Chasing Waves (abridged)

I wanted to post a “Safe for work,” abridged, version of my erotica Novella
NSFW version posted here!
chapter 1:

Diego Quinto was an Air Force staff sergeant on vacation leave in Hawaii, his reward for coming back alive from a six-month deployment to the worst place imaginable. There were images in his head that would never go away; not with alcohol, or pills- no, he needed to return to his happy place.

Diego had heard of the transgender culture of a particular street, where military men would go for a blow job or something inexpensive. But Diego wanted more; the Texan wanted to be dominated, he wanted to be fucked. And for $150 he found a long-legged blonde, with eyes like the ocean and lips the color of a cherry Icee.

“You’re eighteen, right?” The tall blonde woman asked as she leaned into his open car window. She wore a denim miniskirt, with her panties clearly visible, and a certain appendage slipping out the side. Jolene was clearly older than him, but her face was youthful, sweet, and beautifully feminine, even with the minimal amount of makeup she wore.

“The age of consent in Hawaii is sixteen,” Diego replied with a Cheshire-cat smile. He was twenty-five, with a ballbusting girlfriend waiting for him stateside. But at that moment all he had on his mind was the address of a nearby hotel he had already checked in a gotten a key. He figured if he was unsuccessful in finding a partner willing to go all the way he could still use the room to jerk off and get shit-faced. “What’s your name, Chica?”

“It ain’t Chica, Don Juan.”

“What is it? What do I call you?”

“Jolene,” she replied as she climbed into the passenger seat of his rented Honda.


“Jolene, Joleene, Joleeeeene,” she sang in a voice that was the perfect combination of latina sexy with a country drawl. “Oh, I’m begging of you please don’t take my man.”

“Oh, you’re THAT Jolene?” Diego chuckled.

Jolene laughed. “Smart ass: just for that, I want payment upfront.”

“That was the plan.” Diego already had a keycard, knowing he would be so hard, he would need to go straight to the room. He parked the car and looked at Jolene while fishing the wad of bills from his wallet. She was looking out the window so he took a chance and stroked her hair, then kissed her neck. “You smell like a pina colada.”

“It’s what the clients expect,” she said with a flirtatious giggle, leaning into his touch. “If I smelled like Versace no one would take me seriously as an island girl.” Her speaking voice was truly impressive. She had the voice of someone in the process of transitioning; soft and distinctly feminine with a hint of an accent and just enough depth of tone to betray her birth gender.

Diego chuckled and moved his hand to her thigh. “Versace?” he wanted to ask where her accent was from. It was clear she had class; how did a girl like her end up turning tricks in Hawaii?

The way she looked at him made his heart race. Her eyes were the most exotic green he had ever seen, like a movie star from another world. “What are you looking at?” she licked her glossy lips and batted her fake eyelashes.

All he could do was smile. Diego couldn’t even remember the last time his girlfriend looked at him with such passion. even if she was faking it, she was good. “Room 204- I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

She bit her lip as if stifling laughter.

But Diego didn’t care. He climbed the stairs, entered the room, turning on the lights. He paused for a moment before unlocking the door. The energy of the moment was palpable. The young soldier’s body was about to combust at any moment if he didn’t strip himself of everything holding this raw power at bay.

Jolene followed at her own pace. He figured her silver platform heels probably weren’t ideal for speed-walking. She shut the door, locked it, and joined him on the bed. “Cool down solider. you’ve been on deployment or something?”

“God, I wish.” Diego bit his lip and closed his eyes.

Jolene chuckled. “You’re just a baby.” She started to undress, removing her shoes then unzipping her skirt.

“Nah, I got a baby on the way.”

“You don’t sound too happy about it. You going to marry the condom-breaking bitch?” Jolene teased as she took his free hand and placed it on her abs. Jolene’s stomach was flat, slender. With her mid-drift showing it was clear she didn’t have an hourglass figure. He had seen performers fake a female figure with corsets, some even removed ribs. But Jolene was just strong.

“It takes two to tango.” Diego sat up, just enough to cop a feel.

“Yeah, it does. Do you like what you see?”

“You know I do.” Diego chuckled. He laid back, drawing attention to a tattoo: the word ‘Vato” in block letters written across his abs.

“Vato,” Jolene said with a smirk. “You know that word just means, ‘friend’, right? It just sounds like some ghetto shit.”

Diego chuckled, licking his palms. “You can suck me off or you can just watch- doesn’t matter to me in the slightest.” Diego had the word “San Antonio” across the top of his stomach. As he arched his back, his body displayed the words “‘San Antonio Vato,’ accompanied by black and gray images of flowers, skulls and other typical tattoos that could be created with homemade pens.

Jolene only laughed. “Damn, you have some ugly-ass tattoos.”

Diego smiled. “You have any better ones?”

“I do.” Jolene took off her low-cut top, revealing her padded bra. She had neither top nor bottom surgery. But what she did have was an elaborate rosary tattooed down the side of her ribs, extending down to her hips.

“Nice,” Diego said in a moan as he motioned for her to lay beside him.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn gorgeous.”

When she was finished she licked her lips. “Yum,” Jolene said in an adorable, flirtatious, voice as she made herself comfortable on the pillow next to him.

“You want to know why I am the way I am?” Diego leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Fear can do beautiful, powerful things.”

“Fear? You talking about prison or something?”

“Nah,” he said with a laugh. “That would have been my future if not for the love of my family and my people. While some were shooting up, getting high- I sought out a higher power.”


“The power of fucking and cumming, with a little pinch of exhibitionism.”


“The secret to a true exhibitionist high is getting a room full of guys to join in.”

“Tell me more.”

“On my first deployment as an NCO. I caught one of my men jerking it to a picture of his girl.”

Jolene shook her head at the absurd direction of the story. “Ok, what did you do?”

“I asked if I could join him. It was just like holding a conversation with someone at the gym. We talked, about life, out hopes and fears. Then I helped him out a little.” Diego cocked his head with a sly smile.

Jolene licked her lips, clearly into his kind of crazy. “Do tell, Vato.”

“I massaged his chest, shoulders, and then we kissed,” Diego whispered the next part in her ear. “We made love.”

“That’s kinda hot.”

“Whatever you want to call it, we shared a deep profound connection.”

“I get it; you shared your strength, like how the ancient Greek warriors used to have sex with younger soldiers. Greek or Roman, it’s been a while since I took a history class.”

“All I know is; what happens on deployment stays on deployment,” Deigo said in a breathy whisper as he leaned over her, “if you get my drift.”

“Yup, that explains why you have a pregnant girlfriend waiting for you back in Texas- the perfect life for the perfect soldier.”

“Something like that.” Diego wanted so badly to feel her body writhing with orgasm. “Spread your legs, let me make you feel good.”

Jolene’s back arched as her chest heaved. She went limp, melting into his loving embrace. She turned to him and offered a sweet, gentle kiss. “How long do you have the room for?”

“As long as we want,” Diego replied confidently. In truth, he only had it for that day.

The lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms. They awoke the next morning to the typical but loud ringtone of Diego’s cell phone. As a computer tech, he was on call, even on this ‘vacation.’ “I gotta get to the base.”

“Oh? I thought you were on vacation?”

“Paid leave,” Diego said with a groan. “The price of a free trip to the big island.”

“Can I see you again?” Jolene asked meekly like it was costing her to admit she wanted to stay in touch. “How long are you in town?”

Diego admitted the unfortunate truth. “I leave next week, heading back to Texas.”

“Oh,” Jolene replied, disappointed.

He was smiling his same Cheshire-cat smile. “Can I get your number?”


“Yeah, Chicha,” Diego said as he took a seat on the bed. “We can hang out, have a little fun,” he moved in for a kiss, “and next time I’m in Hawaii I’ll drop you a line- how does that sound?” Diego stroked the bottom of her chin, raising her face to look into his eyes.

Jolene smiled back at him. “Sounds good, Vato.”

chapter 2:

Diego Quinto had primarily been stationed in Japan but after his previous deployment, he had been granted three months of leave to return to Texas and marry his (then) pregnant girlfriend, Suzanna.

After what felt like an eternity of ‘vacation’ Diego was offered a way out; a ticket back to the life he loved. His squadron was being sent to Hawaii, for a pre-deployment training mission. The goal was to test the capabilities of some new communications technology in the desolate, volcanic regions of the island.

Thousands of miles away from the drama of Texas, Diego was having fun. All until the moment he managed to hurt himself in the most brain-dead of ways. While setting up a checkpoint marker Diego, lost in his own thoughts, somehow ended up tripping on a patch of rough terrain- resulting in an injured knee.

Although he was able to stand on his own, his commander deemed the injury severe enough to warrant a hospital visit. Depending on the nature of the injury Diego risked being pulled from the deployment rotation entirely.

A male nurse checked him in and took his vitals. “Now that you’re all checked in I’m going to hand over the reins to my work-study student.”

A woman entered, her face concealed by a clipboard. “Hello, I’m…” The voice, the soft feminine voice with only the slightest masculine undertones. The accent that was a heavenly mix of Hispanic-Hawaiian and southern drawl.

Diego couldn’t help but smile. “Jolene?”

“You two know each other?”

“In another life.”

“I’ll just leave you two to get reacquainted.” The nurse left, shutting the door.

Jolene took another look at the chart. Her eyes were obscured by long eyelashes. She was clearly wearing a lot of makeup. “It says you hurt your knee?”

Diego nodded, his focus was on just how much of her was changed. Did she get the operation?- Was she completely female? “Yeah, a lame mistake. I practically tripped over my own feet.”

“Lay back,” she said with a sigh. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, letting it out of its ponytail, “let me take a look.”

Diego did as she asked, although he was certain she was supposed to be checking his temperature and blood pressure.

He wanted to get back to training. He was close to every man in his squadron and was really looking forward to spending two months in the peaceful seclusion of Northern Africa.

(Peaceful compared to life with his ball-busting, hormonal, wife.)

Jolene looked so beautifully feminine, like an angel of mercy. Or maybe she was just the polar opposite of the woman he left behind.

“What are you staring at?” she asked sweetly.

“Your hair. I almost forgot how beautiful it was.” Diego was fascinated; Jolene’s dark blonde hair looked so real. When she was turning tricks he could have sworn her hair was too perfect to be real; it had to be a wig or more likely a weave, hair extensions sewn into her natural locks.

“You never called,” Jolene said softly, as she walked her fingers up his thigh.

“Been Busy,” Diego replied in a gasp. He could feel the warmth of her skin, her long perfectly shaped nails. “But we can talk now.”

“Of course.”

Diego knew he needed to calm down. Reaching for the nearby table he grabbed the most un-sexual item he owned- his wallet. “Would you like to see my son?”

Within the pockets of the plain black wallet was a photo of his new wife and son. The image was taken just after the baby was born. His wife looked exhausted but, for the first time, genuinely happy. “Campbell Ryan Quinto.”

“Aww, he’s darling,” Jolene said as she glanced at the photo. “I hope you’re planning on calling him Cam, or something.”


“I mean, ‘Campbell’- it sounds a little … well, you know…”

Diego knew what she meant, the name was a little pretentious for his liking, “It was my father-in-law’s name.”


“My wife’s father died when she was sixteen. Does that still make him my father-in-law?” It was a stupid question but nothing could be more awkward than the feeling of a hard-on combined with the sharp pain in his knee.

“I think so.”

“Did having a kid fix your relationship?”

“Not in the slightest,” Diego sighed. His wife was as cruel as ever. It was clear she married him for his money. But little Cam was the light of her world. That was all he could ask for; she did her thing back on the mainland while Diego did his.

“Your knee looks pretty bad. I can get you something for the pain.”

“Um, yeah,” Diego swallowed hard, “thanks.” This situation was all kinds of inappropriate. Jolene was a medical professional, he was a man with a child.

Jolene made some notes and left the room. She quickly returned with an IV kit.

“That was fast.”

“Yup,” she replied. “The kits are right outside.” She pulled up a stool next to the bed. “Now let’s see if I can find a vein on the first try.”

Diego was impressed with her ability to locate a vein and flawlessly insert the needle. “You’re certainly talented.”

“The floor doctor gave me permission to start you on saline and morphine. You’re likely going to be checked in, after an X-ray.” Jolene secured the IV with tape. “So, do you want to have sex?”

“Is that still something you do?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Not for money,” Jolene explained. She stood up and locked the door. “I turned my life around. I’m going to school, found a new place to live; even landed this sweet gig.” Jolene pulled a pair of nail scissors from her pocket, twirling them between her slender fingers.

“And you’re willing to risk it all?” Diego asked with a smile. Part of him hoped she was serious- maybe this would turn into something out of a porno movie.

“I’m willing to help out an old friend.” Jolene started by cutting off his briefs off. Working completely under Diego’s hospital gown she put on gloves and added lotion to her hands. “I hope it’s not too cold.”

“That feels real nice.”

Jolene licked her shiny lips. “You look so gorgeous, just writhing in pleasure.”

“My turn to do you?” he asked in a whisper.

“We can do whatever we want,” Jolene says with a wicked grin. “After I get the doctor to sign off on a medical waiver.”

“You think that’s necessary?” Diego asked innocently, but he knew what she meant. If he didn’t deploy with his squadron he might be able to stay in Hawaii, for the time being. He was a skilled engineer with teaching experience.

“You want to stay with me?” Jolene asked. “I mean not ‘with me’ of course, that would be a one-way ticket to a dishonorable discharge for marital infidelity. Buy if you volunteered to stay …”

Diego smiled. It was clear, despite the fact they lost contact she had never forgotten him. “That could be fun.”

With a medical waiver on record, he was invited to stay on base as a tech liaison. It was a position that would keep him in Hawaii for nearly two months. Diego was, of course, given a room at the on-base hotel. That room would play host to his luggage and personal belongings, while he spent every free moment with Jolene.

As a student, Jolene stayed in a studio apartment not far from where she lived when she worked as a prostitute. Jolene was still friends with hookers, strippers, and even drug dealers in the area. Diego would come to learn that she and all her friends had connections to the military community; they knew secrets, made friends and with knowledge came opportunity and security.

Diego saw many other military men in the area, from soldiers to officers but they all kept each other’s secrets. He even met Conner, Jolene’s former lover; a medical officer who landed her the spot in the nursing program.

That night, Jolene was able to cook an impressive meal of grilled steak and fried rice using her heating plate. She was always an amazing cook but that night was special.

“Conner!” Jolene squealed with delight as she opened the door. Diego was waiting inside, all he knew was it was the officer’s first night back on the big island.

Lt Col Conner Matthews was a large African-American man in his late thirties. He had brought with him a bottle of Hennesy, which Jolene mixed with whatever was on hand.

“Hennesy and OJ!” Conner said with a smile. “I haven’t had this since college.”

Diego was wearing only swim trunks, having spent the day on the beach. His chest full of tattoos were on full display. “Jolene says you run the hospital?”

“One of many; my position at Hickam, is actually considered a special assignment.”

“So where’s home?”

“Home?” The very word caused Conner to laugh.


“Home is on the waves; home is freedom,” Conner explained that he had a wife and three kids back in Oklahoma. He had married his high-school sweetheart, who lived in a house that he fully paid for with his military benefits. “Pretty sure my old lady is cheating on me.”

Diego nodded. “I get you, man. I got a wife and kid back in Texas.”

“Yeah, that’s the thing about our profession,” he said, taking a long swig of his drink. “You come in as a young kid, afraid of living and dying alone, so you marry the first girl who let you come inside her.”

Jolene took a seat next to Conner, kicking her legs up on his lap. “That’s why I love military men. You grew up as little boys playing soldier, wanting to make your daddies proud. And now you’re stuck playing dress up. I know a little about playing dress up for a living.”

Diego watched as Conner pulled Jolene onto his lap. He knew what she meant. Men like him and Conner lived in uniform, performing in a literal ‘theater.’ Their only refuge was the forbidden, the unknown. “Gotta love chasing waves for a living.”

Those words caused Jolene to turn to him. She licked her lips. “I think you need to take your swim-trunks off.”

“I’ll need your assistance.” Diego’s knee was in a brace, limiting his range of motion. But it almost felt wrong to not be naked in Jolene’s apartment.

It seemed Conner felt the same way. He wore an open shirt but little by little his hands seemed to slip into his cargo shorts.

“You like what you see, Lt Col Matthews?” He knew this was what Jolene wanted.

“I think I do.”

Jolene started to massage Diego’s chest and shoulders with her soft, warm, hands. “Lay back, soldier, make yourself comfortable.” She positioned Diego on the sofa, putting his body on display like the main course.

Conner moaned, “You are wicked, Jo…”

They had their fun, but it seemed the only one that didn’t get to climax was Jolene. “Does anyone else want a beer?” She was still in her t-shirt and shorts.

Diego watched Her long legs, the curve of her hips as she bent over to grab a six-pack of Coors. “I’ll take a beer.”

Conner stood up on shaky legs. “I need to get going, I have an early shift tomorrow.”

Something about the way Jolene giggled made Diego think that was not true. “Cool. See you, man.”

Diego held Jolene close, resting her head on his naked chest. “So this is you now, Jolene the nurse- the healer?”

Jolene ran her fingers through her hair, revealing for the first time that it was undoubtedly her own. “I turned my life around, I’m going to become the person I always wanted to be.”

Diego knew what she meant; she wanted to get the surgery- she wanted to fully become female. “I think you’re beautiful the way you are.”

She laughed an awkward laugh.

“What, you don’t believe me?” He put down his beer and reached for her thigh, wrapping her leg over him. “You’re already on hormones, right? You don’t need surgery or any of that shit.”

She glanced at him with a sigh. “I’ve been on hormones for a little over a decade. I want to be something more than a kid from Louisiana who took a wrong turn at Hollywood.”

“Yeah.” Diego had gotten to know bits and pieces of the ‘past Jolene’ (she wouldn’t even tell him her birth name.) She was a high school drop out, a wannabe model, dancer, who took a free trip to Hawaii and never looked back. “I wish you would let me know the real you.”

“Maybe if you were mine,” the words slipped from her lips in a whisper.

“What?” Diego asked with an awkward chuckle.

“It’s nothing,” she said as she started to stand up. Her voice was breaking. “Just a dream.”

“Hey,” Diego sat up and grabbed her arm. Turning her face to his, it was clear she was crying. “I love you, Jolene.”

“I love you too. That’s why I’d never ask you to leave your family.” She cupped her hand over her mouth. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the moonlight. “You have a little boy who needs you. I-I need to get some air.” Jolene stood up and walked to the window throwing open the bar she let in a rush of the warm night air.

Diego stood up by her side. He put his arms around her waist. She was so slender, so fragile. Burying his face in her neck, inhaling her sweet, island scene, he wanted to hold her in that moment forever. “You’re all I need.”

Jolene lifted his face to look into his eyes. “I can’t be that for you. But I will make you a promise; where ever life takes us, I’ll be your safe haven, I’ll be your soft place to fall- I’ll always be here. And I’ll always be your Jolene.”

chapter 3:

The years flew by in a blur of anger, resentment and emotional pain. Diego stayed with his family for as long as he could, but he made more money taking deployment positions- and money was what Suzanna wanted. In public, she would of course claim otherwise. But when their little son, Cam, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, she took him to a pediatric specialist in California and complained when the military would not foot the bill.

“I can’t get a job!” she shouted into the phone at Diego, who was halfway around the world in South Korea. “My job is to fight for our son! Your job is to foot the bill since apparently, the US Military doesn’t give a shit about the life of a child!”

The Military’s healthcare system, like any healthcare system, was flawed. But Cam’s situation was unique. The pre-schooler had a rare strain of blood cancer that metastasized in his liver. Diego and Suzanna were both unsuitable to donate blood or tissue, meaning the poor child would have to rely solely on chemo and other chemical methods of keeping the illness at bay.

A fact that tore Diego to the core. Part of him believed that this was God’s punishment; he couldn’t find a way to love Suzanna, so he was going to lose the one thing that kept them together, the one thing that was the light of his otherwise bleak existence.

With tears in his eyes, Diego quickly hung up on his wife. He looked at the clock, his break was over and he needed to get back to work. A newly ranked master sergeant, Diego was a systems engineer, keeping track of the network health of the US military computer systems throughout Asia and the Pacific. There was a separate network for Europe and the Middle East, but he traveled there nearly as often. Diego had even been offered a teaching position at a tech school in San Antonio, which he declined. If he was going to waste his life working and drinking, he might as well do it someplace exotic.

And then there was Jolene.

His old friend had finished her degree in nursing and now worked a full-time position at the base hospital back in Hawaii. They communicated through work email, a process that forced them to maintain a strictly professional relationship.

He didn’t ask if she had completed her gender reassignment surgery, despite the fact that she now was in a perfect position, financially, to do so. In fact, he hadn’t even seen a photo of her in over a year.

“I think I have a way for you to come visit,” she said on a call to his direct line, in late summer.

Diego was surprised to even hear her voice. “Really?”

“The hospital is trying to launch a new patient server and the people working on it are in desperate need of a leader. Unless you have plans.”

“Nothing that would top meeting up with my best friend,” he tried to remain professional, but there was a noticeable joy in his tone. When would I start? Would this count as a deployment assignment?”

“Yes. According to the Colonel that I spoke with, this would count as a deployment since you would only be here for the duration of the project. But hey- it’s Hawaii and I miss you. Should I put your name in the running?”

Diego, agreed and less than a week later he received confirmation; he would be heading to Hawaii just in time for Halloween.

Jolene met him at the airport, shaking hands like a professional military liaison. She wore a plain blue suit, with her long blonde hair is pulled back into a bun. “Welcome to Hawaii, Master Sargent Quinto.” She smiled her sweet, sexy smile, with her glossy lips.

“Thank you, Miss.” Diego smiled a wide smile, with a slight chuckle. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so genuinely happy.

“I’ll take you to the base hotel, and then we can party at my place.”

After checking Diego into the on-base hotel they headed to Jolene’s apartment. It was a nice place, off base with an impressive ocean view. Diego took a seat on the patio, wearing only a t-shirt and jeans. “You have plans for Halloween?” he asked as Jolene poured them drinks from her mini-bar.

“Nah.” Jolene ran her fingers through her hair, letting her long blonde locks fall over her slender shoulders. “But I can dress up for you.”

“Maybe after a few more drinks.”

Jolene shrugged. “Suit yourself.” She knew all about his marriage issues, his son’s illness, but she was also aware of how he buried himself in work.

“You ever think about enlisting?” The thought only crossed his mind because it would give them the opportunity to be together on the same continent.

“Enlisting as what?” Jolene asked with a laugh.

“A medical officer, maybe work towards becoming a doctor. The military would pay for your education-.”

“I mean, what name would I use? Jolene, or …” She took a long sip from a bottle of whiskey.

“Were you about to tell me your birth name?”

“The name on my birth certificate is someone I left behind years ago.”

“I know, it’s your dead name, but come on, just for shits and giggles- what was it?”

“Fine.” Jolene sighed. “If you must know it’s Jenson Riveria.”

“Your name is Jenson?” he asked with a laugh.

“My friends called me Jen and teachers called me J.”

“Jen- I like it. So, why’d you pick Jolene for your new name?”

“Jolene is more me; wild, messed up girl with a wild messed up life.”

“Life is always messed up.” Diego held out his cup for a refill. “That’s the reason why I love you.”

Jolene had drunk over half the bottle but there was enough left to share. “Don’t start saying stupid shit.”

“It’s the truth. You and me, we’re like the river and the highway.” Diego took a long sip before starting to sing the classic country ballad. “Every now and then, she offers him a shoulder. Every now and then he overflows.”

“I’m pretty sure the highway is supposed to be the guy.”

“You’re the one with the wise heart and strong shoulders. I’m the one who overflows.”

“Every now and then, a bridge crosses over, it’s a moment every lover knows.” Jolene ended her lyric with a smile. “Yeah, I like that song.”

Diego had been drinking his problems away for over a year so it didn’t take much for him to lose his inhibitions. “I can’t remember the last time I felt so good.”

“Go take a shower, you smell like an international flight.” Jolene then disappeared from view.

Diego stood up and made his way to the bathroom. It wasn’t hard to find. Adjacent to the master bedroom was a sparkly blue paradise; a clawfoot tub, shower, vanity and a closet (which he assumed housed the toilet.) He stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower. He usually knew to let the water warm up before stepping in but at this point, he didn’t care. His body felt hot all over.

“Were you really going to start without me?” Jolene’s lips were pressed against his ear. ‘Clink-clink’, she locked a pair of handcuffs on his wrists. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to bathe you, then we’re going to walk to my bed and I’m going to fuck your worries away.”

Diego laughed.

“You think I’m kidding?” She dug her nails into his chest, tracing the San Antonio block-text tattoo. With a nearby sponge, she bathed him with body wash, then quickly rinsed him off with warm water. “Good boy, nice and clean.” With a firm grip, she started to drag Diego by his wrists.

He allowed Jolene to lay him face down on the bed. And she treated him to a night of pure fun.

When it was all over they collapsed in each other’s arms, their bodies sticky with sweat. Diego had no words, he simply looked into Jolene’s eyes, lost in her beauty. Her room was a paradise of bondage, toys, and fantasy. Was it possible she never let anyone close enough to see the real Jolene?

“You can’t stay the night,” she said with sadness in her voice.

“What?” Diego couldn’t believe she was kicking him out. “Give me a second. I don’t think my legs could hold my weight right now.”

“Fine,” she said with a sigh, cuddling close. “But you have to leave as soon as you can. This was fun, but we can’t risk our careers.”

Diego understood. He kissed her forehead. “You’re right.”

“And you need to have another kid.”

Diego laughed at her strange suggestion. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“For your son. I know you and Suzanna aren’t viable donors, but you might get lucky and produce a kid who’s a perfect match.”

“The thought of sticking my dick in my wife…”

“Go to a fertility clinic; jerk off in a cup and pay some doctor to inject it into her cunt.”

Diego knew she was right. He needed to go back to his family. “If I do manage to have a second child I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it back to Hawaii.”

“I know. Just do me a favor; if you have a girl, consider naming her Jen.”

chapter 4:

Ten years later: Msgt Diego Quinto’s life was a barrage of bullets, deployments, violent arguments with his wife, and chemo- a seemingly endless round of chemo for his, now thirteen-year-old, son Cam. His only light was his little daughter, five-year-old Jenessa. (His wife called her Jenny, but to him, she was Jen.) Little Jen lived as an organ and tissue donor to her sick brother. And when that failed she was physically and emotionally abused by Diego’s evil wife while he was working half a world away. If he could do it all again, he would have gone AWOL and stolen his children. They could have lived in Canada, or Mexico- either way he would have kept them safe. But none of that mattered since he was about to die.

During a supply convoy operation in Uganda, his men came under fire. Then things started exploding; RPGs, landmines, etc. The attackers seemed to want more than to rob them of their cargo, they wanted to send a message. ‘Message received’, the very idea made Diego laugh, as he lay on a gurney in the helicopter, to be taken to the nearest base. He closed his eyes, giving in to the pain of the third-degree burns on his back and legs. As a teenager, back home in Texas, he had worked at an upscale grocery store where he was constantly bitched out by customers. They didn’t want ‘his kind’ in their presence. It was a feeling not unlike what Diego felt when he held an eighteen-year-old dying soldier in his arms. ‘You don’t want us here, we get it. But trust me we don’t want to be here either.’

Diego closed his eyes, allowing his mind to slip away to the rhythm of the ambient sound of warfare. But when he awoke he was back in Hawaii. “Hello?” he said in a weak breath. Logically he would have been taken to Germany, like any other soldier wounded in a deployment. But from the light of the window, he could clearly see Hawaii. And then he heard her voice.

“You were in a coma for three weeks, Vato.” Jolene’s voice was rough, sightly deep like that of a smoker.

Diego tried to move his arm but the pain that shot through his shoulder caused his heart rate to spike.

“You need to relax, D, your heart is very weak.”

“My heart?”

“You needed over a dozen surgeries, but the doctors in Germany still couldn’t repair the nerve damage. During your last surgery, you went into cardiac arrest. So you were put in a medicated coma and transferred here, to my hospital.”

The way she said ‘My Hospital’ filled Diego with pride. “What do you do here?”

“Mostly Admin stuff, the kind of busy work that you get when you have the drive but not the advanced degree.” Jolene took a seat by his side, holding his hand. “I tried contacting your family, unfortunately, all I’ve gotten is your wife who promises to ‘pass along the message.’ But you have my word: I will get in contact with your children.”

Diego nodded, unable to suppress his level of emotion. “I don’t deserve a friend like you.”

“You deserve more.” Her hand slipped from his as she stood up.

“Jolene?” Diego tried to grip her hand, but his fingers only trembled. “Please stay.”

“I have to go.”

As she moved her hand, he touched her finger. She wore a ring. “Are you married?”

She chuckled nervously. “I have someone. She’s really sweet, you’ll get to meet her soon.”


“Dr. Jennifer Grace, she’s a resident in the physical therapy department.”

“You fell in love with a Jen?”

Jolene smiled. “I guess I did.”

Diego smiled back, this was truly where he wanted to be.

The next day, Diego had the chance to meet Dr. Jen Grace, who supervised his physical therapy. She was a tall brunette woman with an athletic build. If he had to guess she looked Norwegian, maybe Scottish. “Before you even ask, Jolene told me all about your kink.”

Diego blushed. “You’re trans?”

“What? Am I too pretty to be trans?”

Diego thought for a moment. She was tall, with strong facial features and dark, dramatic eyes.

“I’m not trans,” she said with a laugh. “But if you thought I was, I would take it as a compliment.”

“Jo told you all about me?”

“She told me how you like to fuck anything with a pulse. Maybe we can use that to our advantage.”

Diego had no idea what she meant by that, but he was intrigued.

Dr. Grace pushed Diego in a wheelchair to the physical therapy center. He wished he could have done therapy from the privacy and comfort of his room. His body was in pain as he attempted to stand, balancing himself on the parallel bars. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I’m going to be right behind you,” Dr. Grace said confidently.

He was able to stand up straight, with more strength then he expected. But that didn’t last long.

Diego wanted so badly to pull himself back up. There were at least four other patients and countless doctors and nurses, he needed to maintain his pride.

“Relax, Diego,” Dr. Grace said in a kind, gentle voice. “Lay back on the mat, I’m going to massage your legs.” She turned to a fellow doctor working with another patient. “James, could you be a dear and lock the door.”

Jolene appeared in the doorway, looking sexy, yet professional, in a white suit-dress. “I got it.”

The moment Diego heard the door lock he felt Dr. Grace’s hands, and then her mouth. She was lifting Diego’s gown.

“You have good circulation,” the flirtatious doctor said sweetly, when she came up for air.

Diego was introduced to John, an amputee, who had been practicing with a prosthetic leg. The blonde soldier was clearly young, possibly straight out of high school, but with the body of an athlete. “I’m SSgt Cloud, Marine, special forces.” He bit his lower lip with a coy smile. “We have some really good cock suckers where I come from, but I heard you Air force boys have a lot more practice.”

Diego felt invigorated. His body was still in pain, but he had missed the pure masculine flavor.

Suddenly Diego gasped for air.

Dr. Grace was still touching him. “After everyone has their fun, I will give you an orgasm that you will feel through every muscle in your body.”

And the good doctor didn’t disappoint. “Oh Diego,” she licked her lips as she moaned his name. “You’re everything Jo said you would be.”

Jolene came closer and kissed Dr. Grace on the lips. They made out, slowing undressing each other.

With her suit jacket open, Diego caught sight of her curvy stomach.

“It’s Jo’s,” Dr. Grace said with a smirk. “One of the advantages of dating a trans who never went for the lower surgery.

After the session of intense pleasure, she helped Diego back to his room to bathe. He laid in bed, comfortable, strong, and able to sleep the most beautiful sleep. Until he was awoken at around midnight by a familiar voice.

“You have a phone call,” Jolene said excitedly.

“Jo? Did you sleep here all night?”

“I was expecting a call: a favor from a friend.” She handed Diego her cellphone, but not before hitting the speaker function. “Jenny, are you there?”

It was not Dr. Grace, but Jenessa Quinto, his daughter all the way in North Dakota. “Papa?”


“Papa! Nurse Cathy told Mama to go out and she would watch me!”

There were tears in Diego’s eyes. He looked to Jo. “I can’t believe you did this for me.”

Jolene shrugged with a sweet, adorable, smile. “Your Jen missed you.”

“I did miss you, Papa!” the little girl’s voice cried.

“I miss you too, Jen.”

“When are you coming to see us?”

Diego grasped at his chest, the pain was so intense he could hardly breathe.

“Papa? I miss you.”

He could practically see her pouty lower lip. “I love you so much, and I would be there if I could.”

“Mama is mean, she hurts me and Cam. When I told her I wanted to see you, she hit my face and said you’re never coming back, because you don’t love us.” Little Jen was sobbing. “I know that’s not true!”

“I will come back, I promise, I won’t leave you.”

He truly meant those words, but as the weeks wore on Diego was only getting sicker. He would need surgery. He was not told beforehand the extent of the procedure- or maybe he was and, in his drug-induced state, he honestly couldn’t remember. All he knew was sleep; light, darkness, and the eternal beeping of hospital machinery.

After a while, he couldn’t remember the last time Jolene visited. He was even having trouble picturing her face. But he just assumed she was too busy to bother with a broken soldier.

The day of the operation came- one last moment of pure darkness. Diego awoke in the ICU, his arms legs and chest bandaged.

A young female nurse came in, to check his IV bag. “Oh, you’re awake. I’ll notify Dr. Grace.”

Dr. Grace- the name filled him with relief: she would have answers. But the woman who entered looked visibly pregnant, causing Diego to question how much time had passed. “Hi, Diego,” she said with tears in her eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Where’s Jo?”

The question caused her to burst into uncontrollable sobs. “You developed a fever, an infection in your heart, you needed a transplant.”

‘My heart?’ Diego had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. But no, there was no way Dr. Grace meant what he thought she meant. “Where is Jo?”

With trembling hands, she pulled an envelope from her pocket. “She told me that if and when you survived the surgery to give t-this t-to you.”

Diego’s arms were weak, but he wanted that envelope more than anything in the world. His arm reached up, and gripped the paper, ripping open the envelope. The letter unraveled on his hand.

‘Dear Diego, if you are reading this- congratulations. You made it, you’re going to be ok. I’m writing this with a pen in one hand and a revolver in the other- but that is my choice, my decision. This is a decision I did not come to lightly. If I lived, I would have to live with the knowledge that I could have saved you. But if I died, I would be choosing your life over my own. I would never see my child or my Jen.
I have so much to live for you have even more. This is your second chance, make it count. Be the person; the man, the father, the hero, your children need you to be.
And I will always be in your heart.’

The note ended with a splatter of blood.

Diego cupped his hand over his face. “Oh, dear God.”

“You needed a heart transplant,” Dr. Grace said, slightly calmer. “As well as tissue to repair the infected areas of your limbs.” She took a seat next to Diego’s bed. “I tried to talk her out of it, but after you had a seizure, she got herself tested- she was a match.”

“This isn’t what I wanted.” The idea of his best friend gone forever shook him to the core. He didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye.

“I know,” Dr. Grace replied with a sigh, “But this is what Jo wanted.”

A few weeks later Diego’s health was on the mend and he was going to be transferred to Texas for further Physical Therapy. He would be closer to his family, at least on the same continent. He took one last look at the clear Hawaii sky. The sun sparkled with a golden glow, the color of Jolene’s hair. “I love you, Jo, I’ll make you proud.”

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