Rain Down Temple (Short Story)

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Diego stepped through the automatic doors of Rain Down Temple; what passed for a holistic temple in rural North Dakota. He leaned on his cane, the pain in his back was always worse after a long drive. As he looked around he noticed the retail space was primarily a marijuana dispensary. For a Catholic man in his late forties, it was not a place he ever thought he would be setting foot. He approached the pink-haired girl at the counter. “I have a noon appointment with Dr. Desilva.”

The girl chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re the first person to call him Dr. Desilva, like ever.”

“He’s a doctor, correct?”

“Yes, Remy Desilva holds a doctorate in holistic medicine and is a licensed physical therapist. Take a seat, I’ll let him know you’re here. I’m Syren, by the way.”

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Diego gave her a polite smile and nod. “Of course, you are.” He hobbled to a bench and took a seat as the receptionist picked up the phone.

“Yo, Remy, your noon appointment is here.”

Diego muttered, “What have I gotten myself into?”All he knew was that Remy was the cousin of his student’s boyfriend. He trusted Sara Foster, she was like a daughter to him. So for her, he would give this Remy person a chance.

“Professor Quinto?” said a male voice, silky smooth like the waves of the ocean.

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Diego looked up to see a young man with long dark hair and skin much too tan to be from the Midwest. “I’m actually not a professor. Are you Dr. Desliva?”

The young man extended his hand in a professional manner. “I’m Dr. Remy Desilva, Johnny’s cousin. He and Sara told me so much about you.”

Deigo shook Remy’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor.” Diego was 6’2”, a little over 200 pounds, during his time as a soldier he was used to coming off as intimidating. But there was something about Remy that made him smile; his ethereal look, with his dreamy eyes. “You can just call me Diego. I’m actually not a professor, more of a tutor.”

“My apologies, Sara mentioned you had an advanced degree, so I just assumed you worked at the high school.”

“I’m actually more of a friend of a friend.”

“Aren’t we all? Please, come to my office.” Remy motioned towards a beaded doorway. “Did you bring all of your medications?”

“Yes,” he said, handing over a plastic container from his leather bag. although I wasn’t able to get copies of my medical records.”

“I don’t need that. I just want to make sure I don’t accidentally do something to cause an unintended reaction. Help yourself to some tea.”

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“Unintended reaction?” Diego tried to ignore his hesitation. He took a paper cup and filled it with the sweet smelling tea. He closed his eyes as he took in the aroma. The scent of cinnamon and clove reminded him of his childhood; Christmas and happiness before so much went wrong. He discreetly wiped tears from his eyes as he looked around the room. The medical office as adorned with crystals, candles, and eastern religious deities. “I should warn you, I’m a Catholic, so I don’t really believe in this kind of thing.”

“Christians believe in souls, the existence of an afterlife. We’re not really all that different. As soon as you’re finished with your tea, take off your shirt and let me get a look at the condition of your back.”

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Diego rested his cane against a wall, and then unbuttoned his shirt, with his back facing Remy. Due to the nerve damage in his hands, his fingers moved slowly. This lack of strength was in sharp contrast to the appearance of his body. Diego weight trained and adhered to a diet of protein powder and supplements. The theory being: the more physical strength he maintained the more control he held over the pain.

Diego could hear Remy swallow hard. It was not an uncommon reaction to the sight of his back, even for medical professionals. “Wow. Are your burns scars painful to touch?”

Diego nodded. “I’ve been prescribed Vicodin for a little over six years. But as of late, the pain has gotten much worse, I’ve started on cortisone injections.”

“There is the possibility your body has developed an immunity to certain painkillers.” Remy placed gentle pressure on various points. “I’ve treated patients with third-degree burns. How much dexterity do you have in your muscles?”

Deigo flinched as pain shot through his arm. “How many of your patients have gotten blown up by a roadside bomb?”

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“Maybe five or six; I did some volunteer work at the VA back in Honolulu.” Remy grabbed something from his desk. “I’m sorry about your shoulder. I should have recognized by the condition of the tissue. Lean your head forward while I apply the heating pad. ”

Diego could feel Remy’s soft hands on his skin, manipulating his muscles. Much to his surprise, where ever the cloth heating pad touched there was no soreness, or discomfort, only a feeling of tender warmth. It felt like nothing he had ever experienced. “You do a lot of work with disabled combat veterans?”

“Yes, I do. I was inspired by my father. He served two tours in Iraq. Unfortunately, during this third tour, my mother called it quits and filed for divorce. Three days later he was injured in a mortar attack. He survived but he was in a lot of pain. He passed on a few years ago after a long battle with cancer.”

“My condolences.”

“Thank, you,” “Remy said, resting his hand on Diego’s shoulder.

Diego shivered as he felt Remy’s breath against his skin. “Doctor?”

“I can feel your aura. Are you able to lay down on the exam table?”

Deigo looked at the “table”, which appeared to be a futon or large sofa bed. “I don’t see why not.” He sat on the side of the bed, to remove his shoes and socks. Diego then rested on his back, and in doing so showed off his chest full of tattoos. His body was his pride, a map of his life, starting with the images of his children on his pectorals. He took a deep breath, awaiting whatever Remy had planned.

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“You have your son’s image tattooed over your heart. Sara told me about him. To lose a child to illness. I can’t even imagine.” Remy closed his eyes, gently stroking his fingers over the tattoo. “From where he is, your son sends you his strength.”

Diego’s chest trembled, unable to take in a breath. Tears stung his eyes, but he simply blinked them away.

Remy stroked Diego’s right pectoral, over the image of his daughter as an infant. “Talk to me about Jenessa.”

“Sara told you about my daughter?” Of course, she did. Jenessa was the reason he knew Sara.

“She told me you’re going to be a grandpa.”

“Sara certainly loves to talk.”

“Was that too personal? Sorry, Man, sometimes I have no filter.”

“It’s quite alright. Sara’s a teenage girl, such creatures were put on this earth to gossip.”

Remy chuckled as he stepped away to light a stick of incense, placing it in a holder. He then grabbed a purple velvet bag from a nearby ledge. “These are my crystals I’m going to place them on your chakra points and we’re going to pray. Just lay back and try to relax.”

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Remy placed the first crystal on Diego’s forehead, the next on his throat. “I’m skipping your crown chakra because I feel like your spirituality is not the issue. I want to focus on your third eye and throat chakra, the centers of expression.”

Diego nodded. He suddenly felt very cold. The rocks themselves felt cool against his skin, but the uncomfortable sensation was emanating from his chest. With every breath, his body shivered.

Remy stoked Diego’s face, from just below his left eye, down his cheek to his jawline. “You haven’t cried in a long time.”

“M-My heart is so broken.”

“Your mind is broken, not your heart. Your heart is as pure as the day you were born.” Remy squeezed Diego’s hand. “Like so many of God’s children, your mind is broken because your heart is filled with pain. I see from your medications that you take high dosages of Valium?”

“I suffer from panic attacks and severe anxiety.”

“Stemming from your PTSD? I figured as much. You also take medication for seizures?”

“I’ve suffered infrequent seizures for the past few years.”

“Let’s see if, perhaps, we can do something about that.” Remy removed the crystal from Diego’s forehead, placing it on Diego’s upper stomach, over a large tattoo that read, ‘San Antonio’ in block lettering. “I’m going to bypass your heart chakra and straight to your solar plexus; the center of mental function and individuality.” Remy began to trace the letters with his fingers. “I take it you’re from Texas?”

“Born and raised.”

“I’ve actually never been to Texas, is it nice?”

“It was. Might I ask where you originate from?”

“I was an Army brat, born and raised in Hawaii.”

“I should have known by the accent.”

Remy shrugged. “I’ve lived all over. I’m a citizen of the world.” He began to examine Diego’s body, moving towards his hips. “I need you to relax,” Remy said, with one hand on Deigo’s belt.

Diego pursed his lips. “Doctor,…this is going to sound…odd. My discomfort stems from a certain tattoo. When I disrobe in front of a new doctor I make it a point to warn them of its existence.”

“I sell medicinal marijuana for a living, there is no tattoo that could possibly surprise me.” Remy opened Diego’s belt and lowered his boxers fully exposing the letters tattooed on Diego’s hips. “Oh. I was always curious about that word.”

Diego had the word ‘Vato’ tattooed across his hips. “I’ve never been affiliated with any gang.”

“I realize that; hence why you were embarrassed.” Remy traced the letters with his fingers. “Despite its gang connotations the actual definition is closer to ‘friend’ or ‘dude’ or ‘mate’, I guess it’s a cultural thing.”

“You’re not going to ask why I haven’t gotten it removed?”

“No. But I’ll bet your wife asks that quite often.”

“Yeah.” Diego chuckled to himself. The aroma filled the room, the scent of a time long ago filled his mind. “My friends gave me that on my eighteenth birthday. I was leaving for the military later that month, so three of my friends kidnapped me, stripped me naked and took me to a hotel room.”

“What did they do to you?” Remy moved the crystal from Deigo’s throat down his chest.

“We spent the night with prostitutes. I don’t even remember how much I drank or all the drugs that I did. I woke up the next morning with that tattoo and my buddies laying various states of undress. Every part of my body ached.” Diego took a long breath as he felt the energy coursing through his body. “Oh, to be young again.”

“Texas is a wild place.”

Diego started to laugh. “Did I really just say all that? What did you put in that tea?”

Remy only smiled. “Do you consider yourself to be bi-curious?”

“Curious is a word I would not object to.” Diego could feel Remy stroking the crystal between the letters ‘A’ and ‘T.’ He placed his hand on top of Remy’s, guiding it lower.

“I feel a lot of tension in your sacral chakra, extending down to your root chakra. When was the last time your wife worshiped your body?”

“I’m not…” Diego squeezed Remy’s hand. “I’m not worthy.”

“You’re not worthy?”

“Not of her love or her forgiveness. Her anger is justified. As you said yourself: to lose a child is unimaginable.”

“She can’t hold that over you. You both mourned the loss of your son, and during that process, you leaned on each other for strength .”

“I wish that was true.”

“That’s messed up, Man.” Remy collected the crystals. There would be nothing between them, only skin to skin touch. “You are worthy of love, maybe not the love of your wife, because she is just another flawed creature on this great planet. But you are worthy of self-love. Despite your past, you have value as a human being.” Remy placed his hand on Diego’s stomach. “Let’s practice some breathing.” “Breathe in, tighten your core.”

Diego did as Remy instructed. He had previously paid no mind to the smell of the incense, but now he noticed it smelled of cinnamon, much like the tea. The sweet scent filled his lungs with a comforting warmth.

“Very good, now breathe out.”

Diego closed his eyes. “I’m tired of talking about me, tell me something about you?”

“What do you want to know about me?” Remy leaned in kissed Diego’s lips.

It was nothing more than a soft, playful caress, but the kiss told Diego everything he needed to know. He could feel himself, erect and aroused. It had been so long since he last felt something so real. “Are you bisexual?”

“That’s not a word I would object to.” Remy smiled the most beautiful smile. “Is it ok if I touch you?” Diego felt the young doctor’s hands reaching into his boxers. “Just relax, and let me worship you. Let me kindle your spirit. ”

Diego could feel the warm air caressing his skin as Remy undressed him. Laying on the bed, completely exposed, Deigo felt a rush of excitement. He wanted so badly to feel wanted, loved.

“I want you to feel your power, as a man. And as the beautiful creature that you are.” Remy pulled a travel sized tube of lotion from his pocket. He rubbed his hands together to warm it, before applying the lotion to his hands. “I’m going to let you determine how you want to be touched. If at any time you want me to stop just say the word.”

Diego’s breath quickened, muscles tensed. He stared up at the ceiling, his mind drifting off, as his body gave in.

The last thing Diego would remember would be falling asleep to the warmth and comfort of the room.

He awoke to the sound of knocking. Diego was naked, under a red and gold quilt, the silk fabric caressing his warm, sweaty skin. Remy was fully clothed, laying in his arms. It was clear the young doctor had not taken advantage of him while he was asleep.

“Remy?” said the receptionist. She stood outside the beaded doorway, her shadow caressing the floor. “It’s five thirty, I’m heading out.”

“That’s fine, Syren, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Remy left the bed and started humming a song.

“I Wish It Would Rain Down by Phil Collins?” Diego asked as he sat up.

“Wow, you really are my soul mate. That was my father’s favorite song.” Remy picked Diego’s clothes off the floor. “Do you want to hang out sometime, maybe get a drink?”

“I’d like that.”

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