A Hispanic hero for the new generation

There was a meme going around of “Should the new superman be black?”

The argument was “Black Panther is a perfectly good role model for children, we don’t need to put blackface a white character.”

Then someone posted, “Superman should be Hispanic because he’s an alien who grew up on a farm.”

I couldn’t help but LMAO. We need more Hispanic superheroes.

Let me introduce you to Leo.


My OC, Leonardo Riveria was first seen in

Leo was a demon hunter who, through a tale of love and compassion, gave up his humanity to take a job as a guardian angel.

Excerpt from just after he is asked, for his human client. “What’s in it for you? Are you one of those quasi-angels who needs to gain their wings?”

“Excuse you,” he said, making his form glow against the darkness, “I have wings, and they are goddamned sexy.” Shimmery neon yellow wings blossomed from his back like a flower, wrapping over his shoulders.

“Will you hold me?”


 I just wanted to feel something other than pain.

Leo reached his hands through my chest, as if he was a hologram. It felt cold but soothing. I sat up, wanting to be closer to him.

All around me I heard creaking, breaking, then a sharp painful cold. “What are you doing?”

“Look at your hands, Adam.”

I was a small child, younger than when my mother died. This was back when I had hope. “Leo?” my voice was small, foreign.

“I’ll hold you, in this form,” he said, ruffling my hair. “This is your true soul.”

This was a joke, right?

“It’s not a joke,” Leo said with sincerity, “if you die right now, this is the only part of you that will survive, because this is the one piece of your spirit that’s not broken. I mean it’s not the worst fate.” he ticked my cheeks causing an involuntary smile.


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