Empathy (flasher)

Empathy, a flasher in the style of LittleFears

Two boys enter a restaurant.

The chef emerged from the back-

“We’re closed!”

“The door was open,” muttered boy2, silently hunched.

“Please, Sir,” said boy1, “I need to use the potty!”

“Restroom is for customer’s only and we—”



Boy2 was on the other side of the room holding a bloody sack.

“Let’s go, friend. We can try that coffee shop across the street.”

Boy1 leaves, knowing boy2 will follow.

The chef fell to his knees, blood gushing from the open wound.

Boy2 smiled, “You lacked the empathy to allow my friend to relive his genitals.”

He dropped the bloody sack in the chef’s hand “So I have relieved you of yours.”

via Daily Prompt: Age

Gon and Killua are from HunterXHunter and Akira is from Food wars. But I think it’s more fun if you don’t know who they are or what those characters are capable of. Always be kind to people because you never know when a little boy is actually a trained assassin, who is extremely protective of his best friend.

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