My Ride-or-die

The man strolled to the diner, taking a seat at the bar. My co-workers chuckled and looked to me. This one was all mine. To them, the tall Latino biker looked dirty, homeless. But I’d seen too much in my life to judge a book by its cover.

“Hi, Welcome to Sunny Day’s diner, have a menu.”


He looks up at me, his dark eyes staring through to my soul. “I think I just want some coffee. I got a long ride ahead.”

“Sure thing.”

His wife had taken his house, his kids, and his only reason for living. So, he did what he had to do, the middle-aged father quit his job, drained his savings and bought a used motorcycle. All with the intent of riding south to end his life.

Now here he was, in a roadside cafe on the southern Nevada border getting waited on by a Jamaican girl from the Bronx. I brought him a cup of coffee on a saucer. “Any cream or sugar?”

“Nah, I like it black.”

“Really?” I brushed my curls from my eyes. If there was one place where my natural hair needed to flow it was the hellish heat of Clark, Nevada.

He placed his hand over mine, the tan of his caramel skin nearly matching my dark complexion. “What’s a beautiful girl like you working in a place like this?” His voice was every bit as sexy; soulfully deep with a thick Spanish accent.

He had big hands, that paired well with his 6’2″ frame. But what I noticed first was the tan line where a wedding ring should have been. “Are you a newly free man?”

“You asking?” He paused to glance at my tits. Or my nametag. “Miss Shannon.”

“My friends call me Shay.”

“Are we friends?”

“I don’t know,” I said, playing with a lock of my hair, “That’s up to you.” My eyes were drawn to his broad chest. His leather riding jacket covered a blue work shirt with a name patch. “Jai?”

“My friends call me Jamie, but you can call me Jai.” He pronounced it like ‘Jay.’ But the way he smiled. The man smiled like a father with wrinkles around his eyes and mouth that drew me in.

I licked my lips. I wanted to taste him, touch him. I crossed my fingers that the feeling was mutual. “Meet me out back for a smoke?”

He smiled again, biting his tongue ever so slightly before he replied. “I’d love to.”

“Pay your bill at the register and meet me by the dumpster.” In hindsight that was a bad idea in the Nevada heat. I told my supervisor I was going on break.

The older woman only laughed. “Try not to get yourself murdered.”

“Come on Mel, he seems sweet.” I made my way to the back ally overlooking the vast Nevada desert. I didn’t actually smoke; it was way to hot the that. But there was something soothing abut just chewing on cigarettes, taking in the aroma.

I hear the roar of an engine.

Jai pulled up on his big, thick Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic. The dirt-encrusted silver bike was the physical manifestation of raw masculinity.

“I’m glad you brought your ride.” I stopped him before he could get off the bike. He wore no helmet. I was surprised he hadn’t choked to death on dirt and bugs. I took a moment to trace my finger over his lower lip. I could feel the heat of his breath. “I hope you like Marlboro, cause it’s all I’ve got.”

“I like it just fine.” He took a cigarette from my pack and lit up with a lighter from his own pocket. He took a deep, long drag, before locking eyes with me again. “God, you’re beautiful.”

“Sit back and relax, I’m sure you earned this.” Ignoring the heat of the smoke, I sat on his lap, discreetly opening his belt, then his jeans.

Jai was covered in sweat but he was so hard the moment he leaned back his gorgeous, uncut, cock popped out to greet me.

I started to rub the tip, working my way down the shaft. “When was the last time your wife sucked you off?”

“A lifetime ago.”

Jai ‘s manhood was more than a mouthful, but I wanted to give it my best shot. I took as much as I could down my throat. I could feel him holding my hair, gripping my curls until my hair hung loose in a massive poof. I wanted to reposition my hands, to reach around and give him more pleasure. But my range of movement was more restricted than I could have liked. Pushing against his grasp, I rose to my feet. “I want to fuck on your bike.”

Jai chuckled. “I think you’re mistaking me for someone twenty years younger.”

I gave him a pouty face. “You got a place to stay?”

“Nah, I’m just passing through.”

“I live at the motel just down the road.” I motioned to the building in the distance. On days that weren’t painfully hot, I could actually walk to work.

Jai put out the cigarette on the side of the building. “Yeah, I’d like that. As long as you got AC.”

I didn’t have AC, but I did have a box fan. We rode made the short ride to my first-floor room. The decrepit open-air motel was as barebones as one could get. Beyond my door was a studio apartment with a single queen-sized bed, toilet, shower and – that’s it. I had my own coffeemaker and hotplate to cook with, along with my box fan. But as I put my key in the lock, with Jai’s arms around me, I felt like a queen. I turned to him. I could feel his erection just begging to be free. “Take your clothes off and get in my shower.”

Jai chuckled. “Sure thing.” He scooped me up in his arms, shutting the door behind him.

Face to face I had my first good look at him. Jai was tall, at least 6’2″. He took off his jacket, revealing arms covered in tattoos and a light blue work shirt that read, ‘W. Jaiminez, Fog City Motors.’ I kissed him once, then twice as I tore off his shirt, revealing his tattooed chest. A massive eagle was spread across his pectorals. On his upper stomach was a snake, slithering down to a sugar skull on his abs. There was lettering, lots of lettering; names quotes, etc. He forced off his belt, pants, all while carrying me to the shower.

He kissed me again, while turning on the shower, drenching us in refreshing cold water. It off my shirt, then my bra, freeing my c-cup tits. My nipples were tender and hard, begging for his cum. I got on my knees squeezing his cock between my breasts trying to ignore the word ‘Vato’ tattoed on his pelvis, slightly obscured by thin, gray, pubic hair. (I had to assume that particular piece was a dare.) I licked the tip tasting his pre-cum. His manhood was salty and sweet. I awkwardly removed my wet skirt, and panties.

I stood up, kissing him under the water flow. I moved his hand to my pussy letting him pet me. I was prepared to let him fuck me in the shower, but he had other ideas.

With the removal of my panties signaling consent, he carried me to the bed, laying me on my stomach. I raised my body into a pushup position and was rewarded with a hard squeeze to my tits. Jai cupped my breasts, his fingers focusing on my nipples as he rammed his cock into my starving pussy. He was fucking me with the intensity of a matador.

Every thrust brought about a climax deep in my core. My legs were trembling. I never realized it was possible to orgasm so hard for so long. My moans turned to screams.

“You like that.” In one smooth motion, he released my left breast, smacked my ass.

“Yeah, I do. Spank me harder, Daddy.”

“I ain’t your daddy.” Jai spanked me again, this time on my outer thigh. His balls were smacking against my ass as he increased his speed.

“Will you be my Papi?” I asked with a gasp.  “I’m just a nasty little slut who needs a big strong Vato to fuck me.”

Jai grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled hard yanking my head backward. “I’ll be your Papi.”

My stomach tightened, I felt like I was about to explode. My muscles squeezed him as hard as I could. “Fuck me the way you fuck your wife.”

Jai moved his hands to my hips. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Then cum, Papi. I want it!”

His warmth filled my core, oozing down my trembling inner thighs. Jai kept going until every last drop was expelled. The man fucked like a twenty-year-old. When he was done, he laid on my bed, his body on full display.

I watched him breathing, the rise and fall of his chest. The beautiful wings of the eagle tattoo seemed to flow with a natural, hypnotic rhythm. “Goodnight, Jai.” I made sure to turn in my box fan before falling asleep in his big strong arms.

I slept the best sleep of my life.

I awoke to the light of the morning sun…and Jai’s body convulsing. ‘Oh fuck.’ I picked up my cell phone to dial 911. I knew what I going to say; Jai was a one-night stand, a biker I picked up for a night of fun.

I threw on an oversize orange sundress that wore like a t-shirt just so I wouldn’t be naked. As I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I held his hand. “Jai, I’m here. I won’t leave you.”

I gave the paramedics Jai’s clothes and wallet with whatever identification he carried. They asked if I wanted to accompany him to the hospital. I knew I had to say yes.

On the way to the hospital. I sobbed harder than I had ever cried. I didn’t care about missing work. I had been homeless before, I could survive. I needed to know Jai would be ok.

I fell asleep in the waiting room, my legs pulled to my chest.

“Family of William Jaiminez,” said the nurse, looking at a clipboard.

“Yes,” I said.

The nurse gave me a side glance, clearly not believing me. “He’s been moved to the ICU, room 206. How are you related to him?”

“I’m his daughter,” I said quickly before I could change my mind. “Is he awake?” I knew if Jai was awake, he would confirm my lie.

Jai was awake but in a lot of pain. His heart had stopped while in the emergency room, and he was injected with adrenaline. This allowed him to remain conscious but forced his body to endure a dangerously high fever. “Shay?”

I took a seat by his side. “I’m here.”

“Get… me… the fuck… out of here.” His voice was weak, muffled by an oxygen mask.

“Tell me the full truth. Who are you?”

That was when I got the full story. It all started six years ago, with a work accident. A car had fallen on him and he nearly died. The bones in his shoulder never healed correctly, causing chronic pain. But since he was on disability the doctors were not inclined to give him access to unlimited drugs, so he had to go to the streets. “I don’t blame Katelyn for leaving me.” His wife of thirty years filed for divorce and full custody of their, then, underage children.

Jai could have chosen to fight, but instead, he chose to disappear. He lived on the streets of Portland, Oregon for a year, saving up his disability payments until he had enough to buy a used motorcycle (or any vehicle he could get his hands on.)

“When’s the last time you saw your family?” I asked.

Jai pursed his lips, and tears swelled in his eyes. “I wore my wedding ring up until about a month ago.”

That answered my question in a roundabout way. “They’ve been in touch with you. Do they know where you are?”

“I don’t know.” He swallowed hard. “But what I do know is, unless you want to be stuck with the medical bill for all this shit, you will help me get out of here.”

“Can you even walk?”

Jai sat up in bed, removing the oxygen mask. He gripped his side in pain but it was clear he had the strength to stand up.

There was a knock at the door, followed by a male voice. “Mr. Jaiminez,” the elderly male doctor groaned as he entered. “We discussed this.”

“I’m refusing treatment,” Jai said, reaching for his IV port.

“Well, then, I can legally put you on a seventy-two-hour hold.” The doctor was completely serious. He turned to me. “How are you related to the patient?”

“I’m his daughter.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow.

“Look, man,” Jai said with an intimidating glare. “Shay may not be my daughter but she’s the only family I’ve got. whatever you want to say to me you can say in front of her.”

“You have late-stage renal cancer.”

Jai only shrugged. “I figured as much.”

“This morning you suffered a seizure.”

Jai smirked. “A seizure?”

“Yes, that is why you need to be under observation. I’ve run some tests and found inflammation that may have spread to your brain tissue.”

Jai sighed and reclined back into bed. “How long do I have to stay here?”

“Until we get the fever under control.”

Jai seemed to calm down, relaxing as he moved the bed control into a more upright position. “Can I at least get something for the pain, Doc?”

That explained it, he wanted drugs.

The doctor obliged; he would send in the nurse with a refill of morphine.

While we waited, Jai motioned for me to come closer. He took my hand, holding it close. “Are my clothes in the room?”

“They’re in a bag behind the bed.”

Jai nodded. “Good.” He moved my hand under his hospital gown, touching the bare skin of his stomach.

I could feel his erect cock pressing against his abs. I rubbed the tip, working in small circles with my thumb.

Jai pulled the blanket over his lap, guiding my hand to jerk him off.

I kept one eye on the door. The nurse would be coming in at any moment. I moved my hand lower, to his balls giving them a tender squeeze. “Close your eyes, Papi.”

I reclined his bed all the way and started to massage his shaft, from the balls to the tip. But I didn’t want him to climax, not yet. I kept his cock pressed flat, so to the naked eye it simply looked like I was holding his hand.

The nurse came in, adding a bag of morphine to Jai’s IV. “Is he ok?”

“Yes, just sleeping.”

After starting the IV, she left as quickly as she came. “Let me know if you need anything.”

I got up and closed the door, placing a chair in front, just for added ‘security.’

I climbed into bed with Jai. He was in a reinforced bed, due to his height and size. So, it was easy for me to slip into his arms. “You ready, Papi?

Jai put his arms around my waist. He slipped a hand under my dress, cupping my bare ass. “Oh fuck, yeah!” He licked his lips. “The moment we get out of here, I want to eat your pussy.”

His chest and arms were so strong, I had a feeling I could sit on his face if I really tried. But I didn’t want to risk damaging hospital equipment. I lifted his gown, revealing his hard cock, moist with pre-cum.

I slid my bare pussy on to him, his thick member filling me up. Every inch of him felt glorious. I rocked my hips, moving up and down his shaft. Thighs quivering, I knew I was already close to climaxing. So, I started to rub my clit just to make it a little extra special.

Jai leaned back, arching his neck. “Yeah, that’s what I like.”

My gaze drifted to a mark on his neck. The solid black tattoo was a curved line, a series of loops. ‘O-l-e-n-a.’ His wife’s name was Kate, who was Olena?

Jai sat up, lifting my dress, his hand palmed my breast. “Take it off.”

I knew it was a bad idea, but at that moment, I wanted so badly to be naked in his arms. In between kisses, I helped him slip off my dress.

Jai smiled. “You have gorgeous tits.” He started on my nipples, taking one in his mouth. The way he licked and sucked sent shivers down my spine.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

He squeezed my tits together, holding both of my nipples in his mouth.

I kept my focus, riding him like a sexual goddess. Jai was mine, all mine.

There was a soft knock, and the door started to creak open. Any sane person would have gotten off the bed, but fuck sanity.

The chair crashed to the ground, but we kept going. I sank my nails into Jai’s back as I climaxed deep and hard.

The light of the hallway flooded the room. “Dad?”

Jai froze, looking straight at the door. “Olena?” He was still inside me, holding me close so I was unable to turn around.

Hospital security would be by to fix that soon enough.

Chapter 2

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