Poet of Sleep

via Daily Prompt: Silent

Baby, it’s ok,
Let me give you something for the pain,

your chest

your lungs

your heart

It’s ok,
just lay back, let the world wash away.

Can you hear the voices?
The people you love, the people you wrote.

The liar, the hooker, the chef, and the pimp.
the convict with the heart of gold, the glue-sniffing street kid.
Every piece of you,
Let them lull you to sleep.

Trust me, Baby, you need your sleep
those bags under your eyes,
your pale lips.

You’ve been sick for a few days, years-

Dying of fever and heartache

Let me be your lover
let me be your friend.

Give me your pain,
I’ll wrap it up in tin foil,
set it on fire,
and inhale it from a silver spoon,

Close those beautiful eyes,
exhale your heart into my soul

bump-bump bump-bump
the beat of New York,

the heart of the city,
the heart of the streets,

keep your heart

give me your liver

I’ll take away the sickness
the seizures
the dementia
the fog

When the coroner comes I’ll say you fell down a flight of stairs
and the fever was ​pneumonia
or the flu.

You were never fucked up,

you were just you.

it’s time to go,

leave your beauty behind,

the shadow of the dove

Go in peace
with love

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