Looking to the future: Possibility days


Sean’s full story was 200k words (and the on 3rd person), so I cut it in half and underwent a mega re-write before finally publishing Dakota Son. I am currently working with an editor to iron out the kinks of part 2 (mainly moments that were, on closer inspection, actually a little mean-spirited, going against the true meaning of Dakota Son.)

one example being:

“Do you want me to help you get to bed?” Jen asked.
I was comfortable where I was. “Nah, I’m good.”
“I’ll just get Shauna changed.” She attempted to lift Shauna off my chest.
“No!” Shauna screamed. “I want Daddy!”
I grabbed Jen’s left wrist, twisting it hard the same way I did the night she hit me, “She’s fine,” my voice was strong and direct.
“Fine,” Jen said meekly, knowing she had brought this on herself, “I’m sorry.” She left to change out of her gown and sleep in the bed alone.

Possibility Days (2019) will continue the story of Sean on his international adventures. He will grow as a husband and father all while continuing to balance the life of a working model with his struggles with cystic fibrosis.

There will be a definitive ending that forever gives each character; Sean, Jen, Sara, Johnny, Diego, etc, the final closure they deserve.


After that?
My goal will be to put out my 3rd unpublished manuscript; a superhero story set in Wisconsin.

I wrote it in 2017 while editing Dakota Son, so it has funny political jabs at the current state of the country at that time (so I guess it’s appropriate that I’m aiming for 2020, after a certain person is out of office, lol.)
The current title is Mystical Trash because it’s the story of Sunny, a small town high school senior (who considers herself white-trash since she is the daughter of a sex-addicted, murderous witch.) Sunny falls in love with Jahil, a migrant worker (who get treated like trash.) But little does she know, he’s actually an immortal Mayan deity, and Sunny’s life is about to be changed in ways she never imagined.


A spin-off short version was published in 2017 as part of
Unearthly Delights: Tales of Paranormal Desire
currently available on Amazon.
I have also posted excerpts:
History Lesson
The mythical story of Jahil’s birth and the secret to his immortality.

The story of Sunny’s ex-boyfriend and best friend who was born with no legs.

I am positive I will need an editor to reign in my insanity, but until then, there will be plenty of updates, art, and insanity on my creative writing site dourdan.wordpress.com

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