To Worship ch4

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I left a note for Tomas and Josh. ‘Went to McDonald’s, BRB- luv Carolina.’ With any luck they would assume I was off to get breakfast, (as opposed to having a secret meeting with my pregnant lesbian daughter. The only catch was I didn’t have a vehicle so Christi and I had to pick a place that was within walking distance.  “Let’s head to the McDonald’s near the gas station.”

“Sure thing.” Christina drove her rented Honda civic to the nearby gas station that also housed a souvenir shop and liquor store. She immediately pulled into a parking space, pausing to take a breath.

“Did you want to talk in the car?” She was bouncing her knee nervously.

“We can talk here for a bit, then grab some food at the drive through.”

Christina nodded. “So, um. What do you want to talk about first?”

“We can start with how you got here,” I suggested.

My daughter seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at my choice to topic. “After talking with Tomas, I flew in on the red eye.”

“Alone?” I was a little shocked to hear that, especially given how far along her pregnancy was.

“I had to. I mean, I wanted to.”

“After speaking to Tomas?”

“Yeah,” Christina said with a sigh. My daughter’s reply led me to believe that she and her wife were not on good terms when she left California.

“So, where’s Chloe?”

“She had to work,” Christina replied quickly.

“She had to work?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. There was no way Chloe chose to send her pregnant wife halfway across the country on her own.

“Yeah, the school district is very strict about time off.”

“I suppose I can see that. I guess at most places, family leave only extends to issues with immediate family, which would not include one’s in-laws.”

“And, well,” Christina bit her lip as she blinked tears from her eyes. “She didn’t want me to come here. Mississippi is a dark place with bad memories. She’s not wrong; her family’s still here. And they still hate her guts. She can’t really understand why I’d be willing to crawl back into Hell after we both worked so hard to escape.” My daughter shook her head, gripping her temples as if fighting a headache. “My wife can’t seem to understand and I can’t make her understand.”

I understood all too well; Christina’s love for her father was truly a force of nature. “She just never had the same kind of relationship you had with your Dad.”

“And you.”

“What?” I figured I must have misheard.

“I missed you, too, Mom.” Christina cracked a smile. “Anyway, I got your email just as my flight landed. You really don’t know about Suzanne?” The way my daughter’s lips pursed as anger replaced tears, it was clear she had a story to tell.

“I’ve never heard the name before in my life,” I replied stoic and serious. “Is she someone from his childhood?”

Christina nodded. “From what Dad told me, Suzanne was his mother’s drug dealer and later her lover. They were together right up until grandma’s death.”

“Together?” I knew Josh’s mother died when he was fourteen, at least that’s what he told me. Was his mother around all that time? Had she just been forced in to hiding?

“Dad, he was just a kid. And like all little kids, he loved his mother more than anything. How grandma repaid his unconditional love? She used him as collateral to pay off debts. At one point he got really sick. He had been beaten with in an inch of his life. His eyes were swollen shut but the next thing he remembered was waking up outside his father’s house. He figured Suzanne had allowed him to come home to die. That’s all I know.”

“Wow,” I muttered, unable to compose my next thought.

“Yeah,” she said, pulling out of the parking space, into the drive through. “Are you ready to order?” Christina asked, in an emotional whisper.

There was more to the story. “Your father went into details with you?”

“I was having issues with a guy on base. I was a kid, he was…not… and long story short it was all a huge mistake. I thought Dad would kill me for dating an older guy behind his back, but instead he beat up my first boyfriend.” Christina chuckled, wiping tears from her eyes. “He didn’t want me to be afraid of telling a grown up. I guess he trusted me.”

“Hello, welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?”

Christina turned away to give an order, but I wasn’t even fully listening. Both my husband and my daughter had endured sexual abuse as children. How did I manage to live with my head in the sand? It was downright shameful.

My mind was racing, to the point where I was getting carsick on the five-minute drive. With my eyes focused on my shoes, I almost missed the sight of Tomas meeting us in the drive way. “Good morning ladies, how was McDonalds?” He was fully dressed, looking as professional as ever.

“Hello,” Christina said cheerfully. “It’s so great to finally meet you.”

“Lovely to meet you as well, Christina,” Tomas replied as he approached to shake her hand.

“How are things with Dad?”

“Your father is in a lot of pain right now, but we’re making good progress.”

“That’s all I can really hope for,” Christina said as she handed Tomas the bag of food and tray of hot beverages. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” she repeated again, her voice breaking with emotion.

Tomas handed me the coffee and patted Christina’s arm. “We can discuss things further at your hotel. You’re staying at the Best Western, right?”

“Yeah,” Christina said with noticeable disappointment. “Just tell me, if it’s true. Does he remember Suzanne?”

Tomas nodded, as he blinked tears from his own eyes. “We have a long road ahead, but the fact that we can see the starting line gives me hope.”

“Thank you.” Christina bowed her head. “I’ll see you later, Mom.”

“You don’t have to go.”

“Actually, I do. And it would probably be a good idea to tell dad the food came from UberEATS or whatever delivery service you guys have down here.”

I nodded. She was probably correct; the time was not right. But the fact that my daughter was here meant she was going to attempt to make contact.

“Bye Mom, see you later Tomas.” Christina got back in her car, waving goodbye as she left.

“I should probably get going as well. Josh is already awake, in the shower. His service dog will alert you if he needs assistance. Or if she wants a breakfast sandwich.”

“So, we’re not going to see you again today?”

“No,” Tomas said as he pulled an envelope from his pocket. “I’ll leave you with enough medication to get him through the day. However, I actually have a speaking engagement later tonight.”

“Close by?” I asked, considering his usual public speaking location.

“Relatively close,” he replied with a confident nod. “If you’re interested the event takes place at midnight, I can send someone by to pick you up.”

“Send someone by?” I bit my tongue, trying to not roll my eyes. “You’re talking about Katy, aren’t you? Is the speaking engagement at the thrift store?” This had been his plan all along.

Tomas smiled, the wrinkles in his eyes making him look gentle, kind (and above all, trustworthy.) “You’ll just have to wait and find out.”

I simply shrugged. “I can’t wait.” It was out of my hands; all I could do was try to make sure my husband remained safe.

At around ten at night, I greeted Katy at the door. The thrift store manager wore what appeared to be a nightgown, with a face of full shimmery neon makeup. She looked like a glitter-pixi-angel, just waiting to grant my wish. “Hi Carol!”

“Hello,” I said with a forced smile. I felt extremely underdressed for the party we would apparently be attending. “So glad you could make it.”

“I’m glad too,” she replied with an energetic hug. That left me covered in body glitter. “Where’s Josh?”

“He’s in bed, I was kind of hoping you could help me with him.” Josh was dressed, and ready but his energy levels were non-existent. I could lift him but there was no way I could get him all the way to the front door on my own. “I’m sure he wants to go, he’s just very tired.”

“No problem. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Katy followed me to the bedroom. She touched Josh’s cheek, making sure to examine his eyes. “Did you give him any medication I should know about?”

“Yes,” I nodded as if speaking to a medical professional. “He was having chest pain earlier. So, I gave him the recommended dosage of this.” I grabbed a bottle that Tomas had left for me. It was a pain medicine of sorts, that was also meant to relive inflammation and infection.

Katy took a moment to read the side of the bottle. “Ok, we should be fine.” From a previously hidden pocket, she produced a small plastic bag filled with colorful pills. “Hey, Josh,” Katy said sweetly as she joined him in bed.

Josh could barely open his eyes. “Hey.”

Katy walked her sparkly fingers along his jawline, as she kissed his forehead, down his nose to his lips. “Are you ok to get out of bed?”

“I’m having trouble breathing,” his voice was weak, and sickly tired but his smile was practically glowing.

She continued to stroke his face, keeping her lips just inches away from his. “You can’t take in air? Or does your chest hurt?”

“Hurts,” Josh muttered, swallowing whatever moisture was in his mouth.  

“I’m going to give you something, just hold this pill under your tongue.” Katy placed a single pill in my husband’s mouth, followed quickly by an injection.

“What did you give him?” I really wish I had asked before allowing her to get that close to him.

“Something to help him relax and give him a boost of energy.” She blew soft streams of air over Josh’s face. “You’re ok.” Katy softly kissed his cheek as she put her arms around him, taking all of his weight.

To her credit, Katy wasn’t wrong. Josh had a sudden burst of energy, allowing him to stand and even walk out of the room with minimal assistance.

“Great job!” Katy said cheerfully. “Me and Carolina are going to take you someplace very special.”

Josh nodded. He made it all the way to Katy’s vehicle before his body went limp in Katy’s arms.

“Should I get his wheelchair?” I asked. Tomas had left behind the borrowed one from the hospital, in case of emergencies.

“No, I have one he can use.” I assumed she would need assistance, but the magical pixi was stronger than she looked. Katy got him in to her mini-van resting his body across the backseat. “There we go, all nice and comfy.”

Josh was relaxed, conscious, and ready. It was a short drive, made even shorter as Katy took the unlit backroads. I was honestly too frightened to engage in conversation. She could have been taking us to a murder house and I would have had no way of stopping her. I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at the well-lit parking lot.

Katy parked her vehicle, while another woman appeared with a different wheelchair. This one looked, for a lack of a better word, ‘festive.’

Katy waved hello. “Hi Stacy! Stacy this is Carol, Carol- Stacy.” She opened the door, allowing the purple-haired woman to load Josh’s body into the chair.

This allowed me to get a better look. The back was covered in LED Christmas lights, which stretched around to the arms. The colorful light was reflecting off a sea of silver glitter. “Where is she taking him?”

“Backstage to meet up with Tomas,” Katy said casually, as if this was not cultish and weird.

“Can I go with him?” I asked, making no effort to take a step forward. Part of me already knew the answer.

“No, silly,” Katy replied in a little doll voice. “Your place is in the audience.”

“Ok, sure, sounds good,” I muttered, holding my fake smile. “But Tomas is back there, right?” If I could speak to Tomas or at least confirm he was actually present that would go a long way towards establishing my comfort.

“Yes, I promise. You just need to have a little faith,” Katy replied, reaching for my hand. “Just follow me.”

Beyond the clothes and other junk, the back area of the thrift store was set up like a stage. There were several rows of chairs with people in various stages of undress, awaiting the main event. This was an orgy.

I took a seat in the back row next to a lesbian couple engaging in oral sex. On stage was a podium with a microphone. The lighting was low, casting a calming blue hue over the entire room. If there was music it would have resembled a nightclub or a rave. (Not that I’ve ever been to either.)

As promised Tomas emerged on stage wearing just a white bathrobe, like an art class model. All of the naked people paused in their activities to applaud. “Thank you all for being here. As you all know, this is a special place, safe place; we own who we are and we are not ashamed!”

More applause, accompanied by verbal acknowledgement of their leader’s motto before attempting to return to their acts of fornication.

“Tonight, I’ve invited a lost soul to join our flock.” He raised his hand causing the lights to change from blue to yellow-white. “Joshua please approach.” My husband was brought on stage in the borrowed wheelchair. The spectacle seemed to hold the crowd’s attention. “Josh,” Tomas said, as he lifted his lover’s face. “Please kneel before me to accept my love, compassion and strength.” All on his own, he stood up from his wheelchair and lowered himself to his knees.

Tomas allowed his robe to flow open, with the grace of an angel. The older man’s thick cock was fully engorged, just begging for a release. He stroked the tip against Josh’s mouth, coating my husband’s lips with his precum.

With his eyes focused on Tomas’s muscular stomach and hips, Josh was kissing, licking the sweet treat like a popsicle. It was clear Josh was in need of a good fuck. But instead of forcing his member in my husband’s mouth Tomas started to masturbate using strong, deliberate motions. “That’s enough, Josh, just lean your head back.”

Ropes of cum coated Josh’s face like water from a fountain. My husband lifted his hands, to grip the base of Tom’s shaft, determined to devour every last drop. Tomas simply waved him away. “No hands.” Tomas finished, his legs trembling as he climaxed for the last time (tonight, anyway). “That is not your place here.”

Josh did as he was told, lowering his hands to his sides. Part of me was expecting Tomas to pull out a pair of handcuffs or perhaps some kind of leather BDSM equipment.

Thankfully, he appeared to be armed with only the microphone. “Do you wish for more?” Tomas asked, his voice deep and soothing.

Josh nodded; judging by his blank expression, his mind was clearly in another place. He mouthed a few words that were inaudible. (Since Tomas was holding the mic well out of range.)

Tomas lifted Josh’s face, kissing him on his semen covered lips. Both men smiled sweet, sexy grins, forecasting what was to come. Tomas raised his arms like a preacher commanding his flock. “This man seeks redemption from sin, from pain.”

The crowd cheered, and moved closer to the stage, lifting Josh on to their shoulders like a messiah or a mosh pit. Staying in the back, I stood on a chair to get a better view. A different group of people were bringing out a table, something that clearly came from the thrift store sales floor. Josh was carried to the surprisingly strong, faux wood table, presented like a piece of meat to be devoured.

The crowd started to undress him. Hands of all colors caressed his body with slow, careful movements, exposing his arms, legs and chest. A few paused to admire the cross tattoo or perhaps they were trying to read the name and date inscribed.

My husband spoke words that I could not hear, but he didn’t appear to be in pain or discomfort. I just wished I could be among the worshipers that enveloped him in a sea of love. But that was not my place. I was here to observe and maybe learn a few things.

A woman with flame-red hair started to kiss my husband’s inner thigh. With her moist, pouty lips She was claiming that body part as her own. I noticed her more than the others as she was very stunning. From where I stood, I could see her neon eye makeup, that seemed to highlight the elegant structure of her face. The glitter covering her sizable chest, seemed to shimmer, there was something otherworldly about her beauty.

There was feet licking and sucking from multiple partners. A dark-skinned man started to massage Josh’s chest and shoulders, while another man kissed my husband’s sticky, cum-covered lips.

A dark, possibly Hispanic man kissed Josh’s throat, just above his chemo port. I heard him chuckle. For a moment I wondered why, when I noticed he had a matching chemo port.

“Life is pain, life is unfair. All we have is each other,” said a female voice in my ear. It was, of course, Katy. “He’s safe, have a little fun.”

Josh was in a dream state, I could practically see his spirit hovering over his naked body. But I was at a loss as to how I was supposed to ‘have a little fun.’

Everyone was moaning, people were pairing off to have sex, filling the room with the scent of sweat and lube. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something odd. The Hispanic man had an amputated leg. another woman nearby was missing an arm. The redhaired woman stood up to reveal an impressive, uncut cock. Her gorgeous member stood fully erect, pressed against her slender stomach. It did nothing to distract from her beauty, and that was the point. We all had a place in this world.

In fact, most people there had noticeable scars even the lesbian couple who had been near me just moments before; they both had somewhat recent breast tissue removal.

Katy took me by the hand. “This is a place of peace and magic.” She moved closer, brushing her soft, naked skin to my arm. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted.  

Tomas made his way to Josh’s side. The crowd gave him space, honoring him as their leader. Looking regal as ever, Tomas cupped my husband’s face, pulling Josh close for a slow, sensual kiss. “You doing okay?”

Josh was about to answer, when the red-haired woman put her mouth on his cock. She sucked him off just enough to lube up his shaft before rubbing her member to his.

She was jerking him off, while gripping her cock. Although she was much larger then Josh, she positioned herself equal to him, so that their tips were practically swapping pre-cum.

A different person latched on to my husband’s chest, licking kissing and finally biting his nipple. Josh visibly flinched.

“Just relax,” said one voice.

“Take it all in,” said another, “This is a safe space.

I took a seat closer to the scene. Perhaps that was the answer I was looking for, regarding my place, ‘take it all in.’

There were vibrators, lips, tongues, and fingers all focused on my husband’s body. His mouth, chest, cock, thighs and ass; all the pieces were there just begging to be devoured.

I took a seat and enjoyed the show. My big strong southern soldier climaxed over and over. His body looked strong, healthy. To see him pinned down, a slave to the forceful, intense pleasure, it made me soak my panties without even touching myself.

“Hold my hand,” Tomas said as he put a cloth in Josh’s mouth.

Josh bit down, letting the passion wash over him. He went tense, followed by a level of relaxation that looked like he had passed out.

And then his eyes opened. Josh blinked once then twice, as the tears started to fall.

It was clear my husband was in pain. “call 911!” I shouted a little louder than I should have.

“No need.” Tomas said calmly. He seemed focused, as if this was something he had encountered before. (That and the fact he had a medical degree.) So, I had no choice but to believe him.

Josh was thrashing, convulsing, but in his weak, sickly state, Tomas easily overpowered him. The older man held my husband close. With Josh’s head resting against Tomas’s chest, he looked like an infant being comforted by a parent. No words were spoken, only warmth, comfort and peace.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I assumed it was Katy, continuing her flirtatious touching. But I was very wrong.

“What a beautiful boy,” said a raspy female voice. “My Joshua. I can remember when he was so young and innocent. Do you think he will be reborn?”

I felt a shiver, as if I was in the presence of true evil. “How did you get here?”

“There’s no security at the door,” the woman replied. it was clear she was not there for the orgy. “Can I interest you in anything; candy, powder, or something else to make all the pain go away?”

“No.” I was too scared to turn around. “Suzanne.”

“I see my reputation precedes me.”

“More than you know.”

“Are you the wife?” she asked with a cackle. “I heard Joshua got married right out of high school. You owe me big; you know that right?”

“I owe you?” I turned to see what could only be described as a biker chick. She was clearly in her sixties or seventies, with the thin frame of a long-time drug user. But she stood tall and confident.

“I was the one who taught him how to masturbate, how to open his sexuality. I remember locking him in a bedroom drugged out of his mind for hours on end. I sold him over and over to sick fucks who wanted to live out their abuse fantasies on a little boy. The way he cried for his mother, (who was one room away getting high on meth,) so fucking hot.”

At that moment I would have given anything for a switchblade or even a gun. “Does Tomas know you’re here?”

Tomas was still occupied with comforting Josh. Several people were calming him with gentle words of hope and prayer as his body became more stable. But it was clear, Tomas would not be looking in my direction anytime soon.

Suzanne smiled, her teeth shimmering in the blue light. “Tommy wouldn’t like me here. He’s never been a fan of my wares.”

That fact brought me a small amount of comfort; Tomas was not in with her, this was not some kind of elaborate practical joke. “Did you know Josh would be here?”

“You mean, am I stalking you and your family?” she asked with a giggle. “Someone certainly thinks highly of themselves.” She rolled her eyes, before scanning the crowd. “No, I have very specific clientele. If you excuse me, I need to unload enough cargo to make this trip worthwhile.” Walking on stiletto heels, she disappeared into the darkness, vanishing like a supernatural creature.

Did I really meet THE Suzanna? Or was I hallucinating? I made my way out the fire exit, to have a moment alone with my thoughts. Looking up at the sky, one thing was certain: I really needed a cigarette.

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