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Guess what’s new on my Amazon page!
I’ve wanted to give Amazon KDP a try, so I sent over a few of my more popular stories.

Caterpillar is chapter 1-5 (before the time jump)

“Just Johnny,” I said. I tossed her a bag of M&Ms, the candy fell at her feet.

She was blushing as she picked up the bag and quickly pocketed it. “I’m L.”


“That’s a little kid’s name, how old do you think I am?” As she stood up straighter, she appeared taller with more defined features. “The name’s L, like the letter. I don’t like people knowing my full name.”

Next, I put out a multi-chapter, fairy-tale romance (I really like how this cover turned out.)

Ocean Prince is a little shorter and, unlike Caterpillar, this will not be part of a series. But UNLIKE my horror and erotica/romance titles, this is a sweet little love story for ALL ages.

The half-naked man sat up. He had tan skin the color of coffee ice-cream and wore his long dark brown hair in braids. He had a tattoo of a starfish on his wrist, overall he could have been mistaken for a typical tourist perhaps even a college student.

Elena swore she could see wings made of pastel-colored light. She watched as the stranger dove off the seafoam raft and swam to shore.

“So this is Hawaii?” he said in a soft gentle voice. Some might have called him a stoner or a flower child. But to Elena he sounded like a surfer; a child of the ocean.

Elena watched with awe as the raft disappeared into the waves. “Yeah, welcome to Honolulu.”

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