My Ride-or-die ch2

Chapter 1
Hospital security consisted of two unarmed, older men who simply asked me to put my dress back on. They weren’t forcing me to leave, at least not yet. I had a feeling that was up to Olena. Jai’s daughter looked clean-cut, professional, someone who was worthy of being heard. I had to assume she had medical power of attorney.

Jai put his arms around me, holding me close. With his notable height and muscular arms, I felt like I was being held by a warm, comforting wild bear. There was a hint of anger in his demeanor; he wanted me to stay.

“Dad,” Olena said with a stern glare. “May I speak to you alone?” She looked like a college student; eighteen, maybe nineteen years old. But she spoke like a disappointed school principal. But with her dark eyes, caramel skin, and distinctive lips, there was no doubt she was his blood.

I turned to Jai, who just rolled his eyes and shook his head. He moved his hand to mine, giving my fingers a tender squeeze. “Lenny, sweetheart, anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of my girl, Shay.”

The two were like night and day. I had a feeling their banter could go on for a while, so I spoke up, “Do you have medical power of attorney for your father?”

“Fuck no,” Jai said with a laugh, “Lenny’s barely old enough to drink.”

Olena scoffed. “Oh, I drink plenty, old man.”

“My ex-wife had medical power of attorney when I was in rehab, but once she kicked my ass to the curb…”

“Mom wanted you to stand on your own two feet!”

“Whatever helps that bitch sleep at night,” Jai said with a snicker. “How the fuck did you even find me?”

Olena glanced at the doctor and hospital security. “Will you excuse us? I’ll call if I need assistance.” When they agreed to leave, she mumbled quietly. “Your bike has a tracking device.”

Jai mouthed a silent curse word.

Olena stood up a little straighter before speaking. “I am Navy Ensign Olena South.”

Jai laughed. “You don’t get to marry into a military title.”

“I didn’t. I graduated high school when I was sixteen and went directly to the academy. Where I met my husband, lieutenant Kevin South, or as you know him, ‘Reverend Johnny South’s baby cousin.”

Jai laughed.

“I mean seriously, you didn’t think it was a little odd how a homeless guy just happened to come upon a kind southern Baptist minister willing to sell him a motorcycle for 4,500? That was all me. Yeah, I’m only nineteen but I’m wise beyond my years.”

Jai shook his head clearly dumbfounded. “Wow, just wow.”

“I mean really, what was your end game?” Olena glared in my direction. “Does your ‘girlfriend’ even know?”

Jai stood up, still wearing his hospital gown. He let gown fall to the floor, as he grabbed the plastic bag containing his clothing. “My mind is sick, my heart is sick,” he said as she got dressed, putting on his jeans then his shirt. “I just want to go someplace to truly heal.

Olena nodded, with a contemplative sigh. “Where did you have in mind?”

“Cananea, Mexico.”

“To find Grandma?”

I had to admit I was a little envious of their ability to finish each other’s sentences. “Your mother lives in Mexico?”

“She died in Mexico, crossing the border. The only reason I wasn’t sent back was because I had no one; no family in Mexico, America or anywhere. I would have been sent in to foster care no matter what I was sent to an American orphanage.”

“You have family now.” Olena said, her voice breaking with emotion. “I want to help you. I want to go with you.”

“What about your job?”

“I have six months of approved leave. I can ask for more as needed.”

“Can you get me out of here?”

“If I can drive your cheap-ass motorcycle.”

Olena’s plan was simple; Jai and I would sneak out in her Ford Focus while she would follow us on his bike. We would meet up at the Arizona border and cross into Native territory together.

But Jai insisted on driving. Leaving out the fire exit we made a quick getaway. Olena had handed Jai the keys but I just assumed he was going to hand them to me. I should have insisted.

We got on the road, with Olena following. Sometimes she moved ahead on the bike, sometimes she stayed behind but for much of the time she was right next to her father, as if they were driving side by side. So, she was there when Jai had a seizure.

The car swerved off the road, rolling into a ditch. When we finally came to a stop I crawled out of the shattered windshield. In the distance was a small wooden sign. “Tsin Reservation,” I said out loud Tsin was the Navajo word for tree but I was sure there was no such place in Nevada or Arizona.

“Where’s my dad?” Olena shrieked.

“He was driving,” I replied with a groan as I forced myself to my feet.

“Duh! Are you going to help or just stand there?” Olena managed to get the door open, and began to pull Jai’s unconscious body from the car. “His legs are trapped!”

I came over, and after careful examination of the situation, I moved his legs. They were already broken, worst-case scenario: I knew how to make a tourniquet. “Grab him by his chest.”

“I’m military- I know!”

Jai was still unconscious when we finally got him out. He started to cough, then convulse, slamming his hand into his leg. After punching himself in the thigh a few times he stood up, as if somehow his bones had been reset.

They hadn’t: I could see blood, tissue, and bone. “Can you walk?”

“I-I think so.” His voice sounded uncertain but otherwise normal.

I looked around to try and see the best course of action, and was met with a small, chubby cheeked-boy. I let out an involuntary scream.

The little boy only giggled. “I’m not scary, I’m Pablo.” He was small, no older then four or five.

“Um, hello. I’m Shay. Where did you come from?”

“My Nana sent me to guide you and your friends to our clinic.”

Jai as leaning on Olena, it was clear she had the final vote. “I don’t know about this.”

Pablo smiled sweetly.“Or you can continue walking and die in the desert.”

Olena nodded. “Creepy kid has a point.”

I approached the little boy, taking his hand. “How far is your clinic?”

“Not far.” He pointed at a nearby rock formation.

Squinting my eyes, it looked like a building. With Pablo leading the way we were taken to the front of the facility. It was a holistic spa.

I touched my fingers to the carved stone sign. “Wóshdę́ę́’ Clinic.”

“That means welcome!” Pablo said happily.

“That does,” said an elderly woman, “Please, travelers come inside, out of this dreadful heat.”

“That’s my Nana!” Pablo ran inside, heading to a water dispenser in the front lobby. “You want water?”

“Sure.” I went with Pablo to the reception area. “Where is everyone?”

“We don’t get a lot of visitors here. Right now, it’s just me and Nana.”

“So your Nana, she can help my friend?”

“Maybe.” Pablo shrugged. “You can visit him if you want.”

“Sure, I guess,” I said taking a sip of water. The cold, refreshing, drink tasted better than any water had the right to taste. “Do we need to wait for a bit? I wouldn’t want to interrupt your Nan.”

“Nan would probably want you there.”


“Just down the hall.”

I turned from him, fully intent on leaving.

“Shay?” Pablo asked while looking out a window.


“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you think you’ll you ever go back to New York?”

My blood ran cold. “Um, I’m going to find Jai.” Yup, we’re going to die here. I walked down a red hallway, surrounded by calming spa music. At the end of the hall, I could hear the old woman singing a Navajo chant.

Jai was asleep on a bed that looked like an altar surrounded by candles and incense. I saw Olena was sitting on a nearby sofa, staring off in a trance-like state.

The old woman stopped chanting but the music continued from an unseen source. “Hello, Shay.”

“What’s happening?”

“William J, or Jay as you lovingly call him,” the woman said in a ghostly whisper, “he has always been living on borrowed time.”

I reached for Jai’s hand. His fingers were trembling. Was he in pain?

With a jolt, a memory emerged in my mind. I saw a woman, falling dead before a border patrolman. The little boy in her arms was shivering in the Arizona heat. No, he was having a seizure. “Jai was sick all his life,” I said out loud.

“Yes,” the old woman’s voice replied on the wind. “The reason little William Jaiminez was allowed to stay was that he was too sick to send back.”

With the blink of an eye, the hallucination image changed. I now saw a teenage Jai smoking a joint while gripping his head in pain.

“He was a bad kid,” the old woman murmured.

“Well, I kinda like bad.” I reached out the young Jai, locking eyes with the illusion.

He smiled at me.

I smiled back. This wasn’t real, this was a movie.

Young Jai drew in a breath and whispered, “I wish it was you.”


He cupped my face pulling me in for a kiss. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I was in a church; his wedding day. This version of Jai appeared to be in his early twenties wearing a cheap blue suit. The bride was a light-skinned black girl with dark red hair. She looked so much like Olena. I walked up to the alter, stroking my hand through the image, like a hologram. “You know, Jai, if you didn’t marry Kate you wouldn’t have your little girl.”

“You’re right,” Jai’s voice echoed all around me.

I forcibly blinked my eyes again, and now I was in a hospital room. Jai’s wife was asleep while Jai was sitting alone in a dark room with little Olena in his arms. He was sobbing. But they were tears of joy.

He looked out the window at the moon. “Te echo de menos, Mama.”

I could hear the translation in my head, ‘I miss you, Mom.’ Jai was just an innocent soul, trapped in a cruel world. 

In another blink, I was back in the room. I slipped off my dress, revealing my naked body. Stroking my fingers down my breasts, to my swollen nipples, I felt warm, maternal. The incense seemed to caress my skin, drawing me closer. I needed to be the one to save him, to love him.

Jai was fully clothed. Yet, even as I just stood by the bed,  I could feel the heat of his erection, begging to be freed. I walked my fingers down his stomach, to his hips. ‘Mommy’s going to make you feel all better.’ 

I tore into his belt then his jeans. Jai’s cock was raging hard, pressed against his stomach. My mouth was drawn to his manhood, already wet with pre-cum. I licked him up and down his uncut shaft, my lips settling on his tip.  “You like that?”

“Fuck, Yes!”

I glided his cock to my breasts, letting him fuck my tits.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Shay,” he said between moans. “You’re like an angel.”

“I’m your angel.” I wanted to hold Jai, to comfort him, to give him what he needed. I straddled his hips, prepared to make love to him no matter who was watching.

“Closer,” Jai said in a soft breath. “I want to eat your hot, angelic pussy.”

I couldn’t help but giggle, “Ok.”  The light suddenly became blinding. All I could see was Jai; his radiating mind body and soul. I easily scooted up the bed and straddled his face.

His lips found my clit, as his hand gripped my ass.

I could barely breathe. I closed my eyes, leaning my head back. Arching my neck, I expected to see the ceiling of the spa but instead, I only saw blue sky. His tongue was inside me, penetrating with slow intense motions. I could feel an orgasm building in my core. I started to massage my breasts, squeezing my nipples. I felt soft, feminine lips against my neck.

“Do you want to fuck my daddy?” her voice sounded distorted, inhuman.


“Call me Lenny.”

I orgasm was over, I was back on the room, resting in Jai’s arms as he sat up. “Jai?” Jai’s eyes were dreamily unfocused. He looked drunk or high but I knew the truth. His body was sick with an infection. “Baby?” His leg was throbbing, his muscles in spasm. I could feel the painful heat of infection radiating from his open wounds. I cupped my hand over my mouth in terror. “He needs a doctor,” I said to no one in particular.

“No,” Olena replied. “His heart is already very weak, once the infection spreads, he will pass on.”

I locked eyes with her. “What? How can you say that?”

Olena tiled her head to the side like an owl. “Can I assume that my father told you what happened six years ago?”

“Yeah, he said there was an accident at work.”

Olena shook her head. “My dad had a seizure at work. His heart stopped while he was under a car.”

I gripped Jai’s hand. “And the car just fell?”

“According to the police report; a co-worker tried to move him and in the process, some kind of lever was hit that caused the car the fall on him. My father’s entire upper body was broken; arm, shoulder, sternum, ribs. He was clinically dead. But I don’t have to tell you what that feels like.”

“To break a bone or be clinically dead?”

“To hold your daddy’s hand, knowing there’s nothing you could do to save him.”

I pursed my lips, unable to speak.

“I’m right.” Olena looked at me with dark, sparkly eyes. “How old were you?”

“My father died of an overdose when I was seven.” I’d found his body.

“What did your mother do?”

“Became a slut.” It was why I’d left New York when I turned eighteen.

“Mine too,” Olena said, as she joined us on the bed. “My dad went to rehab for her, I know he did.”

Having Jai on one side and Olena on the other surprisingly didn’t feel strange. It was like they were existing in two separate dimensional planes. “Why were you so cruel back at the hospital?”

“Because that’s what my father expected. He thinks I’m just like my mother, like all women; we abandon him, deny him love and compassion.”

Jai was naked, with his arms around me. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my back. He seemed to be asleep, his body moving of its own fruition, as he cupped my breast, rubbing my nipple with two fingers.

Olena elegant fingers began to stroke my other breast. She kissed my shoulder, down my clavicle. Before I knew it, she was sucking on my nipple.

I had sex with women before and Olena was undeniably beautiful. And to be fair Olena was closer to my age. But sex with a woman, while on an altar, in presence of her gorgeous father- that was a first.

I knew Jai’s legs were in pain so I was more than willing to ride him. “Let me help you.” I gripped his cock with tender pressure, I could practically feel him inside me.

I nearly screamed when he forced me on to my stomach.

Jai pressed his lips to my ear. “On your knees.”

“But your leg?”

“I’ve been in worse pain.” He slapped my ass as he thrust into my pussy. “The first girl I fucked for money, her old man shoved me out a window, broke my leg in three places.” He was balls deep, fucking me with an inhuman intensity. “But I was back the next week, making her scream my name.”

I could feel my muscles tighten, clenching his cock. He felt bigger, stronger. He was fucking me so deep it felt like being fucked by a horse. I collapsed forward, allowing him full control. That was when I noticed Olena, she was naked.

She spread her legs, inviting me to taste her perfectly shaved flower.

I easily found her clit, licking sucking like a nipple. When I paused to breathe. I could feel the soft vibrations of her throbbing bud. This was happening.

I heard Olena moan, all while Jai cock slid in and out.

Moan, swish, groan,
Groan, Groan swish, moan

There were only three distinct sounds; like a recording… or a chant.

This was a hallucination. I figured there were some kind of drugs in the air. That would explain why I could feel everything. I had been fucked by Jai before, and he was good, but not this good. I think.

My thighs shivered as my pussy dripped. With how my walls were clenched, I couldn’t tell if Jai was ejaculating or if I was just that wet.

Olena gripped my hair as I plunged my tongue into her slit. She tasted sweet, like maple syrup. “Fuck her harder, Daddy. I’m so close.”

I wanted to laugh. This was crazy.

Olena; she was his daughter, a military officer. And she was married!

None of this was real. It couldn’t be.  This was a dream: my dream.


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