A little bit of inspiration (a poem)

There is a fairy tale taking the internet by storm- Little Misfortune.

Long story short: Misfortune is a little Hispanic girl from an abusive, broken home. Her mom is a drunk, her father is abusive- making her the perfect candidate to ‘play a game.’

A mysterious guide leads this little cutie on a path to fortune, all while breaking the fourth wall, having side conversations with the audience.

Her calm, positive demeanor throughout the hellish situation inspired a poem about an all-new OC.

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From the darkness we are born, in the darkness we reside.

I’m eight years old,
naked, starving, dying.
But it’s ok.

I’m ok.
It hurts,
everything hurts,
but it’s ok.
I’ll be ok.

“Mama?” I reach for the bones. “It’s ok, Mama. Daddy left us here alone, maybe he won’t come back.”

Daddy says I’m a sinner, a mistake. That’s why he hurts me. He’ll drive out the demons so I can go to heaven.

I want to go to heaven.

I think Mama is already in heaven. She doesn’t make a sound when Daddy hurts her.

I’m a boy. I think my name is Adam.
I’m not sure.

I can remember what it was like to be happy.
To eat, to drink-
To see.

I remember what it felt like to be able to sleep. I can’t sleep.
Why can’t I sleep?

I want to sleep. I want to go far away from here.

I sucked in my breath, my stomach, my body. I’m folding up like a star. Was I becoming a star?

Stars live in heaven.

I awake in a room of light.

A woman wearing a suit is by my side, holding my hand. “Hi, sweetheart,” she says, her voice on the verge of tears. “I don’t know if you remember me.”

“Mama?” I asked. She had my mother’s hair, eyes, smile.

“No, Adam,” her voice broke as she choked back tears, “Your Ma is gone. But so is your Pa.” Her sadness overtakes her. “…at least I saved you.”


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