”

“You think he sent her someplace safe?”

He nodded. “I always thought so, but I never knew for sure. I mean, he allowed her to leave, but he didn’t send her away.”

I knew what he meant: his father didn’t kick his sister out; he helped her escape.

Sam shook his head and wiped tears from his eyes. “I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m going back to bed.”

“Yeah, me too.” With the cliff bar in hand, I made my way back to my room. I flopped down on my bed, using my dragon as a pillow. “Leon, I think I need to visit my toy box. You want to come with? Up to you. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.” I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I awoke in my toybox hub. It took the form of a swimming pool of blood-red liquid, surrounded by doors. I used to have over a dozen doors, but Remy (my egotistical, entitled demonic master) had a key to my stash and he tended to help himself to a snack whenever he felt like it. Spinning around, I recognized the door to Nate Guthrie’s trailer. With the raise of my hand, I summoned the front steps and entered with the goal of getting some answers.

“Nate?” I stripped off my clothing, down to my bra and underwear. The warm night air caressed my skin. “Hey, are you alright?” Sam’s father was asleep in the bed. Although he appeared comfortable, I could see deep scars on his neck and chest. “Oh, crap.”

‘Why?’ Remy had clearly been feeding. I muttered a few choice words, because I knew perfectly well why my master did what he did. I stroked Nate’s face turning his head to get a look at the back of his neck. As expected, there was a dark, fresh mark carved into his flesh. ‘This was not good.’

Remy tended to have a ravenous appetite. That was a fact I’d grown to accept. But if Nate’s soul tasted as delicious as our past victims, he would likely perish before I would be able to hold up my end of the deal. In addition to disappointing Nate and Sam, my inability to protect my subordinates would reflect badly on my social standing, in the demon community.

Crawling into bed, I kissed Nate’s forehead, down his nose to his lips. His dark blond facial hair framed his sensual mouth as he took a soft breath.

“Hello, Miss Anna,” he said with a smile. “You’re looking as beautiful as ever.” Nate was pale, sick, but he spoke with a warm, southern charm that melted my heart.

“I brought you something, we can share it if you like.” I reached for my clothing, which rested in a pile on the floor. Since I had the protein bar on my person, it (ideally) made the journey with me. Often food items from the land of the living took on more paranormal forms. The once ordinary bar now looked to be made of dark red leaves. I broke off a piece, holding it between two fingers as I slipped it in to his mouth. “Just let it melt down your throat.”

I brushed my lips to his. Nate’s facial hair felt like pine needles, just rough enough to tickle my skin. I kissed him again, this time opening my mouth. The leaf of chocolate tasted like iron and ash, with a finishing hint of sweetness. It would be enough calories to allow him to open his eyes.

Nate lifted his hand to my face, brushing a lock of hair from my cheek. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” I said with a smile.

Nate didn’t smile back. Instead, his eyes narrowed with a look of anger. “Is that why you left me to get devoured by wolves?”

“I won’t make that mistake again,” I said with genuine remorse.

“How can I trust your word? For all I know you’re nothing more than his siren whore.”

“Did you just call me Remy’s whore?” I’m was certain all of my victims felt the same way but this was the first time I’d heard the words spoken to my face.

“I am no one’s whore.” I kissed his collarbone, down his chest, coaxing him to lay back. “When I touch a man, I do so for my own pleasure.” Nate’s skin tasted like sweat, dirt, and oil. “I’m the only one allowed to devour you.” I could feel his muscles tighten with every touch. Gliding my tongue, I traced his dark pubic hair from his navel down to his throbbing erection. When my mouth was over his cock, I made sure to look up at him. If he was still pissed at me, I might have been offended.

Thankfully, he was sitting up, with his lips parted in a sexy breath. “I apologize, my dear Anna. A creature like you knows only love.”

“I’m glad.” I could practically feel his body melt to my touch. I kissed his tip, teasing him with my tongue. It was a strange sensation, to give such intense pleasure to an undead soul. Yet, here I was genuinely having fun.

Nate gripped my hair, massaging my scalp with gentle pressure. I could feel his thighs tremble as I took his shaft down my throat. I wanted to swallow him balls deep. That wasn’t difficult or even uncomfortable given his size. Unlike men with giant monster cocks, Nate didn’t want to hurt me. No, he just wanted to be touched.

I knew it was possible to leave a hickey on a cock or even a ball sack. I was tempted to try, but that would mean releasing the throbbing cock that was lovingly fucking my airway. I wanted him to moan, scream. I wanted nothing more than to make him feel what it meant to be alive.

“Oh, God, Anna, you are so good to me.” Grabbing me by my hair, he coaxed me closer.

I released my hold on his manhood, moving my lips to his for a tender kiss. “Do you want me to take my panties off?”

Nate pressed his lips to my ear, biting my lobe. “I want you to sit on my face.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I wanted to ask if his wife ever let him eat her pussy. There had to be a reason he craved it as much as he did. “Whatever you want; your wish is my command.”

Nate laid back closing his eyes as he licked his lips. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I lowered myself onto him. part of me wanted him to go slow; tease my clit before taking on the main course. But no; Nate was ravenous. The sex starved country boy gripped my ass spreading my thighs. I could feel his mouth on my clit; licking, sucking. I felt like my soul was leaving my body.

I was going to climax but I didn’t want to be the only one. Without asking I turned around, narrowly avoiding hitting his face with my knee. I went after his cock like a wild animal starved for meat. It became a challenge; both of us holding on to each other, riding wave after wave of passion.

I gripped him harder, as I felt my pelvic muscles tense. His mouth, his lips, his tongue, it was unfair just how deep Nate could touch me. I could even feel his warm breath on my bare ass. I had never had a man eat my asshole and, in that moment, there was nothing I wanted more.

His tongue alternated between my clit and my g-spot, lapping up my juices like a dog. Yes, that’s what Nate was; a loyal dog, my beautifully loyal dog.

I could feel my walls clench. I was experiencing a deep orgasm, my juices running down my quivering thighs. Was it all over his mouth, in his facial hair? Was he inhaling the thick warm liquid of my cunt?

Nate paused, gasping for air. “Holy fuck, you taste so good, Anna. I think I’m in love.”

My stomach muscles tightened as I climaxed over and over. I knew I tasted sweet. I’d dined on my own juices on more than one occasion; when touching myself, while alone in solitary confinement or when I was naked on display as the main course of an inmate orgy. I had experienced dozens of fingers inside me; sexy butch lesbians who knew how to milk a g-spot.

I wanted to taste Nate’s wild country-boy cum. Focusing my mouth on his throbbing, sensitive tip; I was licking and kissing, as I gave his big hairy balls a tender squeeze. I could feel Nate’s tongue inside me as he blew his load. I didn’t think it was possible to feel an orgasm all the way in my throat. I gripped the sheets as he fucked me from both ends. His cum tasted like ambrosia; an intense yet delicate mixture of sweet fruit and fresh cream. I blinked back tears as his seed dripped down my lips, to my chin. This was love.

Nate laid back, stretching his arms over his head. “God damn, I never thought I’d get to cum like that ever again.”

With his body relaxed, I took my place by his side. “Hey, I want to show you something.”

“Show me what?” Nate asked with a chuckle. “You’re just full of surprises.”

I leaned in close. “I want to show you the other side of the door.”

Nate raised an eyebrow. “The other side of the door?”

“Yeah,” I said, walking my fingers down his chest. “Didn’t you ever wonder what’s outside this room?”

“I hadn’t given the idea much thought,” he replied with his country-boy grin. “I just kind of assumed this was my specially made reality, like a human fishbowl or terrarium.”

“Why, because you’re my pet?” I asked with a giggle.

Nate smiled sweetly. “I’d like to be.”

For the first time in forever, I felt a true genuine light in my heart. Nate was too pure to waste away in Hell. I cupped his face, kissing his open mouth as we sat up together. Our lips met over and over. In the midst of passion, I pushed open the unlocked door, allowing us to fall through into the red pool.

Thankfully the tub seemed to be somewhat sentient, transforming its depth to allow for a soft landing. Nate sat up, leaning his upper body against the side as if relaxing in a hot tub. “Is this blood?”

The liquid shimmered off his skin, like loose glitter. “No, silly.” I scooted closer, wrapping my legs around his hips. “It’s magic, my magic.” I dragged my finger along the surface of the liquid. The pigment stuck to my skin like tempera paint, which gave me an idea. With a gentle touch, I started to draw a pattern of dragon scales across his chest. With each shape the color shimmered in shades of red, orange and yellow. “Now you do me.”

“I don’t think I could make you look any more beautiful.”

“Nate Gunthrie, you are so fucking adorable.” I placed his hand to my shoulder, down my breast. He didn’t have control of the pigment the way I did, but using the inner-desire of my own mind I shared my power, allowing him to create a similar pattern on my skin. “Fun, right?”

Nate leaned his head back and smiled. “Who knew Hell could be so enjoyable?”

I sat on his lap, leaning in for another kiss. Resting comfortably in his arms, I felt the time had finally come for open and honest questions. “You trust me, right?”

“Of course, Anna. I trust you with everything I am.”

I gripped his hand, massaging his fingers. “Can I ask about your daughter, Paige?”

Nate nodded calmly. “What about her?”

“I was talking to Sam. He told me you sent her someplace safe.”

Nate went quiet for a moment, deeply contemplating his next statement. “With the last of my savings and a few family heirlooms, I gave my daughter the means to find her way to someplace safe.”

“Do you know where she is?” I asked. Part of me already knew the answer. “I was hoping that location could hold the key to helping Sam escape to freedom.”

“Ever since I got here, to the afterlife,” Nate’s voice drifted off as he closed his eyes, tilting his head towards the ceiling. “I see her in my dreams.”

“Show me.” I held his hand, taking a moment to focus my mind. Through the power of the magic liquid, I could see into his mind. The imagery flickered in like an old movie projector. I recognized the city as New York, but not Manhattan or any of the touristy places. This was upstate New York. A figure entered the frame; a tall blonde girl with curly hair, she appeared to be glancing down at her hands, while walking along a forest path.

The camera switched to the protagonist’s point of view. The blonde girl looked at her trembling fingers. Her pale skin was covered in blood and scars. She breathed on her hands, to keep them warm, then suddenly she started to bite. At first it looked like she was aggressively chewing at her nails, but there was no blood. And within seconds, she was somehow able to peel off her damaged skin to reveal smooth, perfectly clean, healed hands.

With a jolt, I released Nate from my grip. “What was that?”

Nate only shrugged. “My daughter’s always been a little strange. That’s why she left when she did.”

“Um, ok.” His response conjured more questions than answers. “I need to get back to the land of the living; check in on Sam and my plushie collection.” I stood up, letting the red liquid drip off my body like a thick syrup.

“Do you really have to go?”

“The door is open if you want to sleep in your bed. I’ll be back soon.” I lifted his face to kiss him one last time catching a view of his chest. His body was transforming; the metallic scales were becoming part of him, perhaps below the liquid even more transformation was occurring. I knew Remy would be pissed at me, but I didn’t care. My master could take any of the other recruits for feeding, but Nate would be my pet; my familiar, my dragon.

After all, I’d need as much help as I could get.

I opened my eyes, alone in my bed. All I had was myself; my combat skills, my mind, and of course my toys. “Leon?” Where was my dragon? I dug through my collection, tossing items on the floor. Where was he? Did he meet me in the Hell dimension? Did he sacrifice himself to empower Nate?

There was a knock at the door. “Anna are you in there?” It was Dr. Reyes and she was pissed. “Anna open this door!”

Why did she want me to open the door? Last I checked, this was a prison.

“I don’t know how you managed to lock yourself in, but if you do not show yourself, I will be forced to use the emergency override.”

I was locked in? This had to be the work of Remy. If he could make my life at the institute bad enough, I would have no choice but to leave with him, abandoning my friends.

There was a louder series of bangs. From my time in general population, I knew this was the sound of someone using a police baton. “Open up, slut!” shouted a male voice.

I’m not ashamed to say, I actually fell backward in fear. In my entire time at the institute, I had never seen any authority figure besides Dr. Reyes; no guards, no warden. I knew she had to answer to someone. Why did the idea of me being in trouble with her boss fill my soul with terror?

Not that the male voice was necessarily her boss. It was probably just a guard, or two or three. I was a survivor; I could take whatever they had to give. With a mild sense of confidence, I made my way to the door. ‘I really miss my dragon.’

Taking a breath, I casually opened it. “Hello,” I said with my sweetest, little girl smile. In any other prison this would have brought me a few seconds to attack or run.

Dr. Reyes was standing with a team of six masked guards. She was holding a taser gun pointed directly at my face.

Before I could react, my world went black, as the room filled with a red floodlight. “Oh, shit.”

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