Angel’s Curse

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For the record, my name is Johnathan Phoenix Desilva, and, as of December 24th, I’m thirty-one-years-old. I only say that part because I feel like my age justifies how, ‘off’ I feel.

New Year’s day I proposed to my longtime girlfriend, Jenessa ‘Jen’ Quinto-Foster. I should not have been as scared as I was. everyone present knew what I was going to do. Maybe that’s why. I asked her, in front of an audience of family, friends and my ex-wife.

Ok, that will require an explanation. You see, our family tree is kinda twisted into a knot. My first wife, Sara Foster was the sister of Jen’s late husband Sean Foster.

Sean was my friend. He truly cared about me and tried to warn me about my drug addict cousin’s blatant attempt to break up my marriage. He was a good man, too good for this world.


The story is a time jump from the ending of Dakota Son part 2, but touching on elements of the past that happened WAY before the events of Dakota Son. So whether or not you have read Dakota Son this story will be a fun little taste of paranormal/romance.

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