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I’m now posting a revised version of ‘Rain Down Temple’ to Literotica!
If you want to find the original click the Dakota Son menu tab and check out the short stories of ‘Dakota Son Extended Universe.’

But this version will be sexier, poetic, more romantic and very much NSFW.

Diego is a middle-aged husband, father and disabled military veteran stuck in a loveless M/F marriage. His wife blames him for the death of their son and everything these that has gone wrong since.
But Diego finds hope and solace in the friend of a friend, Remy Desilva: a holistic healer who shows him the path to true love and self-forgiveness.
Bath, a poem

Give me your heart
I’ll wash the pain away

When life gives us bullshit
we’ll make lemonade

when life gives us lemons
we’ll make love

Because man, I’m as lost and confused as you
maybe a little worse,

In this life, that’s more than enough.

let me bathe you in my love; my unconditional compassion and passionate touch.
let me listen to your heart

and together we can become​ who we truly are.



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