Years (a Holiday Poem)

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Jamie sat on the corner,
December night.

He thought about the Veterans’ hospital,
where he received physical therapy for the crippling pain.
If he could get there, he would be given food, shelter,
even medicine.

But nothing soothed the heartache of losing her.

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It had been years since the accident.

Since his last sober breath.

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He lit a cigarette,
the final one in the pack.

He attempted to take a drag,
the cold air seizing his lungs.

Hot ash hit
the bare skin of his ungloved hand

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The hands that prayed for help to arrive
as she died,
pinned the steering wheel.

Their unborn baby,
already gone.

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The cigarette fell into his palm
he blew on it, coaxing the flame.
For the first time in a long time
he could feel.

With his opposite hand,
he took out a half-empty flask
dumping the contents on his wrist

He closed his eyes as the flames caught his jacket,
engulfing his arms.

The warmth.

Of a home
of a family
Her voice, her smile, her-

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She stood before him, an angel
Her lips caressed his as she held him close.
“Jamie, you’re home.”

Catching his reflection in the snow-covered window;
he wore his deployment fatigues,
as if he had just returned from combat.

Her dress fell to the floor, as she pulled him into the room.

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She backed him into his old recliner,
Her hands cupped his face,
taste of sweetness,
moist and hot
Her hands reaching for his belt,
her mouth
swallowing his soul

He ran his fingers through her hair,
pulling her into his lap

his lips touch her shoulder,
brushing against her skin

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His rough calloused fingers,
embrace her curves,
to feel
the true warmth.

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of eyes
passionate gaze
beating as one
forever joined

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Like a wave upon the sand,
her body pulled away

her stomach turned to glitter
to reveal a flower as pure as snow
within it, a baby girl,
looking up with new eyes
filled with nothing but love.
“This is our daughter,

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Went the heart monitor.
Jamie opened his tired eyes.

“Wow, you’re awake,” said the nurse,
“You’re quite the miracle.”

“A miracle ?” he asked.
The agonizing pain coursed through his arms and chest.

“Your sister is here, with her family. Would you like to see them?”

“My sister?”
Jamie gasped for air,
as tears welled up in his eyes.
“I haven’t spoken to my sister in years.”

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