I have a new obsession- Food Wars! Also known as Shokugeki no Soma. It’s primarily known as ‘that show where people get their clothes blown off.’

But it is so much more than that.

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First off the show is about a diverse group of teenage cooks in a cut-throat culinary high school. Think FAME but for chefs.

From Left to Right we have

-The local/regional expert, the Italian expert,  the seafood expert, the spice expert, the diner/line cook who’s out to conquer the world, ‘God tongue’ the favor master, the molecular gastronomy expert, the meat expert, and the medicinal herb expert.

Judging by the title of my post you should be able to tell who my favorite is.

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This is Ryo, a poor, orphan who, as a small child, worked as a line cook. By the time he was ten or so he was running the restaurant.

When he puts on his bandana shit is about to get real. He is by far the most inspiring character on the show, everything he makes is high-end. Despite his childhood, and the fact that the only reason he is even able to go to the school is that he’s the manservant of the molecular gastronomy expert.

Ryo can roll with the elite.

In the freshman finals, he made something should have won him the competition.

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Autumn Pacific Saury Cartoccio -Seafood steamed in a bag, with herb butter.

What s neat about the Food Wars manga is that every dish featured comes with an actual recipe.

But what was in the manga seemed like a dumbed down version. I wanted to make a dish worthy of Ryo. So I made tilapia, oysters and lobster tail, with lemon and compound butter.

Here is what I learned.

-There is a reason he wrapped his butter in plastic wrap. Compound butter in an ice cube tray is a pain in the …

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-I don’t actually know how to open an oyster. Youtube suggested I use a flathead screw driver. It took me a few tries because you have to actually find the seam in order to ram in the screwdriver.

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But in the end, IMG_0534IMG_0535everything worked out.

Recipe (for 2 bags)-

-two lobster tails

-four oysters

-two tilapia fillets

-four tsp of breadcrumbs

-one stick of salted butter

-one tsp of parsley

-one tsp of cayenne

-one lemon

-access to parchment paper and kitchen twine.

Start by melting the butter in a pan, it only needs to be melted enough to incorporate the parsley and cayenne. Pour into a freezable mold lined with plastic wrap/parchment paper- or not and just have a spoon handy.

preheat oven to 400*f

Salt and pepper all seafood (this doesn’t count as an ingredient…lol.)

Put everything in the middle of a piece of parchment paper.

If you are using oysters they are very watery. I added a tsp of bread crumbs to each one.

Cut off a chunk of lemon, just enough to do a quick squeeze, then leave the lemon chunk in.

Chop up the butter and put pieces on top of stuff (it’s all going to melt together.)

Tie it up and cook for 20 minutes.


Along with the following-

Cute line cook Ryo

Image result for food wars ryo sexy

And sexy teenage rock star Ryo.

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