backstory- I’ve been a fan of Deadpool for decades, but one the things I disliked (about the long-awaited first movie) was how emotionally sensitive he was. The comic character was a bad-ass ladies-man with confidence for days.
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…but then I thought- can I write a cute, sweet one-shot about him accepting himself as he is? (Scene takes place after the events of the first movie.)

original fanfiction.net draft:

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He’d never felt so afraid. In battle Wade was witty and funny, living in his own mind with his own child-like creativity. But seeing her naked in her bed- their bed, waiting for him made him physically weak. His stomach was wrecked with nausea, worse than when he was dying of cancer.

That was why he was wearing the costume as if it would give him courage.

“Just come to bed,” Vanessa said in a chuckle. Even she could see the hilarity of the situation; this was not Wade, this was not Deadpool. “Come on, Baby, just let me hold you.”

“Holding- ok, I can do that.” Wade crawled into bed with her, still in full costume.

But all she did was smile. His Vanessa; dark hair, deep brown eyes, she was more then he deserved. He left for over a year because he lacked the faith that she could still love him. (and the fact she got kidnapped due to his lack of faith was still fresh on his mind.)And now there she was, naked in his bed- their bed.

“God, you’re beautiful.- Did I just say that out loud?” But her love was more than beauty. Yes, the first time she saw his new face she joked it would take a few drinks to get used to it, but that was just to lighten the mood.

She said it, to prevent herself from breaking down in tears.

“Come here, Baby.” Vanessa reached over and with a gentle stroke of her fingers, she removed his mask. But she didn’t stop there. “You have the most beautiful eyes.”

“I guess those were the one part that didn’t turn into fleshy avocado skin.”

“Or Freddy Kruger’s nutsack?” she asked in her usual flirty voice. Vanessa always sounded like a teenager. She was the kind of girl who would be your best friend when you were five, then grow into a totally fu–able princess but you would be too into her personality to notice.

Wade was still frozen in place as she softly kissed his scared lips.

“I’m glad you’re eyes are the same. But even if they weren’t they would still be your eyes; the same kindhearted, free-spirited eyes that made me truly happy. She traced her fingers along his cheekbone. “I mean, yeah, you look like a burn victim, but what’s so bad about that? Lots of people have scars; victims of fire or acid attacks, it doesn’t change who they are.”

“I can think of a few super-villains who’d disagree.”

“But you’re not a victim, you’re a survivor.” She kissed his forehead, down his nose to his lips. “And you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.” She held the kiss, caressing his face as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Vanessa?” Wade felt like such an idiot. How could he ever question her love?

“Let me touch you?” She slowly started to remove the red suit from Wade’s body, revealing his shoulders and chest. The skin looked the same as his face; scared but still human. He was still the man she loved, her best friend. She kissed his shoulder then his chest. “I want to feel the breath in your lungs.”

“You what now?”

“The subtle rise and fall of your chest, your life. It’s been so long, too long.”

‘And yup she is still naked.’ The feeling of her breasts touching his bare skin was making him hard, maybe he could do this- maybe he was still worthy of her.

Wade touched her face, he just wanted to look into her eyes; he needed to see the love and kindness. Of course it was there, it had always been there. He removed his suit, and whatever cartoon character underwear he happened to be wearing, leaving himself naked and exposed.

Although his newfound power enhanced every cell of his body, to the point of immortality, a certain part of his body was more impressive than ever. This was due primarily to a certain addiction to self-gratification, (since he had no angel to share it with.)

Wade laid on his back as she moved her beautiful face towards his cock. He knew he was hard, he practically lived with a hard-on. But Vanessa, she knew how to make him so turned on he could barely breathe. Her touch, her tongue, the way her fingers found their way into naughty places.

He felt a deep, intense, orgasm that hit him like a hard ocean wave. The energy emitting from his cock, flowed to his hips, abs, chest. Wade experienced a beautiful shortness of breath. It was as if his soul was about to leave his body. But it was not an unfamiliar sensation; Wade had been dreaming about this moment since the day he walked out on her.

When it was all over he felt revived, confident, even powerful. He ran his fingers through Vanessa’s hair as she licked him clean.

With his healing powers, Wade knew he could finish and be back to life for round two.

Vanessa seemed impressed. “Wow, baby, I missed you too.” she licked her lips and giggled the sweetest, most innocent giggle. “Will you f-k me with your superhero dick?”

“No,” Wade said as he sat up and kissed her. His kiss was soft and gentle.

She blinked a few times, forcing a smile through involuntary tears.

Wade brushed away her tears. “I want to make love to you, I want to love you for the rest of my life.” At the moment he meant every word.

He lovingly changed positions, laying her on her back. He spread her legs to do the one thing he missed doing. Actually, there were dozens, if not hundreds of things he missed doing with her (and to her.)

With his scarred fingers he worked his way down her body, opening her up like a flower.

Let’s just say he did more than the typical ‘write the alphabet with your tongue’ (so un-creative).

When she was nice and ready Wade was so hard, that if he cut off his cock it would f—k her on its own. “I want you so bad.”

He positioned Vanessa’s leg over his shoulder as they made love, deep and slow.

“Ooh, you weren’t kidding you have one superhero cock.” Vanessa over-dramatically gripped the sheets. She made sure to put on a show like a porn star.

Part of him hoped she was not faking, that he was really making her climax over and over. Wade leaned in to kiss her. (She was so flexible.) With that kiss, he could feel every muscle in her body in ecstasy. This had to be real. “I could never forget you,” he said in a whisper. She had been his strength, the idea of seeing here again kept his soul alive. He was so happy. When they finally stopped, it had been almost four hours.

“You know what you should do if you have an erection lasting more than four hours?” Vanessa said with a smirk, referring to the old Viagra commercials.

“In the event of an erection lasting more than four hours,” Wade said, imitating the professional tone of the commercials. He then leaned in and sweetly kissed her cheek. “You should probably put your cock back into your beautiful,” he kissed her down her neck, his hands caressing her beautiful curves, “loyal, future wife.”

Vanessa smiled. “Maybe one day. I mean, really there’s no one else who could handle my level of crazy.”

“Your level?” Wade asked with a chuckle. He knew they both had enough for one night and he wanted to get some sleep as well. He kissed her neck, then her lips. “Good night.”

“Goodnight,” she replied. But didn’t go right to sleep she rested her head on his chest, savoring the warmth of his skin, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

The next day he awoke to her cooking breakfast. With her back facing him, she wore a red apron and not much else. He wanted to see what the apron said on the front (he assumed it would be something witty like ‘f–k the cook’)

while singing softly to herself. It was like she had a song in her head but only knew half the words.

“…no strings to bind your hands,
Not if my love can’t bind your heart.”
She hummed the next few lines before continuing.
“I see no need to take me home
I’m old enough to face the dawn…”

From where he stood, Wade could smell her cooking; bacon and ego waffles. She even had pop-tarts in the toaster oven. He wanted so badly to hold her. But he also wanted to just savor the moment.

“…Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, ba-by…” Vanessa smacked her lips seductively as she picked up a piece of bacon with her bare hands. With a mouthful of food she hummed then next few lines, swaying her hips to the beat of the music in her head.

“Just call me angel of the morning, angel,
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling.” It was then she turned her head. “Oh, hello.” Vanessa laughed as she brushed a lock of hair out of her face. “Sorry, I just had that song stuck in my head.”

Wade couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked in a seductive whisper.

“How sexy it is that your breath smells like bacon.”

Vanessa stopped what she was doing and pulled in close for a kiss. “Yum.”

Wade knew then had found his other half.

This life, this moment: he was where he was meant to be.


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  1. Whitlukecove- I’m smiling right cause I’m coming to finally to you. Your angel will be in your kitchen making bacon and making guacamole that burns!

    1. Hope so 😋

      1. Whitlukecove 1 Is this real? Am I am dreaming? Is it really you! I just texted you. Did god send me back to you and back to me! Please god let this be true!

      2. Come back to me please ! Send your angel a sign! ❤️❤️❤️

      3. grab my book, leave a review and I will consider it 🙂

  2. Brilliant! splendid post!

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