Fever Dream​ (poem and MS paint gallery)

I close my eyes to fall asleep
(Featured Image)Birth of Beauty
Maybe never wake
Edgar Ramirez by dourdan
Edgar Ramirez Portrait
Is there fear?

of judgment and cruelty-


Love: the kind that makes your blood run cold.

a wild heart- a cassie cage story by dourdan
Wild Heart, a Cassie Cage story


something so surreal, you can’t look away.

walks in starlight by dourdan

Walks in Starlight

But fantasy can also be rooted in reality:

something you think only you can see.

All I know for certain

in the shadows by dourdan
In the Shadows

Is in my dream

without rain by dourdan
Without Rain

I see courage

OC: Dr Alberto Flores by dourdan
OC: Dr. Alberto Flores



higher love by dourdan
Higher Love

I see a world beyond this life

Just like fire by dourdan
Just like fire

In a reality all it’s own

New Song by dourdan
New Song


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