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I opened the door to the sight of Val’s wife. She’d pulled up in a limo, with a personal assistant at her side. Julia was an exotic, bi-racial beauty; a unique mix of Filipino, English, Russian with just a hint of Japanese. And she did not look happy to see me. “Are you a friend of my daughter?”

“Yes?” It was technically true.

“Well, Jack Miller, is it? I would like you to kindly get the fuck out of my house.”

“Or what?” I asked with a level of confidence. She knew my name- so what?

As if on cue a police car pulled up. Julia smiled a smug ‘Hollywood red carpet’ smile. “I know who you are, and I know that your father reported you missing so these nice officers are going to take you in for questioning.”

I froze, yelling through gritted teeth. “Um, Kat, a little help here?”

Kat happily skipped to the door. “Hello, officer.” She reached out to shake his hand. But even I could see she was glancing at his name and badge number. “May I speak to you privately? This house is my property, and this man is my guest. And I’m sure you are aware; I have a restraining order in place against my mother. She is not allowed within a hundred feet of me unless expressly invited.”

The cop did not reply, instead, he turned to Julia with a look on his face that said he clearly did not know about any restraining order.

“And I’m pregnant,” Kat added. She was wearing an oversized hooded sweatshirt, making it difficult to know if she was serious. “And I’m certain Jack is the only guy I’ve slept with, in the past year,” she added sweetly. There was an akward silence from all present.

Suddenly a voice spoke up from”What the fuck?” the voice came from behind me. Val had heard it all. He had been standing with his cane. But as Julia ran into his arms, he actually embraced her. There were tears in his eyes as she cupped his face and kissed him.

‘What the fuck indeed.’

Kat slammed the door, locking out both the police officer and her mother’s assistant. “Really dad?” she then stomped away, glossing over the whole ‘Jack got me pregnant’ issue.

With Julia’s mouth being filled with her husband’s tongue made it difficult for her to yell at me, I went after Kat.

I found her in her room, sitting with her legs pulled to her chest. On the television was a cooking show on mute. “Kat?”

Her eyes were vacant. “I’m not a liar and I’m not a con-artist trying to trap you.”

“Never said you were. When were you planning on telling me?”

“When the time was right. I’m six weeks along, so it must have been from the time we fucked in your office. I got tested when we left the hospital.”

My mouth hung open. “Six weeks?”

“As long as you’ve known my dad.”

That’s a weird thing to say.

“My dad is the only one who matters.”

I shook my head and left the room. The front door was closed, uneventful, but I could hear sounds coming from the room Val and I shared.

They were fucking. But I still wanted to get my phone. And out of morbid curiosity, I wanted to see just what would happen if I tried the door. It opened.

I wasn’t quiet.

I walked into the sight of Julia on top, riding him. She was naked, her slender body on full display. But my attention was drawn to the burning joint and an empty plastic bag sitting in a plate, on the nightstand.

I walked to the side of the room to get a view of Val’s face. His eyes were rolled back in his head, lips slightly open; like a cross between sleep and orgasm (leaning closer to sleep.) She drugged him.

Julia looked at me, with venom in her eyes. “Hello, there Skaterboi.”

“What did you call me?”

She picked up the joint, taking a long drag. And then she started to sing, “He was a skaterboi, she said, ‘See a later boy.’ He wasn’t good enough for her. Now he’s a superstar, slamming on his guitar does your pretty face see what he’s worth?”

Val was laughing, but his eyes were still closed.

“What did you give him?” I asked with a growl.

“I just made my husband his favorite meal; cannabis and fentanyl,” Julia replied, with a sly smirk. “My Val is real fucked up, aren’t you baby?” She leaned forward and kissed his lips.

Val responded with a smile. It was easy to see why; Julia’s hips were moving, she was still fucking him. I wanted to puke.

“I almost forgot how good my man feels,” she said with a laugh, as she went in for another kiss.

“Your man?”

“Sexuality is a spectrum. So, although my husband loves offering up his body as a party favor, that’s not what he is.”

“What is he?”

Julia lifted Val’s limp hand, lacing her fingers through his. “He’s mine.” She turned to me, locking eyes. “Have you seen his tattoo?” When we got married we were both well-off, he even brought me the most beautiful engagement ring. But for our wedding, we wanted something more permanent.”

I had noticed the ‘ring’, but the tattoo had seen better days. With a lifetime of burns, cuts, and scars, the words were unreadable and looked like nothing more than a birthmark. “Let me guess, you have a matching tattoo?”

She moved a massive gold ring, to reveal her ring tattoo. From where I stood I couldn’t make out the whole phrase, but the lettering was much clearer.

“Love always, Val,” she said proudly. “So even if we’re no longer married on paper, he’s still my husband: ’till death do us part. Now be a good little fuck boy and get your shit out of my room.”

I didn’t reply, I just did as she asked. I figured I would sleep on the sofa, and deal with all the drama tomorrow.

The next day Julia left early. From what I could hear of her phonecall, she had a meeting or something. All I knew was that it was a project that would keep in her in town (the explore the beauty of Napa- some tourist blog bullshit.) It’s six in the damn morning, shut the fuck up!

Thankfully, that meant, I could start the home-chemo process in peace.

At around eight, Kat was gone, and Val was asleep. I made myself a cup of coffee and set up my equipment in the living room. As I predicted, getting Val out of bed was like pulling teeth. Eventually, I just gave him a few moments alone with his asthma inhaler. He came around enough to put on a robe and meet me in the living room.

With Val resting comfortably on a lounge chair, wearing only a blue terry-cloth bathrobe. I had done the chemo process a few times, so I assumed I knew what to expect. But each body is different.

After setting up the line in the port out in by the hospital, I took a seat across from him. “You good?”

“As good as I can be.” His bad leg quivered.

The muscles had the tendency to spasm due to inflammation; a fact I learned when we shared a bed. “I can give you some morphine.”

“And maybe some weed?”

“Weed can wait until after the first session.” I held Val’s hand as the machine started. First pumping in the dosage of pain medicine.

Val closed his eyes. “You’re sure this will help?”

“It will extend your life.” By how much, I had no idea. Val had late-stage bone cancer. According to scans run at the hospital, there was an inoperable tumor in his hip, leaching into his spine. “And it should help with the pressure and inflammation in your leg.”

Val nodded, nervousness visible in his eyes. “Do you need to leave?”

“No, there’s no risk of radiation exposure.” Even if there was, I didn’t care. I wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Is it dangerous for my daughter and…” Val paused, his lips forming an involuntary smile.

“The baby?” I chuckled awkwardly and took a seat by his side. It was kinda cute that he looked forward to being a grandfather.

“That kid will be something special.” His voice was full of genuine happiness and pride. It was actually kind of sweet. But the face he was making: the sleepy smile, it was the same face I’d seen last night when he was balls-deep in his ex-wife.

“Can we talk about something else?”

“Sure,” Val said with a chuckle. “How much shit are you in with your folks?”

“You mean my dad?” I rolled my eyes at the thought. “That fucker probably wants to have me committed.”

“You’re mom’s not in the picture?

“No, she passed to cancer when I was in high school.”

“She passed to cancer?” Val asked with a noticeable tone of confusion. “Sorry I just never heard someone say that. It’s always…”

“Lost a battle with cancer,” I replied bluntly.

Val blinked his eyes open.

Yeah, I guess it’s hard to sleep when you’re being a total dick. “A human being can’t just step into a ring and fight cancer, one on one. It’s not even like fighting a lion or an alligator that’s about to rip your throat out. It’s just…” I paused, holding back tears of anger.

Val looked at me with genuine concern.”What kind of cancer did she pass to?”

“I’m not sure. It just started fast and before I knew it she was in hospice; that’s all I was allowed to know.” I took a few deep breaths, desperate to calm myself. But the emotional scars ran deep. “It was like my Dad thought he had exclusive rights to loving her.”

Val nodded as he closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He went silent for a long breath. “Is she the reason why you want to become a doctor?”

“I guess.” The thought had never crossed my mind. “In a way, it became my teenage punk-rebel goal to prove everyone wrong. I wanted to be worthy.”

“You wanted to make her proud.”

His words pissed me off. I was tempted to give him his fucking weed just to get him to sleep, so I could end the conversation.

“What’s up with Julia?”

Val sighed. “Do you miss Florida?”

“Did you just answer a question with a question?”

Val took a breath as if trying to arrange his thoughts. “I’m sure you have great memories of your time in Florida, in addition to the horribly traumatic ones.” He nodded like he was confirming to himself. “That’s Julia. She’s like a drug; painful but also my happy place.”

Wow, you are fucked up. “I think I need to go to the bathroom.”

I didn’t even wait for a reply. I grabbed my phone and went down the hall to the nearest bathroom. I slammed the door shut, punching it for good measure. I needed to talk to someone. My father was not an option, and neither were any of my ‘friends.’ I needed my mom. but Dr. Cho’s receptionist, Lucy, would have to do. I shot her an email to her work address, hoping she would be online. Then I opened Facebook. “Bing!” I had a message, several actually but only one from a non-spammer.

“Hi, Jack!”

“Hi, Lucy.”

“How’s Cali? I’m so jealous!”

“You’ve never been to Cali?”

“Not in a long time. The things I’ve seen probably don’t even exist anymore. And I’ve certainly never been to Napa. How are things?”

“Not good. My patient’s ex-wife came back and she’s not happy.”

There was a pause, with the three dots vibrating to show she was typing a response. “Oh, that’s not good. your picture has been all over the internet. Does she know he’s gay?”

“Bisexual. And I have a feeling she knows, she just chooses not to care. But that’s not the worst part.”


I regretted my choice of words. The situation with Julia was definitely worse than the situation with Kat. “Not the worst thing in the world, but something I’m really not ready for.”

“What is it? You can tell me anything.”

Could I? “I knocked up Kat Kepler.”

“You slept with Kat Kepler?”

I could practically hear her laughter from Seattle. “oh come on, I just need some advice.”

“What does Kat want to do?”

“If I had to guess, she wants to use her condition in an elaborate plot against her mother.”

There was a pause, the three dots staying on screen for longer than usual, as she typed. “I’m seventy years old, you need to spell certain things out for me.”

Oh fuck. I thought for a moment. Did I want to expose Kat’s dark secret over Facebook messenger? No. I did not. “Their relationship is not the best. She believes that her dad deserves better.” 

“He deserves you.” Her short answer made me a little nervous. She lived on the internet. What were the odds she was emailing my news to everyone on her friend list?

“I guess. Thanks. I got to go.” I closed the app and powered off my phone. I hoped my theory was incorrect, but I was certain I was correct. It was just a matter of time before I reaped the punishment for opening my big mouth.

Since I was in the bathroom, I decided to try and urinate before going back to Val. I waited a minute then two. Oh, come on! Try as I might, I could not concentrate.

“Fuck this.” My heart was heavy with anger and grief. But I didn’t want to get upset. Val Kepler was not worth it. Except he was.

When I went back to the living room, Val appeared to be asleep. I could see bruises on his neck and chest, in the shape of Julia’s hands. (I assumed: unless he had another violent, drug supplying lover.) I stroked his face, tracing his cheekbone to his lips. That woke him up.

“How long is this supposed to take?” Val asked with a groan.

“An hour or so, I think.” I looked at the timer on the IV stand, it had been running for nearly forty minutes. I had been gone for forty minutes. He had been alone for forty minutes.

“Can we smoke?” Val snickered, clearly remembering my previous answer.

“Maybe later, just sit back and relax.” I turned his palm over, stroking my finger along his lifeline.

Val’s hands were a map of deep scars from a painful life. I saw burns, and cuts; places where he had limited use of his muscles. And of course the ‘ring’. On closer look, I could make out the word, ‘Julia,’ among other gibberish. I focused on massaging his hand, moving up his wrist.

Val softly moaned. “That feels nice.”

“When my mom was sick I used to try to read her palm. I’d tell her stories of things that never happened; like past lives. She was a warrior princess, an ancient queen…” I smiled through the onslaught of emotion.  “My mother encouraged my stories. She wanted me to play pretend because, in those versions of reality, life was not so horrible.”

Val turned to me. “What was I in a past life?”

I thought for a moment. My mind drifted to what Kat told me. “You were a traveler. Like Superman, you came from a place far away, landing in a foreign country. All because someone wanted you to find a new life.” I started to massage his hand with more pressure. “You were a prince of this new land, a Montana cowboy…”

Val’s body went tense. He swallowed hard, choking back tears.

“You ok?” In hindsight, his childhood in Montana was probably not the best thing to bring up.

Val nodded, taking fast breaths. “M-My hip hurts real bad.”

“Would you like me to massage your legs.” I had some tools I could use to apply localized deep pressure.

“Yeah,” Val’s voice was still quivering. That sounds nice.”  Val leaned back in his chair, letting his robe fall open.

I could see The muscles of his hip and thigh were in spasm. “This will help, I promise.” I had a small vibrator that fits snuggly on one finger. And I knew from experience, it could release any tension.

I kissed his stomach just under his navel. My tongue traced a line down to his hip, to his inner thigh. Almost immediately the muscle spasms stopped. I positioned the vibrator just under his balls.

Val was no longer moaning in pain. I could feel him grip my hair, tenderly massaging my scalp. I wanted to make him mine, to taste his soul.

And then I heard the front door unlock.

Knowing I had an audience I wanted to put on a show. Since chemo caused the body to radiate excessive heat, I knew my cold hands would be welcome anywhere I wanted to put them. Not bothering to look at the door, I reached into my tool kit. “This should do nicely.” I lubed my hands with aloe lotion, including the vibrator.

With a smirk, I gripped his shaft, rubbing my vibrator over the tip. He was so deliciously hard. And even with how little I was touching him, Val’s body was more expressive then he had been with Julia. I placed my lips to his sack, taking his balls in my mouth. How am I doing?

As if on cue, Val scooted forward just enough to give me free access to his ass and taint. His balls tasted like sweat, and more I played with them, the further forward he moved.

The vibrator was already making his throbbing cock gush with pre-cum. I paused my work to take a breath. “Do you want me to put it inside you?”

“Yes,” Val said in a strong breath.

“Yes, what?” I asked, licking my lips.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to own me.” The whisper of his voice was like cotton candy for my soul.

I placed the vibrator to his inner thigh, gripping his opposite leg. Then I went for it. I plunged my tongue in his ass. Knowing Val could have multiple orgasms, my plan was to make him cum all over himself before giving him an intense anal climax.

Val loosened his grip, his body relaxing. “Oh fuck, yes.”

I sat on my knees to get proper a view of my work. Thick gobs of cum coated his abs. I just had to take a taste.

Val’s glance met mine; his sexy blue eyes were just begging for more.

I glided the vibrator along his stomach. The idea of putting my lover’s own cum inside his ass was unbelievably hot.

Yes, I still realized he was attached to the IV. The IV session was done, but the last thing I wanted was to rip out the line. So I took a moment to stop what I was doing, get up and disconnect the IV, and recline Val’s chair.

Only then did I remember that I had an audience. “That’s so fucking hot,” said a female voice before starting a slow clap.

I turned expecting to see Julia. but instead, I saw Kat. “Um, hi.”

Kat came closer, biting her lip as her mouth curled into a smirk. She put her arms around my back, pressing her lips to my ear. “I want to fuck you with a strap on.”

Her words sent a chill down my spine. Kat had been out jogging in the warm Napa heat. I could feel her breath, as her chest heaved. “Should I wait for you?”

“I think you should. Or I could just use one of your tools.” She was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. She glanced around picking up the lube and what was essentially a double-sided dildo. “Get on your knees.”

She pulled down my sweatpants, exposing my naked ass to the air. I was in the perfect position to finger Val’s ass, while Kat fucked me with a vibrating tube. It was thicker then I was comfortable with, but Kat used nearly an entire bottle of aloe lube, letting the cold liquid run down my thighs. “That feels good, right?” She slapped my leg hard. “Jack?”

I couldn’t answer, with my mouth filled with Val’s nut sack. But I could only hope she would come to that realization on her own. Since my focus was elsewhere.

Val’s muscles were clenching.

Val needed more than the vibrator. That fucking beast, he needed my whole hand inside him. He climaxed hard, gasping for air and nearly severing my wrist.

If Val was a beast, Kat was a freak.

Rubbing her clit through her spandex clothing, she gave herself a long, sweet-sounding orgasm, before collapsing on to my back. “I have great news, I’ll tell you after we all get cleaned off.” She left to her room, to presumably change into something less sweat-covered.

Since Val had already climaxed twice, I didn’t feel the need to finish myself. “I’m going to get some wine.” I stood up when Val reached for my hand.

He pulled me on to his lap. “Lean back, relax.” Val walked his fingers down my chest, tracing my nipple.

I turned my head to kiss Val’s sharp jaw. I could taste the stubble just beginning to form. Val attempted to jerk me off, but with his tired hands, his pace left much to be desired.

As I made myself comfortable in Val’s arms, I could hear Kat returning to the living room. She walked to the kitchen and picked out a can of soda and a bottle of beer. “Don’t worry, Daddy, I got this.”

I’d barely turned my head when I felt her mouth. Kat was sucking my cock while I was naked on her father’s lap. “This is not normal,” I muttered through gasps.

Val took a sip of his beer. “Let my baby take care of you, then we can all smoke out by the garden.”

I closed my eyes to try and relax. I could feel Val’s big, rough hand, stroking my chest, down my ribs. I could feel the breath in my lungs, as my body tensed. I was close.

Val moved his hand to my cheek, turning my face to kiss him. He held the kiss, strong and firm, as I blew my load in his daughter’s mouth.

Kat licked me clean before standing up. “Well, that was fun.” she opened her soda with one hand tossing me my pants with the other.

“You do CBD gummies but you won’t drink?”

“CBD isn’t harmful to pregnancy,” Kat said as she lit up a joint while walking towards the patio door.

Val and I stood up. He pulled on his robe but waited for me to get dressed before attempting the short journey. Seeing he walked with some difficulty, I put Val’s arm around my shoulder.

Kat took a seat on the patio chair, happily passing the joint to her father. “Anyway, on to my great news! I jogged to the police station and told them about mom and the restraining order. even if she finds a reason to stay in Napa she’ll have to find another place to live!” She squealed with joy, kicking up her legs like a delighted toddler. Kat had scored a win.

I was genuinely happy for her, and for my new family. “So when do you want to see a doctor?”

“I see one right now, hello!” Kat was doing her best dumb-supermodel impression.

“A doctor who actually completed a residency, preferably with a specialization in unborn babies.” I sighed. Sharing a lawn chair with Val, I laid in his arms, letting my big strong lover hold me.

“God, Jack, I was kidding.” Kat rolled her eyes. “I’m not that high. We can get an appointment later this week. Will that make you happy?”

“Yes, it will.” I passed on the joint, opting to be the designated grown-up. But yes, I was happy. so very happy.

Resting my ear to Val’s chest, I wanted so badly to hear the sound of breath in his lungs.

Val took a long drag, blowing a stream of smoke into the calm afternoon wind. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

I just wish all this felt real.

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