Sunshine Blogger Award

OMG!!! Neal at lovethroughblog has given me-


The Rules:
-Thank the Blogger who nominated you in the post and link their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions asked of you.
-List the Rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post.

I notice it doesn’t say to list your own nominees or your own questions. So I am ever so grateful for Neal making the choice to do so: to showcase the diverse culture of wordpress blogs.

Here I go with his questions-

What is your favorite season, and why?
Winter. In California, winter is the most tolerable part of the year (just bring a light jacket.) When I lived in Germany and later Wisconsin with my husband’s family, I was fascinated by snow.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
If I had to choose my #1 all time fav- Panic! at the Disco. They can do no wrong.

What is your ultimate career goal?
I would love to make a living as a writer and artist but I would settle for being able to hold a job for more than 5 years.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
Las Vegas.

If you could have any type of pet, what would it be and why?
Monkey. But it would have to be a small, domesticated, one that would not grow up to attack me.

Museum or amusement park?

Amusement park. I spent my childhood at museums, the best part of museums is when you get to do something other than just looking. (and when you get to buy really cool overpriced food)- hence amusement park. (and my love for Las Vegas….)

“The ends never justify the means.” Do you agree with this statement?

Yes, when pertaining to a situation that would cause physical or emotional harm.

What would be your advice to someone who has had their heart broken?

I am terrible at giving advice. The best I can say is: don’t give up, keeping moving forward.
Things may get better or they may get worse but either way, tomorrow is a new day.

What do you like most about writing in your blog?

It’s a place for my ideas and stories to live.

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What do you like about my blog (and how could it improve?)

Your blog is a work of art. You speak from the heart, with passion, creativity, and inspiration. I’m not really in any position to say how it could improve, it’s great the way it is.

What does the Sunshine Blogger Award mean to you?

Thanks for the positive vibes


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  1. Oh, that’s how James told me it worked. I thought no you can but don’t have to? I’m not really sure. I just wanted to spread some love. ❤️

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