Wild Angels

In honor of the ending and approaching publication of two new novels, I want to take a look back at my top 5 characters inspired by real people.

5 Jamie (featured in novel: Book of Leo) inspired by-

(BooBoo Stewart)


The character of Jamie is a mystical enigma. He was inspired by a yahoo article about a girl who cut out her own eyes to honor God- meth is one hell of a drug. But she truly believed.

I became a fan of Actor/musician BooBoo Stewart from his work in Twilight and later X-Men. He seems to always play iconic characters who a just powerful enough to make an impression while blending into the background.

Wild Angels by dourdan

4 Alicia (featured in novels: Book of Leo, Mystical Trash) inspired by- (MadeYewlook)


Party girl Alicia is the epitome of Beloit, Wisconsin glam, and the supernatural abilities that come with that. Girls of Beloit have a remarkable ability to lure men like sirens. Alicia attempts to use her powers for ‘good,’ but her wendigo lineage makes her a target.

MadeYewlook is a Chicago based internet celebrity known for her body paint photos (hence her being the inspiration behind Alicia’s wendigo abilities.) But beyond that, she looks like the type of superhero that no villain (male, female, midwestern or otherwise) could ever take down.


3 Tony (featured in novels: Book of Leo, Mystical Trash) inspired by- (Mystical Mike)


The character Tony has a difficult life. Inspired by the worst of Beloit, Wisconsin, he’s a lost soul looking for redemption. And he finds it though love, drugs, relationships, and art. (Which was probably why the actual Mystical Mike blocked me on Instagram.)

Mystical Mike is a tattoo artists/reality star and as the subject of quite a few of my fanarts. He has an angelic face and a very unique way of seeing the world, making him the perfect (what’s the male word for a damsel in distress?)



2 Sunny (featured in novels: Book of Leo, Mystical Trash) inspired by- (Dove Cameron)



Sunny is a variation on a character from my original novel.  Originally she was Sara, a smart, kind-hearted teen who devoted her life and happiness to her terminally ill brother. But Sunny is a little different; Sunny lives in a world of witches, wendigos, and superheroes.

That why I took inspiration from Dove Cameron, star of the Disney Descendants series where she plays the daughter of the world’s most famous witch.


1 Leo (Torell Madsen)




The chronicles of Leonardo Riveria is a prequel to ‘Mystical Trash,’ in that Leo is a traveler/spirit hunter who fights for both heaven and hell. Inspired by the chaotic neutral nature of certain Mortal Kombat characters and the calm, friendly demeanor of a certain southern X-men character.

Torell Madsen is an internet celebrity known for his modeling on Instagram and the fashion runways of California and Colorado. He’s also a total fanboy who loves gaming, Marvel, DC, Disney and all aspects of pop-culture, as seen on his Instagram.


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3 thoughts on “Wild Angels

  1. Publication of two new novels! I think I’ve been away too long, bravo! : D Best of luck with both <3 <3 <3


  2. Best of luck with the novels!! I look forward to reading them.

    I get inspiration from real life people too, only in a different way. I had a picture of her, and Aysha in my mind, and then I thought about which celebrities they most look like. Zee looks like Italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno, and Aysha resembles Bryce Dallas Howard.

  3. I look forward to reading your novels!! That is exciting.

    I also get inspiration from real people, just in a different way. I had a picture in my head of what my main characters Zee and Aysha look like, and then I thought about which celebrities they resemble. Zee looks like italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Aysha resembles Bryce Dallas Howard.

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