The Inspiration behind Dakota Son

I’ve always been a little bit crazy and I was told growing up that this was a bad thing. My first memory of trying to write for myself was when I wrote a short story about a man who attempts suicide only to be found by his sister. When asked why he did it, he tells her about how his cheating ex-girlfriend broke his heart. – I was 12, my parents wanted to know where I had been exposed to such concepts as suicide, drugs, and sex. The answer?- Movies and video games.

Which was why I switched to fan-fiction. For the longest time, I assumed that crazy ideas about passionate love and soul aching pain could only be expressed through characters who already possessed those emotions.

a wild heart- a cassie cage story by dourdan

Characters who were already sexy, innocent, emotionally scarred or just insane. Their stories could be taken to another level, to a fantasy world of my own dreams.

This is how we roll by dourdan

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I wrote a novel. I wanted to be the next 50 Shades of Grey- but not for the reason you expect.

Like E.L James, I wrote a book that started out as a fan-fiction. What started as the story of Space marines from the inspiring series Red vs Blue
I wish you would by dourdan
… became the story of North Dakota; friendships and love born of heartache, trial by fire, and the determination to live like there’s no tomorrow.

Possibility Days by dourdan

And I originally wanted to call it Possibility Days, after the Counting Crows song.

“And the worst part of a good day
Is knowing it’s slipping away
That’s one more possibility day
That is gone”

The idea of life drifting away further drove home the concept of living in the moment; the choices we make are the choices we live with. From making the choice to follow the person you care about halfway across the country, to making the choice to simply be brave and put your heart on the line.

Life is full of possibilities. (Stay tuned for Dakota Son’s sequel in 2019.)

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