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The trip to Las Vegas was everything I thought it would be; a week-long party. Val chartered a flight out of the small Napa airport. Apparently, this was as easy as calling a Taxi. We packed enough to survive for a week, making sure to take extra drugs and medication since I was certain that would be the preferable choice, to his dialysis machine. Not that I would have ever left that behind. The entire device was able to fit in a piece of carry-on luggage, so I took it upon myself to pack it with my clothes. After all, I could always borrow Val’s stuff, or just get married in the nude.

In less than an hour, we’d board the plane, taking us directly to Vegas. “Welcome,” said the abnormally hyper flight attendant. The woman looked professional with her navy blue uniform and neatly kept hair, but there was a reason she was the lone crew member on this puddle jumper flight. “I’m Lexi, your pilot for the evening is my wife Lauri.”

The captain waved from the cockpit. “Do you guys have a hotel booked?”

“Circus Circus,” Kat replied while looking at her phone.

I shot her a glance. “It that because we don’t want to be found out, or do you genuinely like Circus Circus?” As the name implied, it was the kid-friendly fun-zone of the Las Vegas strip.

“Because that’s where I want to get married.”

She tossed me her phone, open to a webpage. The Circus Circus hotel and casino played host to a typical 24/7 chapel where even Sixteen-year-olds could get married with parental consent. “Go for it.”

I tossed her the phone back, as we took to the air. Kat gave them a call and easily booked a room and a time slot. All before we landed.

Since we had only one suitcase each, we headed to the taxi pick up area to catch a cab, like a normal non-celebrity family. Kat sat in front while I sat with Val.

Without a word, Val handed me a piece of paper the size of a stamp. He put one in his own mouth, followed by a white pill the shape of a maple leaf. “Canada has some good shit.” By the time we arrived at the hotel, Val and I were wasted.

Kat looked slightly annoyed at the fact that she had to unload the luggage, check into the hotel and lead us to the room. The last one was abnormally difficult, without losing sight of us.

The casino was beautiful, mystical, but the arcade was even better. I felt like a child; I wanted to touch, climb. I didn’t even notice what Val was doing, until Kat forcibly put us on the luggage cart, pushing us towards the elevator.

Kat groaned as she leaned back, finally able to take a breath. “I’m not going to get to have any fun.”

“You can go shopping,” I suggested as I flopped down on the king-sized bed. that was when I noticed there was only a single king-size bed.

Kat nodded and sighed. “I’ll do that.” She closed the door, making sure to put the ‘Do not disturb’ sign up as she left.

I sat up for a moment, looking around. We had a gorgeous view of the city, as well as luggage that really needed to get unpacked. But before I could leave the bed, I felt Val’s arms around me.

Val purred like a kitten. “I want you naked in this bed.”

We started to kiss, removing clothes and exploring each other’s bodies. But too high to actually make love. I can’t even remember what we were doing when Kat finally returned.

My sweet bride was laughing, as she crawled into bed between us, with shopping bags in tow. “Want to see what I brought?” Out of the first bag came a white sundress. It was simple and cute, like something one could wear to the beach or Walmart.

“It’s pretty,” I said, stroking my fingers along a single row of embroidered flowers.

Next was a bottle of vodka. It was tall, possibly Grey Goose. And it was for Val. “I didn’t want you to feel left out, Daddy.” Her gift also included Redbull, m&ms and a bag of chips.

“So much for staying sober,” I muttered. “What’s in the last bag?” I asked, making a grab for the opaque black bag that seemed heavy for its size. My mind went straight to sex toys. But nope, it was a tattoo gun, along with black ink, and container of Aquaphor. I had to admit I was intrigued. “You know how to tattoo?”

Kat nodded. “I’m not licensed but I’ve done it before.”

“Do you have any examples?” I asked. I was still high but lucid enough to know I didn’t want a poorly drawn dick on my face.

She pulled out her phone, opening the Instagram app. I’ve done tribal and random patterns. I can’t draw for shit, though.”

Her work was quite good. Apparently, models living abroad were always willing to get single needle tattoos, for free. Kat had over a dozen images of line work, quote, and even tribal-inspired tattoos that she took credit for. “I want to get a tattoo of you, Val.”

“Of my what?” He asked with a laugh.

“Let’s let Kat pick.”

“If I get to pick, I think Daddy should go first. I want to cover up mom’s brand. Unless you really do want to be buried with that ugly mark on your hand.”

Val shrugged. “Go for it.” He made himself comfortable on the bed, allowing his arm to fall imp.

Kat tattooed her father’s hand, while I sat off to the side. It was then I realized that Val had no other tattoos. I didn’t either, so I wasn’t one to judge.

Val was clearly still high, his eyes rolling back into his head as he started to jerk off with his free hand. He was moaning, thrusting.

It got to the point where Kat appeared frustrated. “Jack, little help here?”

“Um, what?”

“I don’t want to rip open his hand. Get him to stop moving.”

“Oh, ok.” I placed my hand upon Val’s, guiding him away from his erect cock. I kissed his stomach, down his pubic hair, teasing my way up the length of his shaft. I played with the tip, giving it soft kisses and the occasional lick.

“You’re so fucking cruel, Jack.”

With hands firmly gripping his cock, I maneuvered my mouth to his ear. “But that’s the way you like it.” I was determined to not let him ejaculate until Kat was finished. “Life can be fucking cruel.”

“Can be? Nah, man, life is fucking cruel.” Val arched his back, tensing his hips.

“Don’t go being naughty,” I said making my way back to his cock.

“How do you know I’m not having a seizure?”

“Because you’re talking,” I replied, before taking his balls in my mouth.

Kat laughed. “You two should recite some vows.”

Val ran his fingers through my hair. “Well since Jack’s mouth is occupied, I’ll start.” It was clear by the tone of his voice, he was still high. But I was curious. “I vow to always be proud of you. To value your love and compassion.”

I kissed his inner thigh, sucking on his moist, quivering skin.

“I’m so grateful for you. And I hope you always know that.”

I looked to Kat for permission before continuing.

“Yeah, I’m just about done.”

With Kat’s blessing, I finished Val with my mouth. I did it so well, in fact, he went straight to sleep.

I assumed that meant I would not be getting a tattoo, but Kat was already changing the needle and opening fresh ink.

“You’re next.” Kat directed me to lie on my back. She refused to tell me what she was making and with my head back I was in no position to see for myself.

After what felt like an hour of a needle drilling into my chest, I was allowed to see. There was a line of text, just below my collarbone, ‘life is fucking cruel.’

That it is.

The next day, after a great night’s sleep, we went to city hall and got our marriage license. To celebrate, Kat, Val and I proceeded to get fucked up on edibles.

The next few days were a blur, until the day of the wedding. Kat made sure to reserve a time slot first thing in the morning, so I expected to arrive at an empty chapel. but that was not the case. I knew from their website that this chapel had a max occupancy of fifty. The number of people lined up in and around the casino was closer to five hundred.

“What the fuck?” At that moment I remembered something else I read on the website: all ceremonies are live-streamed. I think, in my fucked up state I may have made a very public post. And now, the crowd of people, in addition to God knows how many online viewers were about to witness the most awkward moment of my life.

Kat was greeting fans and hugging a few friends who I assumed were fellow models, allowed to follow her into the small chapel. They all looked so young.

Kat was too young at twenty-one, she had her life ahead of her. she didn’t deserve to be chained to a fucked up loser who’s almost thirty.

I only then noticed what I was wearing. I was about to get married in a t-shirt, a suit jacket, and torn jeans. I could practically hear Skaterboi playing in my head.

No, I was wrong. The Avril Lavigne hit was actually playing over the PA system. The noise was so loud I feel my vision spinning.

“Just wing it. speak from your heart.” I turned expecting to see Val, or maybe even a preacher dressed like Elvis. But no I was wrong again.

Standing before me was my father. “Hi, Dad.”

He shook my hand. “Hello, son. You’re looking well.”

“Since I know you’re just dying to tell me: what the fuck did I post on Facebook to cause all this?”

My father smirked. “To be fair it was more of a telephone reaction. One message leading to another.”

“I’m picturing more of a ball of shit rolling down a hill.”

We both laughed. My father patted my arm in a way that actually felt comforting and supportive. “I think you’re ready.”

The ceremony was what I thought it would be. Kat didn’t walk down the aisle like a bride. The casually dressed preacher just called the wedding to a start.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here to unite these young lovers in holy matrimony.  If there’s anyone here who objects. You can shove your hater vibes because this is Vegas!”

I stood with Kat and our massive amount of witnesses. the preacher said a few more typical wedding words before turning it over to the ‘happy couple’ to present rings and exchange vows.

Did I even have a ring?

Kat went first. Val, in his wheelchair, made his way to his daughter’s side, giving her a silver men’s ring. “Thank you, Daddy.” She placed the ring upon my finger, it was a perfect fit. the band was a Celtic braid, with what appeared to be Russian characters, scattered thought.

“Is this Val’s? I would love to know what it says.”

“It’s a relic from his birth mother. I learned about its existence when dad went… away.” Clearly, she didn’t want to mention jail to the massive crowd. “He was going to leave it to me anyway, so I thought you should have it.

Words choked in my throat.

“I know your not making a promise to me, you making a promise to my father. and that’s ok.”

“No, it’s not.”

A gasp echoed through the chapel.

“You don’t deserve this.”

“I don’t deserve to get married?

“You don’t deserve to be paraded around like a circus freak.”

the crowd laughed at the ironic choice of words, giving our current location.

I know you feel like you owe it to Val to keep me around. But I don’t want you to have to commit to something you don’t actually want. I don’t want to hold you back.”


Kat bit her lip, her eyes radiating pure sadness. “You don’t want to marry me?”

“Do you actually want to marry me?”

Kat blinked tears from her eyes. “I kinda do.” her hands were trembling, I had never seen her so weak and vulnerable. “You’re one of a kind. not many people can handle my level of crazy.”

I felt like shit. “I don’t even have a ring for you.”

That was when my father stood up. He had brought a relic of his own, something I recognized as my mother’s ring. The plain gold band was made of a series of infinity loops welded together like a daisy chain. It was a cheap ring, with no gemstone, but my mother treasured it until the day of her death.

In front of the audience, I finished the ceremony. I was now married. 

I wanted to run back to the room and locked the door but I knew I would at least have to say hello to my dad. While Kat took the spotlight, I snuck off to the side, making my way to the casino where I found my father.

He was at the bar, checking his phone as if he knew I was coming. “Hello, Jack.”

“Hi, Dad. Thanks for bailing me out, as usual.”

“You invited me.” He turned with a genuine smile.  “Do you want to talk, maybe get a beer someplace?”

I really didn’t. “I have to get to my patient on dialysis.”

“You’re right, your patient comes first. Maybe I’ll hit you up in Napa.”

“Yeah,” I said with a forced smile. “I’d like that.”

I turned to look for Val, but I didn’t have to look far. he was being pushed in his wheelchair by a hotel employee. “Thank fucking God.”

Val laughed. “I thought you’d appreciate ‘a get out of jail free’ card.

“Whatever,” I groaned. “I just want to get back to the room.”

Reunited, we were lead to a service elevator. Once the employee left us alone,  Val smiled, then laughed a deep villainous laugh. “Well, that was a fun little ceremony.”

“Fun?” What the fuck did you do?

“So, how’s your dad?”

All the pieces were falling in to place. “You invited my Dad, didn’t you?”

Val only shrugged. “He wants to have a relationship with you.”

I went silent. You are such a piece of shit!

“You know he’s sorry,” Val added. “I think it’s worth your time to give him a chance.”

“That’s not really your decision. I mean, why do you even care if I ever reconnect with my father?”

Val turned to me and sighed. “I don’t want you to live with regret.” The seriousness was unexpected. “Your dad is not a bad guy. He made mistakes, but he really tried to do right by you and your mother.”

He tried? How the fuck do you know? Are you seriously taking his word over mine? “You don’t know what I lived through.”

Val reached for my hand. “I think I need to get on the dialysis machine.”

His hand was shivering. “You feeling ok?”

“I feel like my body’s been put through the spin cycle, heading to the tumble dry phase.”

“You feel like a dirty sock?”

We entered the room and quickly closed the door. We didn’t lock it since Kat would need to come in using a key card.  I took off my shirt if only to feel a tad less sweaty.

But Val wanted a shower. And I needed to help him because apparently, left on his own he became a middle-aged man-child. Val got into the tub completely clothed and proceeded to turn on the shower, letting the cold water embrace him.

When I checked on him, less then ten minutes later, he was resting in a bath of cold water, stretching his arms behind his head. “Really, Val?”

“This feels so good,” he said in a moan. “Join me?”

“No, I’m good.” I helped him remove his wet clothing, careful of his tattooed hand.

Val leaned back, relaxing his shoulders. “Will you at least stay and talk to me?”

“Sure.” I took a seat on the floor,  physically and emotionally exhausted.

Val’s hand was hanging over the side of the tub. I’d never gotten a close look at Kat’s work.

There was a ‘J’ on the front of his middle finger. It was dark, large and the script seemed to bleed into a tribal-inspired pattern. It looked like his finger was trapped in a cage. Clearly, this was dedicated to his relationship with Julia. But the rest of his hand was covered in flowers, vines, and heart-shaped leaves.

“Did you see my ring?” Val asked. His lips cracked a smile.

Looking at his ring finger, I saw a crown with two hearts placed at a diagonal, like a playing card. “Is that supposed to be a jack of hearts?”

Val nodded. “In life, love is all that matters. Not wealth, not fame. Just love in it’s purest form.”

“Which is what?” I was expecting him to say ‘family.’

Val turned his head, looking at me with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“What’s love in it’s purest form?”

Val laughed and squeezed my hand. “You’ll know.” He sighed. “I think I’m ready for my dialysis.”

I found a robe for Val, to quickly get him out of the water, and on to the sofa. With Val sitting comfortably, I hooked up his wrist to the dialysis machine. “Are you comfortable, here on the sofa?”

“I could be more comfortable.” Val was sitting, legs spread, with his robe open, letting his body air-dry in the warmth of the room.

“How so?” I asked while taking a sip of water from a nearby bottle.

Val closed his eyes. “Can I watch you fuck my daughter?”

Water went flying as I struggled to breathe. “That’s really fucking twisted.”

“Come on, I want to watch your work.”

I wanted to argue the ick factor, but I had a feeling that Kat would be more than open to the idea. Kat held a press conference of sorts to confirm that she was in fact married. After my over-dramatic moment, many online sleuths were calling the event a publicity stunt.

It was nearly thirty minutes before she headed up to the room, with someone I assumed was her maid of honor.  “Hi daddy, you remember Chloe?”

The perky blonde with long, princess curls immediately shook Val’s hand. “When we met the first time I was a butch lesbian. I mean, I still am.” She playfully reached under her hairline and yanked off what was apparently an elaborate wig. Underneath was a lavender buzz cut.

Val smiled and gave her a firm handshake. “Chloe West? Last time I saw you was….”

“Before you went to jail for being a hero,” she said in a whisper before turning to me. “Hello, Jack, I’m Chloe.”

“Are you also a model?” I assumed since she was tall with the fact of a pageant queen and the figure of a porn star.

“Nah I’m just a childhood friend of Katie.”

“I brought Chloe to join in on the fun,” Kat said as the two girls kissed. Kat easily slipped out of her white dress, revealing her nude breasts.

Chloe had been wearing a crop top and shorts. With her long hair, it looked casually elegant, but now she looked like she was ready to dominate Kat.

I watched as she suckled Kat’s breasts, taking each in turn. “I think she’s ready for you, Jack.”


Chloe left the bed to sit on Val’s lap.  Her cheeks were flush as she was blushing like a schoolgirl. “Do you remember me now? I always had such a crush on you. You’re also the reason I’m a lesbian; I could never find a man as beautifully powerful as you.”

Val was still attached to dialysis. with his free hand, he lifted her face. “Powerful?”

Chloe chuckled nervously. “That sounded better in my head. But it’s the truth.” She walked her fingers down Val’s chest. “You were always my standard for a man. someone strong, brave, kind. Unfortunately, such a partner does not exist outside of movies.” she kissed his lips soft and slow. “You are truly one of a kind.” She looked at her hand which was place over Val’s erect cock. “May I?”

“May you what?”

“Play with it?” she asked, in a baby-doll voice, “Daddy.” Seeing that Val was already making a good amount of pre-cum she started jerking him off, with strong fast motions.

Kat groaned. “No fair, you can’t start without me.” she rolled on top of me, lowering her wet pussy on to my cock. “We’re having a contest,” she explained as she started to ride me. “Which one of us can collect the most cum.”

“And how do you plan on declaring a winner?” I asked.

“You’re going to cum all over my tits and Chloe is going lick it off and give me a score.”

Kat had apparently brought Chloe as a party favor. I was getting hot just thinking about it. “Who gets to judge Chloe’s work?”

“Then Daddy is going to cum all over Chloe’s tits and you get to lick her clean and render her a score. I trust you will be a fair, impartial judge. but just to be sure….” Kat got up and picked up a Walmart bag from the night-stand. inside was a plastic kitchen glove. She rolled me on to my side, mercifully allowing room for my painfully hard cock to lay comfortably. She proceeded to smack my bare ass without mercy. The glove made a loud smack, followed by a tender sting.

I’d been spanked before but whatever textured surface was on the glove, took the pain sensation to a new level.

“When you’re ready, you can fuck my tits.” Kat spanked me again.

“I’m ready now.” Pregnancy had ripened her supple breasts, not only making them fuckably larger but insane sensitive.

Val’s eyes locked with mine. his mouth agape as he gasped and moaned. Chloe was milking his prostate, very successfully. Val was cumming non-stop load after load on to her face and chest. Val ran his fingers over her head, down to her neck, all while growling in my direction.

I immediately shot ropes of cum. I didn’t care where it landed. I wanted Val; his hard cock, his sweat-covered balls, his milky white seed spread all over my face. I opened my eyes to the sight of my semen all over Kat’s throbbing chest.  I turned to see Val had also finished. “I think we’re ready for the judging.”

Chloe came to the bed, offering her tits. I greedily cleaned her off and then moved aside for her to do the same to Kat.

Val’s dialysis session has finished. I disconnected the machine and sat on his lap. we kissed softly, laughing at the absurdity of the moment.

His lips felt soft yet rough, and he tasted of Redbull and candy. I moved slow, savoring the warmth of his breath. “What does my ring say?”

Val spoke an emotional sentence in Russian. “In English, it means I guess it means something like, ‘Never forget.'”

“Never forget?”

“A Russian fan sent it to me. He tracked down my genealogy back to my real parents who were long gone. I kept it as a reminder to never forget my heritage. But now it’s yours and I hope you’ll forget me. Fill your life with great memories.”

“I could never forget you.” I hear my wife and Chloe having sex on the bed, so I felt comfortable falling asleep in Val’s arms.

Skaterboi ch 9

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