Ocean Prince (a short fairytale)

This post will come after Remedy chapter 2, which is a little emotional/disturbing.
So here is a sweet little fairy tale.-

Elena had cried herself to sleep every night for the past month. Her husband had been in the Air Force. He was a cook (under the job title: services.) Unfortunately, the services department got deployed almost as much as pilots and security forces. He had been aboard a transport plane that got shot down somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. It didn’t matter where. All Elena knew was that he was gone and she was stuck living in their house on Hickam Air Force base in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Elena had nothing to do but hang out on the beach with the tourists. Since she had no interest in the ‘beach partying’, she brought a supply of trash bags, combing up and down the beach collecting trash. No one would really question it since she didn’t look homeless, nor did she sell the trash/recyclables. (She simply moved everything to the nearest dumpsters.)

One day she stayed out longer than usual. It was a warm night and she had no interest in going home. So she walked along the tide pools exploring down the shore until she found what appeared to be an injured shark. A normal person would have been frightened. But for Elena, this was just another creature in need of help. With all her strength she pushed the creature back into the water. She massaged the sides of the animal until it began to find it’s rhythm, swimming on its own.

“Say hi to my husband,” Elena muttered as she turned to leave. She still wore her wedding ring. That was the first time she thought about taking it off and hurling it into the ocean. There had been no funeral; no corpse, no closure. He belonged to the ocean.

“I remember your husband,” the voice echoed on the wind. “He was a beautiful, kind, soul: one of many who have died in my arms.”
Elena turned around, half expecting to see a talking shark. But what stood before her was a woman made of water.

“Who are you?”

“I am an ocean goddess. As a gift for your kindness, I will send you one of my sons.”

“Your son?”

“I have many children. One of my youngest, he is a painter, a dreamer. I have faith that he will be a good provider and a good friend.” With that, the woman vanished.

Elena went home and went to sleep. She assumed what she was nothing more than a dream or hallucination brought on by lack of sleep. The next morning she went to the beach as she usually did. But she saw something strange. Someone appeared to be sleeping on a flotation device just off the shore. “Hello?”

The half-naked man sat up. He had tan skin the color of caramel candy and wore his long dark brown hair in braids. As he sat up Elena swore she could see wings made of pastel-colored light.

He dove off the ‘raft’ and swam to shore. “So this is Hawaii?” he said in a soft gentle voice. Some might call him a stoner or a flower child.

But to Elena he sounded like a surfer; a child of the ocean. “Welcome to Honolulu.”

The man smiled. “You must be Elena.”

“Yeah,” she replied, entranced by his beauty. His jeans hung loose, weighted down with ocean water, allowing her a view of his chiseled abs and hips.

“You can call me Isaiah.”

The words send shivers down Elena’s spine. “T-That was my husband’s name.”

Part 2- Ocean Prince 2: A home in the sky

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