Ocean Prince chapter 3: Truth

Previously on Ocean Prince

Elena hit the floor with a thump. She had fallen into some kind of underwater cave. Her legs were still in horrific pain from the jellyfish attack, so she could only crawl. But at least she appeared to be in a place with breathable air. “Hello?”

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“Hello,” the voice echoed from further down the cave. The sound was no longer distorted. Elena could clearly hear the voice of a human child.

“Did you just speak English?” Elena asked, as she forced herself to crawl in the direction of the sound, her wet hair dripping salt water into her eyes.

“I speak all languages. And I have been looking for you, ELENA RIOS!” The walls shook from the force of creature’s roar. “I am Kaylinani and you have kidnapped my brother!”

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“Isaiah?” Elena asked as she turned a corner, she could see a shadow on the wall. the creature walked on four legs, with a back covered in spikes.

“He’s my brother, you don’t even know his real form!”

“I-I’m so sorry. He was sent to me,” the words choked in her throat. “I lost someone too. I know what to feels like to have the person you care about ripped from you. I swear, I will take you to him.”

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“I know all about you,” the creature’s eyes glowed a neon green. As a giant turtle emerged from the shadows. “I was there when my mother told him about you. She said you were sad because you lost your soldier husband,” the creature paused, her tone was a cross between anger and sadness. “But you had a good heart. He would be your friend and you would show him the human world. He jumped at the chance. I mean of course he would, my brother is too young and naive to know the true horrors of your world.”

“How old is he?” Elena asked.

The creature came forward from the shadows. It was a giant turtle made of stone. But the creature had no mouth; its creepy child-like voice appeared to be telepathic. “In your human years, I guess he would be,” the turtle closed her eyes and furrowed her brow. “25.”

“He is a baby,” Elena said with a chuckle.

The creature’s eyes shot open and she shot Elena a death glared. “How old are you?”

“In human years I’m 23,” Elena replied honestly.

“With your skin, and those bags under your eyes?- I’d say more like 33. I can’t believe my mother would hand over little Isa to an old witch.”

“How old are you?” Elena asked, suddenly feeling brave.

“I am older then you can imagine. When I was Isa’s age I witnessed the horrific atrocities of your kind. People thrown into the water with weights and shackles, some in pieces. What you do to your kind is sick! And what you do to your animals is even worse.” The cave shook as the creature started to walk towards Elena.”Where is my brother? What have you done with him?” She stepped closer and closer until she was face to face, staring down Elena, showing off her massive size. Each of her legs stood like pillars, with feet like waiting to crush Elena with a single step.

The searing pain in shook Elena back to reality. She needed to find a way to save Isaiah and perhaps this turtle could provide some assistance. “He’s very sick. And I don’t know how to help him. Can I take you to him?” Her real question was ‘how?’ since the creature appeared to be one with the cave.

“First I need to know I can trust you. Tell me something about my brother that will prove you are a friend.”

Elena thought for a moment. “He asked if my husband was a pilot.” It was more of a question than ‘proof of friendship’. “He said he knew a few pilots. I don’t know what that means but it seemed to bring him a sense of peace and comfort.”

The creature sat down with a thump, then sighed. “My brother’s true form is one of exquisite beauty.”

“So is his human form.” Elena couldn’t help but smile.

“You humans know nothing of beauty. My spikes are the result of my father’s lineage.”

“Your father?”

“Hephaestus, God of the forge.”

“I would have guessed Aries,” Elena muttered under her breath.

“Well, Isa is the son of Hermes, so he was gifted with the wings of a bird.”

“But he’s a turtle: A turtle with bird wings?”

“You humans can only know true beauty when you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Here, climb on my back.” Kaylinani formed a staircase on her front leg, it was enough to allow Elena to climb up even with her injuries. “After you find a place to lay, put your ring in your mouth. It contains enough enchantment to allow you to survive the trip to the surface.”

Elena did as she asked. With the ring on her tongue, she quickly fell into a deep sleep. “I’ve already seen true beauty,” she moaned as her memory drifted back to the second time she saw Isaiah completely wet.

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When she first took him home, back when they still lived on the off-base military housing, she offered him her husband’s clothes. After all, Isaiah was only wearing jeans- really gross looking jeans that appeared to be decaying as the ocean water dried.

Elena led him to the bathroom so he could shower. But he looked around with awe and wonder.

“What is this place?”

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“The bathroom?”

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He walked to the shower, and touched the shower-head, examining every pore. “What does this do?”

The innocence of his dark, doe, eyes was so adorable Elena couldn’t help but smile. “First you turn on this lever,” she explained, raising the level to start the flow of cold water.

Isaiah stroked his hand through the downpour. “That’s amazing.”

“And to make it a little warmer you turn this knob,” she said, turning the knob to where she usually set it for a shower. “You can make it warmer but don’t turn it all the way because um.. fire..hot…”

Isaiah chuckled. “So I’ve heard: I know what hot and cold are.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Elena watched as he stepped into the shower. Already half-naked, with his tan skin and long dark brown hair he was a vision of masculine, pacific islander, beauty. He kicked off the jeans and Elena quickly put them into a trash bag.

“God damn those itched,” he said, as he let the water flow over his face and chest. He reached for the soap bottle and pumped a generous amount onto his hands. “I pulled them off a dead body. Probably not the smartest idea, but a friend of mine said I shouldn’t meet you without covering certain things.”

“Your friend?”

“She’s a dolphin, taught me all about the ways of the humans.” Isaiah started to lathed up his body, from his stomach down, focusing on his legs but subtly caressing his thick, uncircumcised cock. “But you don’t mind, right?”

“Mind?” Elena was about to offer Isaiah a washcloth but it was clear he didn’t need one.

“It feels so good to just let it all out.” He widened his stance and closed his eyes, letting the water caress his face. He was touching himself with slow deliberate motions, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. When he reached the tip he would rube it ever so softly as he moaned. “Oh, that feels incredible.” He moved one hand to the shower rod, holding on for balance as he started to jerk off faster, harder even as the water washed off the soap.

Elena was frozen in place. Clearly, he wanted her to watch as he blew his load, a thick white liquid covering his hand. It was more then she had ever seen from a man.

He rubbed his lower stomach as if to prolong the pleasure before washing off. He ran his fingers through his long hair, revealing it’s natural wave, as he turned to Elena with a smile. “I wonder how it would feel if you touched me.”

“I’m going to grab you some clean clothes….”

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Elena awoke on a beach, washed up like a piece of driftwood. Her legs were still throbbing and she could see the gashed left behind by the army of jellyfish. But she felt strong enough to sit up. At her feet was a plush toy; a little turtle with hard plastic butterfly wings. “Isaiah?”

The toy’s eyes opened. “No, you whore.” Since the mouth was not moving, Elena knew it had to be Kaylinani. “I had been planning on healing your legs but after I saw your awful, sick dream- you can forget about it!”

Elena couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re going to be disguised as a plush toy?”

The turtle crawled on to Elena’s arm. “Yes, you will pretend I’m a toy, a cheap souvenir from your island of Ha-why-ee. No one will suspect a thing.” Her eyes glowed a fiery red. “But you best not mess with me, human. Now take me to my brother.”

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